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    More please! I never know what to expect from you, except that I know I'll want more...
  2. Lynn Wilson


    Wow, what a trip! The song and video stand on their own, and I don't believe anything sounds off to my ears. I do agree that the message is a bit uncertain, even after two views, but it gets better with each listen. Overall, I find this refreshing and ultra professional.
  3. Terrific song, Paul! This has a good vibe and your great voice. If you want to remove the life from this song then do what has been suggested, or let it be so it can breathe life! I sometimes worry about over perfection that only produces sound but no soul. I appreciate you left the vocal "as is". However, I just watched "Get Back" so I may have been overly influenced by others better than me.
  4. This is very touching! There's not nearly enough good songs about dogs (or other pets). A+
  5. Lynn Wilson

    Secret Mission

    I raise my martini to you!
  6. When you sing of love, I really believe you. It's all there in your voice. I'm glad romanticism is still alive and well! It's sparse, but I wouldn't change a thing. I particularly like the simple guitar near the end which shows that the arrangement is nuanced nicely. You're on a roll.
  7. Thanks, Tom, I had lots of help!
  8. This may be my favorite of the gas giants. I love it when you add guitar to the mix! Well done, mate!
  9. What's not to like? First class all the way and a real toe-tapper!
  10. Thank you for having a listen and commenting! All the best Freddy, I really appreciate your comments! This was a fun project, but it took a while to mix. So much help here!
  11. Now I'm in the holiday mood! For fun, you might try dropping the synth playing the low notes down an octave, but it might destroy the mood. Just a thought. Good luck in the competition!
  12. Lynn Wilson


    Outstanding music! The entire production is first class, and it raises the bar for the rest of us. Keep it up!
  13. This is really infectious! You can all take a bow. leave the bass alone Bravo!!!
  14. Lynn Wilson


    As always, I never know where your songs will take me, but I never come back the same. I can't tell you how much I like surprises, and your music is always full of them! I love the video and hope to see more from you. Take care!
  15. You've gotten some good advice to help with a very good song. I love your arrangement and vocals, and the guitar solo only needs a little dressing on it, otherwise, it's fits right in. I look forward to hearing this when it gets to the point where you like it!
  16. Terrific song and video! This is top notch all the way, and I have to go back for more. A+
  17. This is fantastic! Your vocals are perfect, as is the arrangement and mix. You are one of the people that inspire me. Carry on!
  18. Kevin, I really appreciate your suggestions and time. The next time I remix this, I'll keep your ideas in mind. As for the bass, it's a Fender Prophesy played through Guitar Rig 5 (bass amps) using the preset- Precise Bottom, followed by a CA-2A in the Pro Channel. Slight boost at 300 hz. Thanks for returning!
  19. Hey, mate, thanks for your kind words and comment on the organ! You're right on, and I did a remix with that in mind. Session Horns get credit for the brass. Steve, that is high praise coming from you! Keep up the good work you are doing!
  20. Tom, you and Daryl said the same thing, so I remixed it with that in mind. I hope this addresses that issue. As for the bgv's, it's all my natural falsetto, and this song just happened to fall into my key. Thanks for your suggestion, as it improved the song! Antler, thanks for your kind words! Thanks to the help of others, this is getting better with age. Steve, I really appreciated your suggestion! This is why I come here!
  21. Thank you, Bjorn! My falsetto definitely has a feminine side I was inspired by Joe Cocker's band at Woodstock. I did vary the volume of the organ a bit in the last mix for added nuance. Ed, thanks for dropping by! I appreciate you comments, especially because I used a Sennheiser HD 300 with the Sonarworks calibration among my playback devices. Thank you for your kind words, Paul. The text is close to traditional blues, but with a touch of my own experiences. lol Thanks, Makke! I've gotten some good input here that I put to use. I'm relying more and more on my headphones and my fellow producers.
  22. Thank you for your kind words! It was a challenging, but interesting project. I'm glad you like it! Steve, I took you suggestion and remixed this. I hope it helps with your suggestions. Many thanks! Thank you Kurt! Music to my ears! Thank you, David, for your time and response! I went back and tightened up the guitar riffs in the verse progression. It was only a few notes, but they were a bit off.
  23. Thank you, Mark! I would love to do more blues type stuff in the future. I'm very happy to hear from you, Kevin! I put a remix up that may or may not address the issue, but this is helpful information.
  24. Thanks, Douglas! I had a lot of fun doing this song, and I appreciate your kind words.
  25. I recently installed a new motherboard in my computer and have been unable to reactivate Session Horns or Kontakt Player (free version) within Cakewalk. I tried Native Access with no results, and I do have an active account with NI, but have not found the answer on their website. I was able to reactivate Guitar Rig 5 and 6 within CW, but not SH nor Kontakt player. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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