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  1. Heya gang, I owned several of the plugins of H9 Bundle and discovered when I installed this it's made them disappear in Studio One Pro now. Nothing I have tried makes them come back. Wondered if anyone had similar issues?. I have fired an e-mail off to Eventide too of course. I can see them all in Cubase 11 Pro BTW just to make things weirder.. that kind of points the blame at Presonus.. Cheers, Tony
  2. This one, although I went to Best Service and saved even more, broke down my resolve too. I had wanted mallets and brushes for my SD3 for a while... now I have it, and at £40 instead of normal price makes me happy still.
  3. I’ve run multi reverb setup for sometime with Lexicon 480 into a EMT140 for example. The CLA Epic so far on just a few presets even is very good. No buyers justification involved, genuinely something special even if you’re a set and forget user. Going to compare to Nimbus too.
  4. You all know where waves is.. kind of saw this coming :). 4 delays and 4 reverbs all CLA setup to feed like he does. You too can be a one plugin to rule them all hero :). 29.99 for Cyber Monday!! https://www.waves.com/plugins/cla-epic P.S yes I broke my no new paid plugins rule for end of year for this one... lol. Tony
  5. Oh I am sure it's very strange, does the same on OSX and Windoze.
  6. I have one major complaint about DaVinci, for some reason it saves in like 10 directories of the same name for some reason... not figured out why. All imbedded.
  7. @BassDaddy Wife didn't see what I paid for the H9 Max, but, I only paid £470 for a like new one!. Love it so far!. Got a new PSU coming for the TimeFactor then it's on!!.
  8. If this could work with CLA Mixbuss we’d be sorted ;). Can of course put it into Scheps channel thing.
  9. No real information on it yet, so, chances are like several other Waves plugins other things are going on “under the hood “. Just a hypothesis. Just got my code too. Tony
  10. I have ver 5 Captain Plugins, worth every penny!
  11. Does this count? eBay special price :). I had to chain something to my newly acquired H9 Max. But, I am avoiding plugins LOL...
  12. RC-500 alone is worth getting. I had the actual preamp and of course this means multiple use across channels at once. Nice update for my Studio Live series 3. Best of all, free!!.
  13. 1. Pay off UAD Octo 2. Pay off Eventide H9 Max Ahh the joys of interest free periods on PayPal 🙂 LOL... I was Sooooooooo tempted by Soundtoys 5 but, I can't justify for once in a while use bits... can I? Hahaahahaa
  14. Excellent value! £189 for me, but, I am passing on all for now... some previous stuff on payments on paypal :-/.
  15. I use it. Never understood the negativity around it. Fast easy, I’ve always got lots of USB ports anyway. Best way to move your plugins around. On top of that I have the plan that covers the key in case anything happens to it too.
  16. It’s sufficient to my requirements now. Re the Mac, you might recall I ran a tricked out 2012 Mac Pro up until I wanted to go TB3. Since I didn’t want to over pay for the new cheese grater overpriced, and not deal with apple killing off hackintoshes. I had Scan PC here in the UK build me a very nice 3XS audio system, with TB3. Specs partly in sig. I’m keeping the MacBook Pro to run my secondary area and allow an aggregate setup as required.
  17. Lol... yep mine is low budget... 😕
  18. And, here’s studio B. Mainly a preamp feed over AVB. Apollo feeds via ADAT to the Motu 828 ES.
  19. Now the real fun begins!! I have spent this evening getting audio to play from the Presonus studio live 16 series 3. Not an easy task, thank goodness for YouTube!.
  20. @simonYeah, my licenses are showing on the MySteinberg. I just can't get up and going. I don't actually have Cubase 10.5 on my PC. I am in the middle of installing everything on it at last. As I was about to do Cubase, new version came out, and I went.. eww good idea... new version on fresh install... DoHHH :). LOL
  21. Thanks Simon, I have taken screen shots of current state in case, including licenses do show on my account page :).
  22. Not only are the servers playing up.. during my upgrade which seemed to be working it took out my 10.5 license off my elicenser stick.. gone!. :((
  23. Good luck with activation or download LOL... hmmm.. Ninja skills required I think.
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