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  1. It wasn’t exactly/only talking about track folders, but any time a computer can save me 3 seconds, that is what I expect it to do. Any place that can be less clicks is a bonus. It looks like there would be a branch in the programming. If multiple folder are needed with no title there should be a way to do this as well. The size of the Samp clip editor is a bonus as well. It is one dialogue with 3 sets of multi-function controls. Only one thing I would add would be to implement a mix slider/knob on the plug-in page. Added-> if you are adding multiple track folders, should there be a dialogue to add more than one at a time?
  2. You can do them both ways in samplitude. Fades,cross fades etc. You can grab the clip end and easily do a fade just like cakewalk. Multiple ways on many things just like cakewalk.
  3. Clips can be crossfaded without the Extra menu clip editor. Fades and all the stuff you can do in cake, can be done in samplitude as well. There are several ways to do clip fades not just the clip editor. But, the editor is good for more detail. It is also very easy to add several FX effects per clip. Rearranging them and deleting them is very easy. Clip gain is easy too. It is already on every clip just put nodes on it or move the whole thing. In cakewalk you have to go click the track header and change the edit filter to clip gain. You don’t have to setup the clip gain in Samp it’s always there. There are things you do in programming to help the user work faster. One of my favorite things is to always put the most used function on the top of menu choices etc. Just thought - every time you add a new track folder to cakewalk , what is the second thing you do? Type in the title of the folder. The cursor should be setting there waiting on your text. There are hundreds of these. Many are very minor but add up after several hours of work.
  4. Or video software. Adobe Premiere Pro Vegas Video (The audio here is much like Cakewalk. It would be easy to use for any Cake user serious about film and audio) DaVinci Resolve (Want to test some real power free?) Apple Final Cut Pro X CyberLink PowerDirector 365 (I hate renting) Active Presenter (Want to just have some fun try this) I would like to see a little more video functionality. Adding a "podcast" feature might grab a few more users. (Sorry, no new features I'm off track again) (Sorry for the Video stuff) I didn't mean to get so off track but it's really late. With positive discussion, we might be able to help mold the future of Cakewalk.
  5. I didn't know we were supposed to complain? I thought it was examples we were supposed to do??? Example Cakewalk clip FX manager VS Samplitude V4 itch
  6. I think you mean thin, not clear? 1) Select the Staff View 2) Click Print Preview button 3) Press Configure button. 4) Select 2-Regular, Common, or Ordinary I think that is what you want.
  7. I have plate 140. If you want to post a link to a google drive or something, I would be glad to take a look. I am very curious about what’s going on. If you could make a bun, that would work. If you don’t have a google drive I could set up a folder for you to upload the project to my google drive.
  8. Sounds like a volume / gain env on the bus or somewhere. You could also try turning off the reverb and adding another copy of it. It that works, it’s possible an envelope problem.
  9. Do you have RX also? Is spectral layers better in any aspect as compared to RX? Thanks for all the info. Ingot it with v5 too but only played with is a tiny bit. I will look up the @Grem thread too. Thanks!
  10. What do you like about spectral layers? What do you do with it?
  11. I have had this happen before, but when I looked back and a check box in the new track was not checked or a new soundcard port was added.
  12. If you have it working on a new project, it might not be V-Vocal at all. It could be bad clips it is trying to reference.
  13. I am a Helios fanboy! I love the saturation. I keep it on a mix bus. Sometimes I think PA is just moving some knobs around again.
  14. That’s a really long list for a 0.0.1 increment.
  15. I’m still on 5. I almost went for that v7, but decided I’ll wait another version or 2. I think V7 is much better at plug-in scanning and management. Just not enough.
  16. 🥴 That would make it WAY beyond me lol!
  17. Yes this one is another hit! Great sounding pitch shifter. That sounds so much better. Is that 2 pitches I hear? It sounds like the original and the pitch shifted one together. Thanks again! Max
  18. I have tried to contact them but no answers. Any ideas? It has not been used. I have never had this happen before. Any suggestions? Other than go get some tube tech stuff and forget about PA.
  19. And allow the scanned plug-in log message “12 new plugins added 2 deleted” To stay on the screen. I don’t like to sit and wait on the scans. It is the perfect time for a fresh glass of water. It would be nice to see the numbers when I get back. The message is usually gone after I return. Another thing that could help is to add a bottom section to the log file with the new and deleted plugins listed.
  20. How Is Tube-Tech on the cpu? I still have it on my want list.
  21. I’ll have to go try this out. Are there other arps that are really good? Not trying to hijack.
  22. Yes it is a great plug-in. I only wish it was more efficient.
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