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  1. Enable the plug-in's MIDI Input in the VST2/3 drop down above the plug-in UI Add a MIDI track, set the input to your controller, output to the plug-in and enable input echo
  2. Might want to check out To set channel on selected notes
  3. Starting with X3 the option was replaced with Always Stream Through FX
  4. position the mouse on the envelope between nodes and CTRL+drag
  5. Cakewalk never sold Adaptive Limiter separately. BandLab has not released their version of the plug-in.
  6. Are Windows and SONAR set to the same sample rate? Does X3 work with the internal sound chip?
  7. Probably won't make a difference... Rename AUD.ini in %appdata%\Cakewalk\<SONAR version> Try other driver modes
  8. Recycle plug-in windows is documented near the bottom of this page
  9. Search the old forum. I am sure there are other replies like this one http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3286635
  10. I did not make it clear that the initial click must be released to select the region before click-dragging the nodes. Failing to perform the initial click causes all nodes to move.
  11. Using the smart tool when the icon changes near the top of the clip, click to select the region between the two nodes then drag to set the level like this
  12. The snap resolution drop down in the snap module D in the image below
  13. Select the audio and MIDI tracks and Bounce to Track(s) Then archive the original audio and MIDI tracks.
  14. Dropped MIDI notes may be the result of too low a Prepare Using: nnn Millisecond Buffers value. The default is 250, however; 500 or 750 often work better. Some use values as high as 10x the default.
  15. Use the link provided above. Do not use http://www.cakewalk.com/Support, it is the old company. If you prefer, a ticket may be created here
  16. contact support@cakewalk.com
  17. Rapture must be activated. The serial number and registration code should be in your account. Did you try running the stand alone or the DAW as administrator when registering Rapture?
  18. Per-project settings display only when a project or project template is open.
  19. Enabling Zero Controllers When Play Stops in preferences may help.
  20. scook

    Input Echo Latency

    The plug-in delay compensation used by the project is the maximum delay needed for any track or bus in the project to keep everything in sync. Bypassing the effects on any track or bus may not affect PDC if the delay needed to keep it in sync is less than or equal to the delay needed to keep any other track or bus in sync. For live tracks take a look at the PDC button in the mix module.
  21. CbB does not include Rapture. Here are the plug-ins bundled with CbB. If Rapture is installed and is running properly in Platinum then it should run properly in CbB. Does it run properly as a stand alone synth or in Platinum?
  22. Not directly, it is a hardware synth. The audio card needs to have some way to route the audio out back to the inputs (maybe "What you Hear" setting). While the GS Wavetable synth is convenient for playing MIDI for best results in CbB use TTS-1.
  23. If you do not have hardware synths attached to CbB, consider disabling the Microsoft GS Wavetable synth in preferences. With no MIDI output devices enabled in preferences, opening a MIDI file in CbB automatically adds and configures TTS-1 to play the file.
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