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  1. If Bias (or any FX plug-in) works with MIDI data make sure the "Enable MIDI Input" is selected in the VST2/3 drop down above the plug-in UI. When enabled, the plug-in will be listed in MIDI track input drop downs. Make sure input echo is enabled on the MIDI track Any plug-in may use MIDI for automation via Remote Control and ACT
  2. For future reference, when a "General Error" is encountered, try starting and stopping the transport then save.
  3. scook

    How To Copy A Project?

    To create a new project at the same directory level as the original. On the main menu click File > "Save As" Click the icon pointed to by 1 Enter the new project name in the field pointed to by 2 Notice the Project and Audio Path fields at the bottom of the dialog are automatically filled in with the new paths.
  4. There should be a Display drop down, Audio and MIDI tab at the bottom of the inspector. They are not shown in your image above. If they are not there, it may be the display resolution is too low. The minimum resolution required for CbB is 1280x800.
  5. The speed of light depends on the media it is traveling through. It will be much slowing going through fiber (but still pretty fast).
  6. It may help to know which version of Melodyne the OP is using and what task is "too glitchy"
  7. Not necessarily, there are some 32bit plug-ins that perform better in jBridge. That said, the faster one can retire 32bit plug-ins the better. Unsupported, not maintained, requiring an additional layer of software to work, 32bit plug-ins are not a good idea.
  8. Latency is the result of the audio interface driver buffer setting and Plug-in Delay Compensation. There is only one audio driver in that setup.
  9. There is a setting in preferences but chances are you won't need to mess with it. The BitBridge server runs automatically when scanning 32bit plug-ins and when 32bit plug-ins are loaded into a project.
  10. Yes, BandLab bought the BitBridge code too. CbB includes it.
  11. Starting with 2017-11 if running the previous release, BA downloads an update installer instead of the full CbB installer. This is a much smaller file and may only be applied to the previous release. BA downloads the full installer only on the initial install and if the installed version is not the previous release.
  12. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.03.html
  13. Video tutorials can help. There are quite a few tutorials on SONAR and Music Creator which are relevant to CbB. The first release of CbB was the unreleased last version of SONAR with a few tweaks. There are quite a few tutorials on the older Cakewalk products on the old company website here For a more in depth tutorial on an older product (SONAR X2) have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR1DLE2UIfM&list=PLKRYWdEpbc5PgUgvrNuSvVyfv5qkll0qj and the X3 update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX09_s9wsDI&list=PLKRYWdEpbc5MtPslyvpY_tkunB34cvU75
  14. Don't ignore free plug-ins. FabFilter products are excellent but price is not necessarily a good indicator of quality or utility. There are hundreds of useful free plug-ins. One could spend quite a bit of time at the kvr products pages. Here are two examples: The Melda Production MFreeFXBundle. Completely usable as is and the license which unlocks extra features is a bargain when on sale. Melda routinely puts plug-ins on sale at 50% off. Their product bundles go on sale a couple times a year Blue Cat Audio has a collection of free plug-ins worth a look
  15. If the tracks play normally on the other machine have the clips rendered there and get a new bundle with rendered clips. If committing changes is a problem, work on a copy of the track and archive the original.
  16. Use the channel drop down on the instrument track inspector MIDI tab or MIDI track header.
  17. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Arranging.06.html
  18. It is not a theory. Under certain conditions a higher sample rate will result in lower latency. Whether those conditions are desirable and the resultant lower latency is beneficial are unknowns.
  19. It is not possible to claim without reservation, high sample rates result in lower latency. If the driver buffer settings are the same, latency is lower using a higher sample rate because it takes less time to fill the buffers. Higher sample rates make the CPU work harder so it may not be possible to run an interface at the same buffer setting as a lower sample rate.
  20. for archiving projects. Collaboration is one of the few areas where bundle files are still considered as a reasonable solution for sharing. They have been around for decades and there are reports of corrupted bundles. Project and audio files get corrupted too. It is not clear if the incidence of corrupted bundles is particularly higher than any other file type. What is true about a corrupted bundle is they are, for the most part, unrecoverable. This can be a disaster if the bundle is the only copy of a project. This is why one should not use bundles for archiving but when collaborating the original project should be on one of the collaborator's machines. Usually when a bundle or an audio clip is corrupted, CbB will display an error. If no errors were displayed when unpacking the bundle or loading the project there is something else going on. It is hard to say without inspecting the project what the problem is. Could it be as simple as a muted clip or take lane? As to alternatives to full project bundles: 1) One user maintains the project sending a submix or stems to collaborators. Collaborators send back their contributions to be integrated into the project. Single files are the easiest to manage but multiple files can be handled either by zip or bundle. 2) All collaborators have a copy of the project. Make sure all users use per-project audio folders. This is the Cakewalk default so, should not be a problem. Instead of bundling the project, use "Save As" with "Copy all audio with project" enabled to a new folder. Then zip up the new folder. This is the bundle replacement. All users work on local copies of the same "Save As" zip. Working on "Save As" projects preserves snapshots of the project over time making it easy to recover should a problem arise. I would avoid emailing projects and use a file sharing service instead. Google Drive is fine.
  21. There are links in my post to the documentation. Things to keep in mind when using clip FX racks. The number of plug-ins in a project can easily get out of hand when adding them to clips. The effects start and stop at the clip boundaries.
  22. FabFilter makes fine plug-ins. They have demos. Try them out but don't discount the EQs bundled with CbB. Every track has a QuadCurve EQ in the ProChannel. For addition EQ duties there is the Sonitus EQ.
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