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  1. AFAIK, the last official word on the subject was posted in this thread.
  2. Not exactly. Drum maps can route each MIDI note number to a different output. It is possible to have up to 128 different output assignments in a MIDI track.
  3. Unlike lenses which are global, screensets are stored with the project. It is possible to import screensets from another project but this will have to be done for each project.
  4. CbB contains a time-limited trial version of Melodyne Editor.
  5. Dropping a file from the Browser or the OS onto an existing project imports the file. Dropping a file into CbB from the OS onto the CbB background (IOW space not containing a project) opens the files.
  6. If a project contains no audio clips, the sample rate is read from preferences. Only when a project contains an audio clip does a project sample rate get set. The Change Audio Format dialog modifies existing audio data in the project. As a rule this is not necessary. While all the audio in a project must be the same sample rate, projects can contain audio at different bit depths. Changing the Record Bit Depth is all that is needed to change project bit depth. Record Bit Depth is a global setting that affects all future recordings in all projects. As a rule, this value should be set to the audio driver bit depth.
  7. In most cases opening a MIDI file in CbB is preferable to importing the file. Importing MIDI strips tempo data. Once a file is opening in CbB make sure to save it as a Cakewalk project or any non-MIDI data that is added will be stripped and the file will be saved as a MIDI file. Upon opening a MIDI file, if no MIDI output devices are selected in preferences, TTS-1 will automatically be added to the project and the project will be setup ready to play.
  8. This is probably a bug but a little different than reported. Notice when entering the Notes field in the Notes tab, OK and Cancel buttons appear at the bottom of the field. Clicking OK sets the project dirty flag. Once OK is clicked in the Notes field editor, trying to exit the project will prompt to save changes.
  9. On a 2 drive machine leave it on the C drive. Systems with more than two drives may benefit slightly by moving the picture cache to a non-system drive other than the project drive. The setting for the picture folder is in preferences right below the Global Audio folder setting which should be on the same drive as project files. I prefer to use directory junctions as described here to make these changes rather than messing with the defaults in preferences.
  10. I believe GeneralMidiSMFs setting in TTSSEQ.ini determines whether or not initial program change data is displayed in the event list. By default, this value is set to 1 causing the DAW to create a GM setup measure which is not displayed in the event list. Instead, the data is displayed in the track controls. From https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=MIDI_Files.6.html
  11. scook

    White Dots on Audio Tracks

    AFAIK, there is only one direct reference to the Clips Pane Ellipses in the documentation. They are displayed in the empty spaces to the left of clips in a project. Their absence indicates there are no clips to the right in the track. Also a handy indicator that audio loops are broadcast waves instead of regular wave files when imported at their timestamp.
  12. The forum automatically resizes uploaded images. Using an external link preserves original image size. There is a 50MB quota for uploads. To manage images, click on the user menu in the upper right of this page and select "My Attachments."
  13. The first error is unrelated to the other two. I have seen a few suggestions as to the cause of the "not enough memory" message. This thread contains a few idea. Not sure there is a single cause for this error. Errors 2 and 3 are audio device related. In this case, it appears to be a usb connected microphone? The second message is the result of the third. The device either does not have an ASIO driver or the driver is not installed. As a result, Cakewalk cannot communicate with the device. To remedy the third message either chose a different driver mode in preferences ,install the manufacturer supplied ASIO driver or ASIO4All. Note: ASIO4All has been known to cause problems for some users. Problems that can only be fixed by removing ASIO4All from the machine. Once Cakewalk can communicate with the audio driver, the silent bus error will probably go away.
  14. Ripple editing works on single or multiple tracks. The caution is because it is easy to affect multiple tracks accidentally especially when it is not turned off immediately after use.
  15. There may be a dialog from the scanner waiting for user input. Check the Windows Task Manger. The vstscan.exe may be stalled. There are notification preferences settings for newer versions of CbB but I do not believe they will affect Platinum.
  16. BandLab has never directly addressed "why" but they have made it clear on more than one occasion that CbB will remain free. Here is an example where Meng states: So, the basic product is free (similar to what Cakewalk started doing with SHS) but there are plans for paid add-ons.
  17. scook

    Importing audio

    Might help to make an example clip available for download.
  18. scook


    Depends on the Track FX setting in freeze options. Right-click a snowflake for the context menu to access the freeze options dialog.
  19. The CbB Q&A section does not maintain posts in chronological order in the threads. The current post order was tried in the bakery and discontinued because it proved confusing. It is just as confusing CbB Q&A. It would be nice, at a minimum, to have an option to preserve post chronological order.
  20. @Twisted Fingers The OP asked two questions. It would be best to create a thread per question but this did not happen. That said, adding additional questions to the thread is not a good idea. Because of they way replies get reordered in this area, The CbB General area may be a better place to discuss your issue. Extreme settings in general are a bad idea. Having to run the ASIO driver at its maximum setting may be a problem in itself.
  21. The CbB theme editor is one of the Add-ons. In BA, click the menu under the red arrow, then click Install Add-ons....
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