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  1. Update whenever ready. In addition to backup, copying the current CbB program folder to a new name leaves the current version and the update available for use. Multiple versions may be stored online. For example, before updating to CbB 2019.01 I copied "C:\Programs Files\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core" to "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core-18-11" After updating, CbB 2019.01 was the default but I can launch the previous version of CbB by going into "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core-18-11" and running Cakewalk.exe. This is how I managed Platinum and currently have several Platinum versions and every CbB version online. So what is the risk? If there is a problem with the shared utilities, all versions of SONAR and CbB are affected. This is where backup comes in handy. Even then backup is not the only recourse, it is possible to keep a copy of "C:\Programs Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities" online or retain copies of the installers.
  2. As noted above, this is a known bug in all releases of Melodyne 4.2. There are two ways to deal with the problem 1) 2) Contact Celemony support and request Melodyne 4.1
  3. Running as administrator is not required. The only reason I can think of for running CbB as administrator is old 3rd party plug-ins that write to privileged areas of the registry or hard drive. SI-Bass is not one of these plug-in. I am not sure what this means Is this a question about how to display the plug-in UI? Or the the plug-in actually missing from the project? IOW, the plug-in is not listed in the synth rack.
  4. scook

    Importing audio

    If there were no errors reported chances are the files are broadcast waves and Always Import Broadcast Waves at Their Timestamp is enabled. Check far to the right on the timeline. If the files are there; they are broadcast wave files. Turn the option off to insert these files anywhere on the timeline.
  5. scook


    Cakewalk starting shipping 64bit versions with SONAR 5. The SONAR 7 DVD should have both 32 and 64bit versions on the disk.
  6. Depends on your keyboard. Mine is the rightmost key on the line with the function keys.
  7. I believe deselecting "Show Update Notifications" in preferences is what you want. Also signing out of BA or disconnecting from the internet should suppress the messages regardless of the preference setting.
  8. Try copying the project file from a working project over to the new PC. Did you perform an advanced install to get the VX-64 on the new PC?
  9. The internet would have to be down a long time. The current call back period is ~6 months and updates reset the clock.
  10. Sounds like a job for support@cakewalk.com Direct link is https://help.bandlab.com/hc/en-us/requests/new But we can still try a few things starting with, does the project still work OK in X3?
  11. Does changing the state of the 64-bit Double Precision Engine make a difference?
  12. scook


    There was a 64bit DX version bundled with SONAR. The last version to include it was 8.5. Consider running an advanced install of a version of SONAR to get the plug-in back.
  13. It depends on the theme. I guess you are asking about Mercury. In that case: Green is 32bit VST Brown in 64bit VST Blue is 64bit VST3 and DX
  14. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.10.html
  15. I think this follows the recipe running in CbB 2019.01 build 27 The video starts after opening the MIDI file and shows adding 2 folders between tracks 2 and 3, resizing a track 3 and removing both folders with undo. Check the lens menu. Try setting it to none if a lens is specified.
  16. scook

    Old Cakewalk Versions

    Yes, in fact you should install Platinum then upgrade to CbB. That way CbB can use all the plug-ins and content bundled with Platinum (and earlier versions of SONAR too). Here is a more detailed reply to a similar question Since CbB requires an internet connection to activate with BandLab Assistant might as well use the Cakewalk Command Center to install Platinum. It is the easiest way to get everything installed and activated. But before Platinum and CbB installs read the reply linked above. There is a handy spreadsheet of bundled plug-ins by version in the thread I link. Check it out too.
  17. V-Vocal was dropped after SONAR X2 and replaced with Melodyne Essential in X3 Studio/Producer and SONAR Professional/Platinum. CbB includes a trial version of Melodyne Editor.
  18. AFAIK, there is only one feature that completely prevents a project saved in CbB from opening in SONAR 8.5 - aux tracks and patch points. Projects containing these will immediately shutdown. Other than that, projects saved using CbB will display a warning but should continue to open.
  19. VEGAS Pro plug-ins are in the DirectX Audio Effects and DirectX Media Objects categories in the Plug-in Manager. They may be hidden from CbB by selecting the plug-ins and clicking the "Exclude Plug-in" button just under the Plug-in Categories. This only affects CbB.
  20. Dragging a clip from an audio track to an instrument or MIDI track in X3 or newer (including CbB) rely on the Melodyne VST3 plug-in. Other ways to create MIDI from audio that do not use Melodyne are V-Vocal, AudioSnap and the DrumReplacer.
  21. VST Persist Compatibility must be implemented by the plug-in manufacturer it is not something Cakewalk can do for the plug-in manufacturer.
  22. scook

    Track icons.

  23. There is no install button once CbB is installed. There is an update button. The update process was changed slightly starting with CbB 2018.11. Now BA will download one of two files depending on the version of CbB installed. If running the most recent version, BA downloads a CbB update file. This is a much smaller file than the full CbB installer containing only the parts updated since the last release. This file will only work with the previous production release. If this is the initial install or updating from an older release of CbB, BA downloads the full CbB installer. Either way, updates do not stop for user input so one must be quick when making a copy of the CbB installer in %appdata%\bandlab-assistant\Downloads (although I just noticed Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Setup_25.01.0.27.exe and my copy are in the download folder days after the update).
  24. And the answer to clock vs. cores is.....both. The best solution is a fast clock and high core count. If one has to choose, do not give up too much clock for a few extra cores.
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