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  1. After listening to the Tungsten demo, I was hoping the chorus could mess mess with sound the way Tungsten dose!!
  2. The instrument definition file is just basically a list of names. On custom banks you just have to type them. I do not exactly understand. This-> “it would be the timbres of the user expansion part” or the part about “images”. Please explain.
  3. I wouldn’t buy it for my main EQ. But when you need it, it is extremely handy.
  4. I do have a ti FW card. Just no money for even a used controller at the moment. Lots of doctor bills and inflation. Thanks for the info.
  5. Wow, I wish I had a FW1884! I have always wanted one to mix more than 1 track at a time. I looked on ebay, but funds are little low now. Food prices have jumped out of sight where we live. Glad you get this going. Hope I can save up some money. Thanks for everything you do here! Max
  6. I thought an aux could be used like a bus but then frozen. Then you could just archive the tracks/folders that are associated with those auxes. I would miss the console view. Wow what if structurely the buses could be replaced with auxes.
  7. Byron Dickens I saw somewhere ages ago, there were steps to dump an SYSEX file from a keyboard and just open the file with a hex editor. like - HxD Hex Editor. It might work.
  8. Wow, thanks for the name! A quick google search finds his stuff. http://www.jmelas.gr/motif/products.php
  9. I would like to see the freeze and archive buttons on buses in the console view. It would be nice to be able to freeze sections/groups of instruments. Archive would be great too. Both of these could help projects that are loaded with synths and plugins.
  10. I used to use gain and volume for track volume. After I got close on the mix, I would, I put a track volume envelopes in. After that it was just easier to use gain for volume. Now, if I had to, I would use a simple gain plugin in a few places. This is a BAD habit I had. I didn't know any better. Gain is 95% of the time used for the input of the effects bin, not a volume control. The gain level of many FX like compressors/saturators/tube emulations is very important. Some respond best only within a few DB + -. Turning it down at the end is not a good idea either. I don't always do it, but you should be able to turn off any plugin and not change the volume of the track (Exception possible Limiter and final gain staging stuff). Each FX in the bin works best at an input gain that the plugin expects. Hope this helps. And yes, it is ok to cheat if you have no effects in the FX bin, and don't plant to use any later.
  11. Ok, back to the subject - Wasn't there a paint brush in the piano roll? It painted patterns. Is that thing still there?? Found it ->F9 It's under Draw-> Pattern. Here are some nice free ones. Free Midi Go to LATIN-> https://mididrumfiles.com/tag/midi-notes/ Free Audio Shaker and Tambourine loops https://files.elphnt.io/file/ELPHNT/free-downloads/SHAKE.zip There are plenty more.
  12. Also add grouping to FX I would hope that we would be able to add the mute button in a group. If it could be added to a group, it would be a great way to decide between 2 compressors/EQs/reverbs/etc. on a track or a bus.
  13. I have been working on my Tamborenial Doctorate for a few years. After watching this I give up LOL!!
  14. A real tambourine - Cheap - the beginning of a real music career! Stylus - not cheap - instant gratification. The beginning of a looper’s career. lol!!
  15. Stylus RMX. Shakers, tambourines, Congas bongos, and almost anything else you can think of. not cheap
  16. Congratulations! I see you found the right forum. iZotope is a company not a plug-in. Pick a plugin; pick a question and you will probably get some suggestions. Most of the people that have been doing music for a while have several Izotope products. Someone has sent you links to iZotopes older docs. Those will help. Most of that is relevant. So which plug-in/software do you choose to discuss first, and what is your question?
  17. I bought one of those pay now get 6 plugins for $XXX don’t remember the price but the Kirchhoff EQ was included. It might have cost $39. That would be the best way to get the Kirchhoff EQ. I have all the eqs mentioned here except the AIR. Which I still have some curiosity about. I like the pro q3 and the Kirchhoff EQ best. Kirchhoff EQ has more bells and whistles than pro q3 but, do I need these? I’m not sure. I haven’t used the Kirchhoff EQ in very many projects yet. I do think the Kirchhoff EQ will grow on me. They are both great EQs. I haven’t tested these yet but, what are the differences in cpu usage? Split EQ was designed for a specific usage. Yes you could just use the regular EQ part but you will have to ask yourself why did you buy split EQ to begin with?
  18. I have an older machine too. I have found I can freeze a track the reactivate the FX bin then add another plug-in. If you wanted to you could in freeze and unfreeze and add another effect and on and on. Sometimes after it’s frozen I wish I could add just a tiny bit of Eq or just a bit of saturation. This is an easy way to attach plugins on an older machine. Or even if you have a newer machine but you love Acustica you might want to learn this trick. Lol.
  19. Be Sure it is completely uninstalled. You could try the old way to install. Download Bandlab Assistant and start from there. Then you might be able to roll back. Or people here could help you get the new version working. Like check this-Check your sound card latency. It could have changed. Edit-> Preferences-> Driver Setting-> Bottom 1/2 of screen Mixing Latency (you might have an ASIO button to set values. Turn it up really high to test this.
  20. WOW!!! Thanks. Now I get to pick. I'm going to try them all. I was watching a video by Mark Daniel Nelson. He was mixing 3 bass sources in a song. Amped, DI, Synth. I like the way it sounded. The synth bass was panned hard left and right. Each side was delayed by a small amount. I know that there are phase issues and mono compatibility problems too. I have a song that has the same 3 bases and I wanted to see what it would sound like in my song. Tried one and it came out nice. I need to play with the other VSTs and see which would work easier. FULL COURSE: Mixing Colbie Caillat's "Goldmine" with Marc Daniel Nelson There is some nice stuff in this Mix Class. Take a listen. Thanks to all. Max Arwood
  21. I was wanting to try a mix trick I saw on Youtube. He used Waves Soundshifter, but it only does pitch in Cakewalk. Time only in Pro Tools
  22. Is there a plug-in that can time delay a track further than your typical phase alignment plugins?
  23. It doesn’t look like you can have only one. I think it might be a bug.
  24. Yea, I saw those 75" 4Ks at Walmart for $590 I thought a pair of those might look nice in the studio. But.... Then I saw the 75" 8k's HHuumm - I think I'll just wait for the 8ks to come down LOL!!!
  25. This is great. Are you a drummer?
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