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  1. I know, Iknow! We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet but, the local radio stations started playing Christmas music 24/7 two weeks ago. So I thought I'd recycle a song I did in 2012 by updating the mix. I've learned a bit since then 😜 Feel free to post a cover of your favorite Christmas song here if you like. Please Come Home for Christmas: https://soundclick.com/r/s8f4ev Bass - Warren W. (Pugtones) Guitar Solo - Mark C. (Clean) Note: I knew the above musicians from the old Cakewalk Forum. I'm not certain they participate here. Regards, Rich Edit: Added song title and credits
  2. Nice job Daryl. Reminds me of Pomplamoose on youtube. Rich
  3. LOL! My primary instrument is Saxophone (Tenor, Alto, Soprano). Years ago I was part of a Smooth Jazz ensemble for about 10 years. I suppose I failed to remove the default "Smooth Jazz" category when I posted the song. Thanks for letting me know. I need to fix that! Rich
  4. Yeah! I feel your pain! I was soooooooo frustrated this morning trying play along with some youtube videos to learn a song! Regards, Rich
  5. Scook, Thanks for the reply. It was a driver incompatibility issue between Windows and my MOTU 896HD. **FIXED** Thanks!
  6. Hello to all, I apologize in advance if this has already been asked. I recently started using CbB from Sonar Platinum. For whatever reason I am not able to stream video from youtube (from anything online for that matter) and play along with Bandlab open. If memory serves me correctly, Sonar Platinum had a checkbox under the Playback and Recording tab called "Share drivers with other programs", that presumably allowed online video streaming and Sonar to function normally at the same time. I am not able to find this checkbox. In short, I am not able to play along with video streaming. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Rich
  7. I forgot to mention that Frank (Notnat) did an arrangement of this same song using my vocal. He did al the production for his arrangement. Check it out here: https://tanton.bandcamp.com/track/there-was-jesus?fbclid=IwAR2s_J1EuUstmxWMnK91BBbQ0kiheNRncrUmzT8X_Ud-9ceg3x2iGq0yYGU Thanks!, Rich
  8. Greetings to all, I'm a relatively new member to the Bandlab forum but not new to Cakewalk. I haven't posted a song since before the Bandlab days. Anyway, here's a cover of a popular Chirstian tune "There was Jesus" performed by Zach Williams featuring Dolly Parton. Two dear friends were gracious to help with this: Frank Tanton on Dobro/Slide guitar and Candace Roberts singing Vocal harmony. https://soundclick.com/r/s8elqm Thanks for listening, Rich
  9. Yes! Not only was the scaling much bigger but the resulting audio changed significantly that it was clipping (visually and audibly).
  10. It's great seeing familiar faces! You should give the BandLab flavor a try. It's free and really a step up. Plus, if you don't like it, you can go back to the familiar. Great hearing from you!
  11. Hey Guys! thanks for the warm welcome and replies! I believe my issues stemmed from a corrupt file. The project originally started out in Sonar Platinum and I migrated it over to BandLab. Long story short, I went back a couple of iterations and that seemed to remedy the problem. Thanks again! Regards, Rich
  12. Hello to All! Long time user since Pro audio 9 lol! This is my first post since being slighted by Gibson. Anyway, I've still been using Sonar Platinum and recently downloaded BandLab. Im working on a project for Frank Tanton (notnat), some of you might remember Frank, and Im trying to bounce to clips! I've done this 100's of times and this really has e stumped. Maybe my project has become corrupt. Its easier just to show the images that to write a lengthy narrative. BEFORE: AFTER: I turned off the FX bin, sends and everything I can think of. Any thoughts???? Thx in advance. Regards, Rich
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