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  1. I don't know man but that picture sure looks like somebody's junk got ran over by a steamroller . Kenny
  2. 🤣 Yeah , more like a gallon or two.... Kenny
  3. Oh yeah can we have a little sizzle on the drum track . Kenny
  4. Yeah one of sure them looks a little suspicious to me . She must have bribed one of the pageant judges w a little side order of Becan . Kenny
  5. I notice most of the people in that video aren't wearing much clothing wise .... I want to sit right next to the Cello Player once I bring my moobs and my abdominal s back to a respectable size 🤣 Kenny
  6. Hi kloon ! I'm glad you like the flow of my guitar playing . I just let the lines and melodic phrases go where ever they seem to want to go . Yeah , beards are fun . Hey Good luck w your beard . Hi Paul ! Thank you for the kind words you said about my playing . It blows my head that I can be practicing the guitar for a while away from recording and then when I get a hankering to do a video all the stuff I have been practicing on the guitar starts dancing around the fret board in total freedom along w the Music . I'm sure glad I did share this clip of my playing ... Hi amiller ! What's not to like ? somebody told me I should smile more ...he he he ...I'm pretty much all about the playing & music so at least I got that part right . thank you all, Kenny
  7. Oh Yeah ! I like the way she dresses up and then tears it all down . Play date night on the week end w her must be a lot of fun .. the absolute saddest news is I will never find out Kenny don't mind me I'm feeling Blue after realizing that info..hey but Hey ! I can always wonder if her smooth skin combined w her facial stash tickle s
  8. That was very good Your daughter is attractive . She looked the part of a genuine young female performer on stage singing a popular well known song in front of an audience of her peers .. She seems fearless .She sings very good within her range and she knew how to engage the audience with her gestures and body language . The quality of her voice was very good , I enjoyed hearing her voice . Also the video itself is decent quality ..it looks good , it looks genuine as a live performance. The sound quality of the voice and piano is decent considering this was done in a live venue ... You have a lot to be proud and grateful for ....what a great start of the new year ...congrats.. Kenny
  9. I know I'm a little late to the thread ....WOW I needed to hear the message of your song . It seems my personal MO is to be living in a "Tit for Tat " emotional world where I honestly do not understand half the $hit that is going on around me regarding what motivates people to do the things they do and all the ways that they do it ....whew...lol Typically something happened on a Monday and yet I'm still thinking about the Sunday of Next Week ...lol Yes Great song message ... I enjoyed all the elements of the song ...The main thing is I did need to hear about learning how to lighten the load on my shoulders VIA the expression of your songs lyrics thank you for that , Kenny
  10. Hi Larry ! I was feeling a little tired just before I listened to your song .. As I listened to your tune, all of a sudden I had gotten a jolt and a feeling of being energized . Your song sounds very festive and uplifting ...it honestly brought my energy level up an extra few notches ... thank you for that , Kenny
  11. Hi Freddy , Nice story telling featuring a witty sense of humor in the lyrics . Also nice overall loose Blues Vibe w the guitar playing and the music . Having just survived this Years Holiday season by the skinny skin skin of my teeth . I enjoyed listening to your song . As it played I found a moment or two or three of genuine humor and escape ... all the best, Kenny
  12. If that was really true , then what are you doing here wasting our time ? I'm not the least interested in that . What I want to know is the answers to these few questions Do you wear a leather belt ? Use a leather guitar strap ? or wear leather shoes ? Does your car have leather seats ? Last but not least . Does Tezza Labs test it's patented dooche formula using animals ? She is certainly not my type , I gave up drinking over 36 years ago ....Oh BTW , the only type of curls that come anywhere near my beard is at the gym ... PS I hope you choke on a Carrot 🤣 Kenny
  13. Normally I just listen to a tune and then read the thread . In this case I had to read what was going on over here in the thread to be able to understand what is going on over there w your Soundcloud podcast . Having said that , I'm glad I was able to skip the politics of it all and just give the tune a listen . As far as the tune goes , it reminds me of many types of songs and media I would hear and be exposed to as I listen to some of the public broadcast stations I get in my area .I think it is awesome you got and get to work with your son ..that one in itself sounds like a real blessing to me ... all the best, Kenny
  14. kennywtelejazz


    Hi Wookiee , Your tune Lime features lots of real nice retro synth sounds . I like how it starts out w a toy type of sound. Then your tune gets much deeper as a lot of thematic movement and texture introduces itself in the music as the song unfolds ...Also nice arpeggios Your furry fingers are working over time on this one , Kenny
  15. Thank you for giving my playing a listen . I'm happy you enjoyed the clips . I like your playing and tone too . thanks for giving mine a listen . Hi Freddy ! Wow thanks for saying the super kind word .. Hi Wookiee , My pooch likes rubbing his mug in my beard ...lol I'm glad you liked the music . thank you for the listen . Kenny
  16. Oh you poor fella ...No wonder you don't feel so good . She loves you because you don't eat meat ..but if it was me I would aim higher Kenny
  17. 🤣 The second one from the left looks a little frustrated about the girl in the middle getting all the A 1 sauce . Oh Yeah ! My doctor say's I need to add more fiber and a little spice to my diet . Who am I to disagree ? Kenny
  18. She does have some nice videos on her u tube . I'm happy you liked this one . I sure did . +1 , some players make it look so easy . Kenny
  19. Honey ! if you want to see what type of deals CC Larry has posted in the Deals Forum no problem . The dog is sitting on your wallet and you got to get past me . Kenny
  20. Hi Jimmy , Thank you for the kind words you have said . I have felt exactly how you just expressed . One thought that helps me with that issue is If one can keep the focus on the music , nobody can take that away from anyone not matter how they play . thanks . Hi Douglas , Yes, that Les Paul is one of the the best guitars I have ever owned . It truly was a gift . I'm glad you enjoyed my playing on it . Happy New Year Hi Tom , I loved your post , after reading it I felt just like Chester Cheetah must of felt on the same day he finally gotten a hold of his own box of Cheezits . Yeah at 2:13 I was winging it , I'm doing an octave displacement type of melodic trip through out the chord changes . There is a strong possibility I may decide to come out with a few short instruction videos teaching folks how to play some of what I'm playing in this video ... Where did I cut my teeth ? Oh Lawd lol , it all started when I went to take my first guitar lesson and the teacher asked me what I wanted to learn . I told him I wanted to learn how to play Secret Agent Man and he said NOPE ..he hit me with Mickey Baker and a whole bunch of SAX and woodwind books ... Keeping the long story short. Over time I wound up going from him to Joe Puma , Arnie Berle , Barry Galbraith , Tony De Caprio , and a few others along the way . Times were different back then because there were a lot of Clubs that would host Jam Sessions ..I had the good fortune of becoming friends with Ed Cherry . Ed was the guitar player in The Dizzy Gillespie Band and various other projects . I lived right across the street from Ed and he had me over just about every day to play and practice w him ( he was way better than me and often times I would just read a chart and play the chord changes ) Ed also brought me around to all the hip Jam Sessions in Harlem and introduced me as a player to all the players ... Around that time I was also friends with Joe Pass and Emily Remler ... Joe used to love messing w me . He would hand me his guitar bat his eyes and say play like me ..lol I used to get a real kick out of how long Joe would last before he would yank the guitar out of my hands and then give me a free guitar lesson .. Behind the scenes Joe was a real cool fun guy and he liked to joke around ...One time we were backstage at Fat Tuesdays NYC and his time to play was almost on. Joe told me he didn't feel good that night and he asked me to go out in his place to perform the concert for him . I thought he was joking and I told him I was to young to die .Then he scared the cwap out of me . He got super serious and for the next 15 mins as he hammered me non stop to do his show. After he had enough of my fear ridden scrambled brain ramblings and physical sweating and squirming he laughed out loud at me while he lit his cigar and told me he was just kidding ... Emily was a whole other story . We used to get together when she was in town and play together . There is so much I could say but for now all will leave it at this. To this day I think of her often and I miss her so much ... Well there you go Tom , look what happens , you throw me a box of Cheezits and now I can't shut up ... Oh before I forget ... one of these days I will still have to learn how to play Secret Agent Man ...i had gotten sidetracked ... nice rapping w you Kenny
  21. After reading The Coffee House thread on Vegan Bullying . Sara ! had a strong desire to protect her child and dog from the possibility of "The Cakewalk Coffee House " running out of Becan ! . Kenny
  22. I played my guitar and checked up on my dog who wound up waiting out the fireworks in the bathroom ... Kenny
  23. We should have gotten a much better cable TV and internet bundle because this show SUCKS Kenny
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