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  1. I Love her attitude and Charisma Kenny
  2. I chalk that one up to human nature . IMHO , we all have those sort of issues concerning various struggles we may have to confront as individuals . How we deal with our success's or failures tells us and others a lot about who and what we are made of as individuals. Now if I was smart I would not say another word , I'm feeling the holiday crunch and I want to feel a part of the fellowship here so here goes a long winded story ...lol 2 years ago I quit smoking cigs exactly this time of year ... I would like to say virtue and will power played a part in that personal accomplishment but virtue and will power did not play a part at all ... The simple truth was I had gotten sick and had a cold that was heading into the middle stages of the flu .... I was having a hard time breathing as it was . Every time I took a drag off a cig I coughed myself into seeing stars and almost peeing in my shorts ...to make a long story short I said to myself I'm not trying to quit , I'll just take a wait and see attitude and not have a smoke when the desire hits me ...Admittedly it was tough , but coughing and putting a wet and gooey shart in my shorts was simply not an option ... A few days went by and the physical addiction to nicotine had loosened its grip on me .... I went w it and said OK lets see where this goes ....it has been 2 years of grace ....now what's the point of saying this ? I did not want to become one of those flaming pontificating a hole's that run around pounding their chest like Tarzan a top the highest tree in the jungle forcing their opinion on other kind folks of the jungle that have not had the good grace to have overcome the smoking habit ( or fill in the blank ) ...like I did ..it was by all accounts from my end an act of grace .... " Live and Let Live " In other News, Tarzan has recently set up a perimeter over by the rubber trees . He has brought in the big guns ...the lions , tigers , and elephants to guard that section of the Jungle Tarzan figures folks should learn how to get by w out the use of a motor vehicle ..he feels it's bad for the Jungle . Tonight he is holding a counsel meeting at 8 O clock sharp over by the fire pit to propose his new agenda . Tonight's topic will include a measure he plans to put forth stating folks need to learn how to swing on a Vine as their main form of transportation .Just like he does ...it's good for the Jungle. Kenny
  3. Loved the sound of your Guild . Also enjoyed listening to your guitar playing and song . Yeah you have a good touch and feel on the guitar ... all the best, Kenny
  4. Hi Mr Larry ! I'm in Awe of how you can come up with your composition , the phrases and all those Musical Variations ....WOW , I really enjoyed listening to your song "Guitars And Strings" just now . all the best, Kenny
  5. Hi Mark , The Jaguar is a very surprising Guitar ..If I had known what I know about them today and sent that information back in time to who I was when I first started playing the guitar , who knows ? my screen name here might have turned out too be Kenny W Jaguar Jazz 🤣 I'm happy I decided to post both version s of this song here on the forum . They both have their moments and I thank you for taking the time to listen to them both . Thank You garybrun ! Hi Tom! Thank you for the kind word Yes my R 8 is a very Sweet Ride ... I am so Lucky to have her . thank you for giving my music a listen . all the best , Kenny
  6. Hi Mark , You have some very beautiful interweaving sound elements and musical textures going on here with your song . At times your song sounds like it is the sound track to an uplifting celebration . Very Nice 👍 Kenny
  7. Hey Strummy ! Champian want's her Coffee cup back 🤣 Kenny
  8. I have way to many personal issues w authority when it come to dealing with the STAFF so I'm just going to listen to some good music instead . Kenny
  9. Hi Bjorn , For some Odd reason the desire to make a video snuck up on me out of the Blue with out any warning . I'm real glad you liked my guitar playing on this tune . I have no idea what I'm gonna play until I play it. What that means is If I want to play what I played in the video , I have to sit here and learn what I Played just to be able to play along w my own video ... Oh BTW , Good Luck on finding some of my melodic and harmonic content in that BOOK 🤣 thank you for the kindness of your comments . all the best, Kenny
  10. Hi All , A 2 for 1 The Sound Cloud audio file was done one day ago for my week 228 Twanger Central submission .... on that take I'm playing my Vintage Modified Jaguar On the u tube video I'm playing my R 8 historic Les Paul pretty much clean . All guitar parts was done in one take with no overdubs for both files . The u tube video I shot tonight a few hours ago on an impulse ... I hope someone enjoys the playing , Kenny
  11. Because “Soylent Green is vegans!” 🤣 Kenny
  12. 🤣 WOW ! I wonder if Costco ships the homeowners Windex purchase in a Tanker Truck after they buy it . Also make sure you search for rocks in your neighborhood ... when you find em ... do your self a favor and hide all the rocks 😉 Kenny
  13. OP , you may want to take a look at Studio One 4 Prime . https://shop.presonus.com/Studio-One-4-Prime Kenny
  14. Hi Larry , Nice to hear your music again , I enjoyed listening to you 2 guitar composition very much . Wow ! this one sounds great . ☺️ all the best, Kenny
  15. Hi Daryl , Merry Christmas to you and your collab mates . Your Fizzy Pickle song collaboration was very smooth and a rather delightful listen . This song performance fits in real nice with all the Hallmark Movies I've been watching all week w Duke . It was real nice to hear your wife sing . She sounded real good on this tune , she sure can hold her own and I would love to hear more of her in the future . I was wondering how James was doing , after hearing this song it sounds like he is doing good ...I have always like his playing ...Hello James ! Ed's Bass part is nice on this ... I'm digging your production values ... I always end up saying to myself "How does Daryl do it ? I can't find any faults ...there is not even a stray hair out of place " Your songs , by the time you post them are always so top notch ...great job on this song . all the best, Kenny
  16. Hi ZincT , I'm glad you dug my guitar playing 😊 I certainly had a lot of fun playing on this one . I have to laugh man ....the section of the track that you liked a lot and got you sitting up was a section of the tune I didn't even play a note on 🤣 Oh well at least I had enough sense to lay out and not eff up the backing track ... Speaking of the backing track here it is ....enjoy...IMHO it is a great one to play over and practice ideas over . thank you for your listen and kind comments Kenny
  17. Thank you for that info , I didn't know those sort of details about Scotland . I don't drink or do drugs anymore , but if I did , I would probably think this was a Unicorn looking to give me a nice wet sloppy Kiss . It seems I'm not alone , Take a good look at this girl in the pic and tell me if she sort of looks just like the girl in the video 😉 HHhhmm, either way, I think I would still want to kiss her after that Unicorn oopps I mean that Rhino gets done ... Kenny
  18. Why did you give up your Studio ? If you want the coveted" Brown Guitar Sound " all you have to do is simply eat right before and after all your guitar practice sessions 🤣 Kenny
  19. I'm glad Starship Krupa took the time to list many of the synths and plugs from Mixcraft that can be used in other DAW's ... I was thinking about listing them myself since I use them in Cakewalk and other DAW's but then I got bogged down creating the list 🤣 A couple of things , $29 dollars for the upgrade was for the days Acoustica were having their Black Friday sale ...I squeaked in at that price just by the skinny skin .... After playing around with it for a while I can say even if I had missed the sale it would have easily been worth the regular customer upgrade price ... For the record I have Mixcraft 7 Pro , 8 Pro and now 9 Pro and I can say I like 9 so much better than 7 & 8 ...it seems all the little touches and gradual improvements Acoustica has implemented over time has dialed this DAW into a rather sweet workflow . The Melodyne integration is so simple to use ...I still have essentials so on non polyphonic audio I love just double tapping an audio clip and having the option to convert the audio to a Melodyne Region . being able to switch back in forth in one window between the editor and Melodyne is a nice workflow ... Another thing I like is being able to right click on an audio file and have it converted over to a midi file on it own new track ...Love it ...so simple ...and precise . Even though I have a Polytune head stock tuner and plug , I like having the guitar tuner on my audio tracks . I don't play just guitar ( every time I save up to buy Kontak I wind up buying a real instrument instead) 🤣I got mando's ukes and a bunch of other wayward orphaned musical stringed instruments I have adopted and given a home to.. I already had the Voltage Cherry Audio synth n a much higher version than what comes w Mixcraft and honestly I have a long ways to go at programing it yet I can say sound wise this synth delivers it best and most where it counts ...the sound ... Anyway , I'm not gonna give a full on review on Mixcraft 9 Pro right now ....there are many other people that can pull it together and do that I will say this , I have started using Mixcraft again in addition to Cakewalk and I find this DAW to be a somewhat friendly relaxing environment to create music in .... all the best , Kenny
  20. Notice the neck and head stock ...I bet that was Henry's personal urinal at Gibson Bad Kenny
  21. Empty project latest version of Cakewalk When I open a Midi file as right click open with I get this type of arrangement .....then I will have to add my own Master Bus ... no biggie Kenny
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