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  1. Bounce buffer is playback. 2048 64 bit is unchecked I finally got an export I don’t know why. Real-time usually works on large songs Solution was real-time plus hear audio Are there audio.ini or other tweaks that would help plugging laden projects
  2. I can not export a song I am working on. Medium low track count 47. I think has too many plugins. I know that’s my fault. What audio ini settings can I change to help the plugins have more of what they need to help export this song. I keep getting a partial export All instruments have been frozen, all tracks with plugins have been frozen . audio max= 73 engine = 76 CPU i7 (older) 2.7 ghz 20 gig memory exporing to SSD Any tweaks would be appreciated. edit: 64 bit processing off
  3. This kind - I mostly hear the hiss. The lows are easy to roll off. This is a single mic source.
  4. I have a friend that is sending me tracks to mix. There is a considerable amount of hiss and noise on his tracks. He did one song with 5 background vocals. This is where I really noticed it. After input some compression on tracks, the noise level was loud. I have rx so I can fix this, but I know it would be way better to fix in the recording, not after the fact. He has a Rhodes NT mic, Scarlett 18i20., and a mackie 1402 vlz4. He is recording straight into the Scarlett pres. and using the Mackie to listen for mixing. He is also having trouble hearing the voice and balancing the music in the headphones. Should he split the mic out and monitor with the Mackie? What would be a good way to split the signal? Should he use the Mackie pres? Or is the Scarlett better? What should the gain faders and volume faders be set to on his startup template. I read something the other day that recommended all gain set to -5 or -6 for headroom. What do you recommend for the recording levels on the Scarlett and cakewalk for main vocals Thanks!
  5. How many virtual instruments are you using? How many channels are you using in them? I have had glitches in exports. Computer maxed out with plug-ins and virtual instruments. Remedy - Freeze all virtual synths and tracks with plugins. Your bus can also put a strain on your CPU. No way to freeze the bus, but you could do a stem export and bring the stems back into a final project file. Real time helps when you are at the top of your processor power. I couldn't imagine an i9 straining on anything. Hopefully one day we can freeze folders \ buses without having to do it manually.
  6. I run 100 tracks 150+ plugins and have had buses to AT. I could not render my songs without using multi processors power. I would suggest you set your buffers to 2048, turn on multiprocessor, try 64 bit both ways off an on. There are several people here that do professional orchestration and movie soundtracks on older computers than what you use. Sometimes there are unruly plugins that can cause odd problems. Lurssen Mastering, Ozone, AR TG mastering plug-in. There are others as well. I hope we can help you figure this out. Scook is great at figuring things out. Edit: Bitfilpper is great at figuring things out too!
  7. What cpu, memory and sound card? How many tracks? Any virtual instruments? Have you frozen any tracks to lower cpu usage?
  8. Thanks mibby, I guess I need to try it again. I have mixbox and infinity strip and don’t use them either. I am a waves Mercury guy. I use Waves, PA and FFilter in all my projects. I don’t do WUP till I feel it is a necessity. I guess the $13 is not bad. Thanks
  9. I tried to use Omni channel, but it never felt right. Don’t know if I want to put the time into V2. Upgraders - What do you think?
  10. I love the thing. I used it in the studio for a while. Later on I moved it to the TV. Best move I made in a while. I wish it had a “loud TV commercial” setting to turn that stuff down. At least leveling it helps. I don’t have it now, but I really miss it on the TV. If you use an external TV sound amp, try it there too lol! Now I have a mind set of less in and clean as possible going in. Once you have the audio ITB you can work miracles with it. Look at the S/N and compare it to your sound card. If it is close to the same, it might help boost the signal and get above some of the floor noise. Being able to push things going in a bit without adding IM or more noise would be a good thing.
  11. Thanks. I was hoping it wasn’t 1-2gig lol Most sample people think bigger samples libraries are better, which is not always the case.
  12. I couldn’t find out what size the swatches is. Can you tell us?
  13. The hard drive will have a folder \waves somewhere. This Is where licenses are stored, unless you have iLok. If the folder is not there, it will cause you to get re-authorized on that computer. That can be a pain! I’ve always wondered why no one ever changed the code to used the function() from the preferences?? They might just be waiting to do a total rewrite.
  14. I have been trying out a new program called mailwasher. I had an exposed email address for my store. A ton of spam mailwasher works ok
  15. Really good Sandman Kiive Xtressor Amek 200 Maag EQ4 SSL 9000J SPL Iron Lindell 254E Vertigo VSM-3 LoopTrotter Sa2rate2 (If you don’t have FF Q3 pro) TBTECH Kirchhoff EQ Good Lindell 50,80 BlackBox HG 2ms (turn it down - don’t let the plugins default volume increase fool you) Vertigo VSC-2 SPL PQ The Oven SPL Twin Tube bx-subsynth Elysia mpressor Pretty good MasterDesk True Peak or Pro bx_Refinement SPL MK2-T bx_saturator V2i Millenia Media Haven't tried anything really newer releases.
  16. I would report to both unless you have another daw to try them on. Are all the 14’sbad or just some? Which ones?
  17. It’s a classic plug-in. I do think that legendary is the right name. In my most used list VW is #3 Most used Renaissance Compressor MV2 Vintage Warmer 2 Kramer Pie Kiive Xtressor El Rey 94 other….
  18. I know what you mean!! I’m looking for the super Bapu voucher. His are around $1000 or so I think. Lol. Good luck with the voucher.
  19. This might be fun. I used to have a Crumar. I cant remember the model. It had some draw bars and lots of flip down presets. I googled it with no luck. Thanks.
  20. Thanks locrian Do I have to buy the app and the voices?
  21. I want to get started. With this sale which 2 female and 1 male voices would you recommend? Do I have to buy synth V as well? tia
  22. “Nate:if you are adding multiple track folders In most DAWs the add track dialog allows you to specify the type of track as well as the number of tracks to add” Should the add “track” dialogue say add track …. next dialogue Audio =___? (How many), Midi =___? (How many) Folders =___? (How many) Sub audio= ___? (How many) Sub Midi = ___? (How many) This could all be added at one time.
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