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    Here's another that I think is ready for some critique, Sugarland. Your feedback is welcome.
  2. Kevin Walsh

    So Good

    Thanks for giving it a whirl and taking the time to comment!
  3. Kevin Walsh

    So Good

    Thanks so much!
  4. Kevin Walsh

    electric guitar

    There are certainly lot of choices online. Epiphone, SX, Harley Benton, Squier, Reverend, Cort, and many others, all brands with very good beginner offerings. I am partial to Epiphones and Squiers since those are what I started with and they have very well-built guitars based on iconic designs for very reasonable prices. Unlike many folks here I like online shopping for guitars, mostly because for the longest time there weren't many brick and mortar choices available. If you stick to well-respected retailers such as Sweetwater or GC/Musicians Friend or Zzounds the return policies are very liberal. I've shipped back quite a few guitars that didn't make the grade and always ended up with a good one. Have fun finding your first axe! Mine was a Squier Affinity Strat (circa 1999). I had it for many years and it went through all kinds of mod projects great and small as I learned what tones I liked and what I didn't. The neck and body on those guitars are usually first rate, so mine were still original when I donated it to a church about two years ago. Loved that guitar.
  5. I really like the SM-57 for vocals.
  6. If you don't mind building your own, check out MicrophoneParts.com. I LOVE my T-12. It's a JFET mic with transformer meant to fill the same space as a C12 et al. Here's the product page. There are links to some reviews there too which go into the build process. . T-12: DIY Studio Microphone Kit – Microphone-Parts.com
  7. The solo at the end was certainly worth waiting for! This mix passes the crappy phone speaker test with flying colors. Great guitar work as always. Vocals have a Yes-esque anthemic quality that I really dig. Always great stuff from you and this is no exception.
  8. Kevin Walsh

    So Good

    Thank you, Andy!
  9. Kevin Walsh

    So Good

    Thank you Wookie, your work was a major motivation for trying this, so your approval is a big deal for me.
  10. Kevin Walsh

    So Good

    Thanks, Tom! We of the Dark Beach Boys Academy appreciate your input.
  11. I agree with Larry and I would only add that this is a pretty awesome piece. Great playing wonderful sound and the bass tones are so tasty. But those drums!
  12. Kevin Walsh

    So Good

    Thanks for taking the time, John!
  13. Kevin Walsh

    So Good

    Thank you. Nigel, I'm thrilled you liked it and thanks for the feedback!
  14. Kevin Walsh

    So Good

    Cool, I'm punk! Rats, mark you caught me on that guitar bit. I thought about redoing it but thought, nah. thanks for the critique!
  15. Kevin Walsh

    So Good

    Thank you Jesse always great to hear from you!
  16. Kevin Walsh

    So Good

    I've listened to many wonderful synth-based songs, everything from ambience to trance to dance and I've always wanted to try my hand at it. So I started this song. It ended up as, well, something else, I'm not sure what. Whatever it is, I'd love to hear your critiques on the song in all it's aspects. Thank you in advance!
  17. Thank you, Steve, for listening. It's heartening to hear your comments since I have a hard time not cringeing at the sound of my voice. Great guitar sounds are courtesy of S-Gear and a lovely 2005 Stratocaster and a 2020 Tele, both American. Hard not to get great sounds with those!
  18. Hey, Glenn, enjoyed the song, nice funky little blues number with some good performances! I agree with jack's comment about the vocals, imho they're kind of buried behind the rhythm guitar, and the lead guitar is too for that matter. You might try bringing that track down a bit to see if the other bits pop out a little more. Cool tune, thanks for posting!
  19. You would be surprised how many forum members have hearing loss. I have acute hearing loss in both ears from my time in the military. You're doing fine. It's just a matter of not quitting.
  20. Kevin Walsh

    Layin' it Down

    Man, I wish I could get my bass to sound that good. The guitar tones are just perfect. I hear the Steely Dan influence in there too, and that's always a good thing. Teensy, tiny nits: my ear wanted to hear the song break out into a more riding groove with a sizzling solo but it's still nice the way it is, and some more variation in the drum parts and some additional fills to lift things up in later verses would imho take this to the next level. But really, it's quite awesome as it is. Nice work, Kurt!
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