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  1. So noted! I went out of my way to avoid quantizing this piece (except the drum beats are from presets) in order to give it a more organic touch. Something to consider.
  2. Hello to all my CW friends! I've been involved with a lot of personal and family projects lately, so I haven't been as active as I would like. Here's a song that I've been struggling with for a while, and now it's ready for your thoughts and suggestions. Slam it hard, I've got a thick skin, or love it. Either way, it's time for all you co-producers to step up. As always, thanks in advance for your time! This time it's just me and Rapture Pro doing the synth work. It can be found here: https://soundclick.com/r/s8ith6 11/13/21 version 2 just went up. Taking Jack and Steve's suggestion, I tidied it up a bit. The guitar riffs in the verses were just a hair off, so I quantized them to sixteenth notes in Melodyne. I also added some tape recorder emulation to one of the organs for a little fattening. Subtle, but important changes, I think. 11/15/21- I turned down the organ on the verses and instrumental parts, but left it alone on the choruses. I also added half a db to the lead vocal.
  3. I've played this several times, and it gets better with each pass. Damn good songwriting and performances just jump out at ya! A+
  4. Lynn Wilson

    Love is Tender

    Beautiful! Nobody can fake that kind of sentiment.
  5. I don't know if this is what I've been telling you exactly, but I think it refers to having more diversity within the song itself. This is very creative, but it's very repetitive in spite of the fact that you're promoting it as EDM. Do you know what ear candy is? You can have different sections in the song without losing the beat or feel factor. It would help break the song up so that it's less repetitive, yet maintain the listener's interest. Anyway, keep up the incredible output!
  6. Holy cow! You'll need a bigger hard drive before long. This has all the elements that I like in your music, so keep it going!
  7. I would love to hear your compositions played by a real orchestra or string quartet. Your genius is thinking outside the box and leaving the listener wanting more. I know that I want more!
  8. Your songwriting just gets better and better! I really like your voice and melody on this song. Overall, your consistency is there, and you should be gaining quite a following by now. Can't wait to hear your next song!
  9. Lynn Wilson

    All Alone

    This song takes me back in time. You have captured the "golden age" of rock in your music and have stayed true to your vision. Well done! Keep it up.
  10. Lynn Wilson


    Terrific song, Bjorn! Thanks to you and Wookie, I feel I've been around the solar system. This should be the launch song for all space flights!
  11. You're getting close to Neptune with this! The good news is: there are many solar systems to explore!
  12. This is a fabulous song, Jack! I like everything about it except that I couldn't understand all the lyrics easily. Your words and voice are good enough to shine if you let them. All in all, your creativity is off the charts!
  13. Paul, I love this song and your vocals! I agree with all the comments regarding the timing issues. Once you get those issues settled, this will be a GEM! I don't know what drums you're working with, but a rather simple part would fit the bill, imo. Hope to hear this again.
  14. Yes, Z3TA+2 and Rapture Pro work quite well in MG2.
  15. Lynn Wilson

    This is PISCES

    Being a bona fide Piscean, this totally captures the essence of me in a song!! That being said, this is a pleasant surprise on this day. Your production is first class and smooth as butter. I look forward to hearing the next sign.
  16. I agree with Jeff's statement above, somewhat, but this song's made for dancing more than listening, imo. All in all, I like it and the electronics are fabulous! Very catchy
  17. I love this style of music! I particularly like the "road less travelled" arrangement; it's almost Scott Joplinesque. More please!
  18. Lynn Wilson

    Blue guitar

    I would call this "Blue Surf Punk". This belongs in a movie soundtrack. Good work, Makke!
  19. This is stellar! Or, celestial, if not atmospheric. I don't know...I may be lost in the ozone again~~~~ what about Pluto?
  20. This is stunning! I felt like I was in the room with you. Can't wait to hear it again.
  21. I had to listen to each song a few time to let them sink in. I love this style of music, and you have two fabulous songs here! WOW
  22. Sorry I'm late for the party, but this was too good to pass up! Your storytelling talent is remarkable, and your tunes seem to speak to me. It seems a little sticky in regard to vocal phrasing, but otherwise, it tells a story and makes its point. As always, your guitar sounds terrific, as does your voice! I'll talk to you later...
  23. Forget the Windows sounds! Create your own "enhancements" using the tools in CW or whatever VSTs you prefer. There are many tutorials showing the basics of CW, so take advantage of them! Best of luck.
  24. Again, all good ideas! Stay tuned!
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