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  1. A LOOPER PLUGIN WITH ALL THE THINGS We are incredibly pleased to announce that Enso, our feature-packed looper plug-in for AU, AAX, VST, VST3, and iOS AUv3, is now available for purchase in the Audio Damage store. Enso combines traditional digital looping features with more esoteric "Frippertronics" style musical looping to provide a luxury-level loop tool that will work anywhere you do, from the home studio to your morning commute to the stage. Demo available on our website. Early bird pricing of US$59.00 until March 4th, US$79.00 after that.
  2. There is a link to the shortcuts in the documentation on the CbB help menu
  3. It would be helpful if you review the existing requests in this area. Some of the new threads created are duplicates of previous request. WRT a beta program PM @Noel Borthwick he should be able to tell you if they are looking for beta testers.
  4. The upgrade to 4 required surrendering a license to an older version. Unless you had 2 or more licenses for v2 or received a v4 license without upgrading, the v2 installers may be useless.
  5. Position the cursor, hold down the ALT key then click-drag. The cursor does not change until the click. It has worked the same for all versions with the Skylight UI. See http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Views.36.html#1692167 Note: there are a lot of hot spots in the console view so, cursor position is important. For example, it should work in the location shown in the video above (IOW just above the track/bus label) and the In/Out label above the drop down.
  6. In the past, Celemony support has supplied v4.1 installers on request. This version works fine with CbB.
  7. Arranging buses in the console view works just like arranging track in the console view, ALT+drag
  8. I just tested the 64bit VST version of Bigcat's Sonatina Trombone. As a rule, I install plug-ins in manufacturer folders in the default VST folder. In this case I unzipped "Sonatina_Trombone_-_64.zip" into "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Vstplugins\bigcat\Sonatina Trombone." After unzipping into this folder, it contained a file called "Sonatina Trombone - 64.dll" and a "Sonatina Trombone - 64.instruments" containing a file called "Sonatina Trombone - 64.mse" I have CbB set to automatic background scan so, starting up CbB the scanner found the new synth. After adding the synth to a new project, it played OK.
  9. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Troubleshooting.19.html
  10. FXpansion is one of the few drum synth manufacturers who implement the VST2.1 effGetMidiKeyName opcode which CbB uses to populate the PRV notes pane names. IOW, using BFD3 there is no need for a drum map or extending the master.ins to see instrument names in the PRV. It would be nice if all of the drum synth manufacturers bothered to implement this feature.
  11. I use the smart tool almost exclusively. To make multiple selections with the smart tool - after the initial selection (right-click+drag to lasso with the smart tool), hold the CTRL key and repeat the right-click+drag to lasso more notes. Here is a small video - after the initial selection the CTRL key is held the rest of the time to select and deselect notes across two clips.
  12. There is nothing special about the thread other than the sticky flag set by a host (IIRC Karyn). It does not matter who created the thread the forum is set to read only.
  13. Try delete with ripple edit enabled (ripple edit addresses problems with "delete hole"). If the problem persists there may be a problem with your project template(s). If this is the case, consider building new project template(s).
  14. Cakewalk does not select empty measures at the end of a project. Select all selects through the last bit of data. To truncate a project, move the Now marker to the "end" of the project Select All then Select From Now then Delete Special (make sure all data types are selected in the delete special dialog). This should remove all data to the right of the Now marker
  15. Open your profile using your user name link in the upper right and look at your activity Prior to this thread, you created this one
  16. It is a shame users without FB IDs cannot browse the group. I know some FB groups allow public read access. Wonder why this one is closed to the public. WRT the old Resources and Utilities page, it is read only like the rest of the old forum.
  17. Yeah, I did not mention the other controls in the Paste Special dialog. For example, when pasting full tracks, I always rewind Now to 0 but this is not necessary because the Paste dialog has a start time option.
  18. Select the source track (if automation lanes are collapsed) or lanes Change focus to the target track Paste special - make sure in "What to paste" Events/Clips is unchecked and Track/Bus Automation is selected Note: the envelopes may be reordered but the data is correct It is also possible to select some automation lanes and copy them. Here is an example of copying the first and third envelope from the first track and pasting these two envelopes into the second track
  19. AFAIK, all the project templates bundled with CbB include a master bus. If your project does not have any buses: add a bus (rename it master if you wish) right-click the bus header and select "Set as Default Bus" select all the audio and instrument tracks, while holding the CTRL key set the output on one of the selected tracks to the bus After this, any audio and instrument tracks added to the project will automatically point to master bus.
  20. The audio engine in Cakewalk sfz synths (including the Studio Instrument series) shut down when encountering certain NRPN instructions in their MIDI tracks. To avoid this either remove the data from the MIDI tracks using the Event List View or enable "Do not intercept NRPNs" on the VST Plug-in properties page like this
  21. SONAR and CbB offer the same controls in MIDI tracks. While the images in this thread are almost unreadable, it is clear that CbB has a filter applied to the track headers. It is impossible to say if it is due to a lens or this drop down: If a lens is applied try removing ot by setting the lens drop down to None. If it is the track control drop down, set it to All as shown in the image above. If you prefer to work with a reduced feature set in the track header, the same controls are in the track inspector. WRT, the images in this thread...please use an image hosting service like imgur.com and post links to images (like the one in this post). Using imgur.com makes it easy to embed full size images in posts.
  22. AFAIK, this is the case with all software modular synths. At least, it used to be. Cherry Audio just release a version of Voltage Modular that offers some multi-threaded capability. I believe VCV Rack will see some too in v1 but the plug-in version is some time away.
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