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  1. The setting is in preferences. CbB must be run as administrator to change this settings.
  2. No, Beatscape was dropped starting with X2. Like the "Loops and One Shots" installer, the synth has nothing to do with Platinum. I just checked the Command Center and my account, the loop libraries are gone. IIRC, they were removed during the shutdown in 2017. support@cakewalk.com may be able to help.
  3. Just to be clear, what used to be called "Loops and One Shots" was reorganized content from Beatscape bundled with X2-3 Producer. This was not part of Platinum. The 3 libraries shown above were part of SONAR installs (including Platinum) for some time. Platinum also included other loop libraries. They should show up at the Command Center top level. These include the Brian Hardgroove Collection (Braintree exclusive), Kick Start Expansion Pack (Everett exclusive) and Big Fish Audio Loop Content.
  4. IIRC, the OP is a native French speaker so I posted a link to the French help. This is the English page. There is a language argument in the url. Notice in the French link "language=2" https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=2&help=Inspectors.3.html#1220713 Changing this to "language=3" like this https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Inspectors.3.html#1220713 calls up the page in English.
  5. https://www.xlnaudio.com/support/my-product-is-suddenly-not-authorized-wrong-computer-id-or-this-instrument-is-in-trial-mode
  6. I am not sure the function is exposed in shortcut preferences. "Insert Patch/Bank Change" is in the global area. This dialog has a patch drop down and a link to the patch browser.
  7. Don't have to open the inspector, the default shortcut for the current MIDI track patch browser is a semicolon.
  8. Usually activation codes are issued one time and the user is responsible for keep a record of the code. The code may be listed in your old Cakewalk account. It could be a permissions problem. If you have tried running as administrator and still get the error when trying to activate you could try contacting support@cakewalk.com
  9. Don't have the software to test. It may be old enough to require running as administrator to register.
  10. The theme editor is only needed to create or modify an existing theme. It is not necessary if one only want to use themes. The theme editor install details are in this post To add a user theme to CbB, copy the .sth file into Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Themes. By default this folder is in the root of C drive. Once added to the "Cakewalk Themes" folder, user themes are loaded into CbB in preferences.
  11. The X3e patch is available in the old Cakewalk Knowledge Base.
  12. Enable input echo on the tracks
  13. The default shortcuts listed in the documentation work
  14. This option was renamed starting with X3 (as a result of VST3 support) to Always Stream Audio Through FX
  15. scook

    File Info window

    notes browser
  16. ASIO driver mode supports both positive and negative manual offset values
  17. scook

    Visible grid ?

    I marked this answered. When your question is answered, please make sure to click the check mark next to the appropriate post. Thanks.
  18. scook

    Offline documenation

    The "offline help" option was removed from preferences because BandLab only offers web-based help at this time but the local help logic is still in CbB. This is all covered in a previous thread Detailed help for plug-ins is separate from the CbB help system. Help for plug-ins is installed locally with the plug-ins.
  19. scook

    Visible grid ?

    The track view grid line option is in the track view menu View > Display > Vertical Grid Lines The PRV has a similar option in its view menu called "Show Vertical Gridlines"
  20. May be confusing WDM and the newer WASAPI modes added to Platinum. As a rule, a manufacturer supplied ASIO is still the best choice but feel free to try the other driver modes.
  21. Chances are the effects unit's latency varies depending on its settings. This could prove challenging when using it as an external insert.
  22. Leave Platinum in place so that Cakewalk by BandLab can use the plug-ins and content bundled with Platinum. CbB installs like an upgrade to SONAR with in its own program, content, and user folders while updating the shared utilities. Instead of CCC, CbB installs and activates using BandLab Assistant. The instructions for upgrading are here.
  23. The theme editor program was not modified for 2019.01. There were changes to the resource files used by CbB: 3 New colors under Theme > Browser > Plug-in Browser Plug-in Tree Text (used for tree, VST3 and DX labels) VST2 Text 32-bit Plug-ins Text A Ripple Edit Button image was added under Theme > Track View After CbB 2019.01 is installed, these items are available for edit in the Theme editor. Rarely, if ever, should changes to the CbB UI require updating the theme editor program. The theme editor is a tool allowing users to make and store changes to the base resource files (a.k.a the Mercury theme) in special files called user themes. As BandLab releases updates to the resource files the theme editor will reflect those updates.
  24. The default location for user themes is "C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Themes" If "Cakewalk Content" was installed elsewhere, the "Cakewalk Themes" folder will be under the alternate location. For the themes to appear in the theme drop down in preferences, copy the theme files (extension .sth) into the "Cakewalk Themes" folder.
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