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  1. I used to cook all my pork chops , sausages and some of my greens in becan grease ...whew what a great flavor that added ..... Memories all alone in the moonlight I can dream of the old days I was beautiful then I remember the time I knew what happiness was Let the memory live again Kenny
  2. it's all good Starise ! Hey Starise , Basically I'm lucky in the sense that when I found out I had heart problems and borderline Diabetes i took my diagnosis seriously enough to do my best to adapt my life style over to better health empowering choices ...it ain't easy some days ...I'm back in the gym and I live a mile away from one of the nicest produce markets in my area . I went from eating all the typical overly processed foods to cutting a lot of that out and eating only fresh foods ...If I don't have the coin to stay fresh as far a meats go I will get some frozen salmon , chicken breasts , or what ever I may find to keep up doing what I'm doing ... As far as what she is cooking in that video , I'm on track now a days to where I could get away eating something like that once in a while ... I was more into her vibe looks and way she carried herself ...move over nurse , french maid and playboy bunny , there a new fantasy girl in town 🤣 Kenny
  3. Ed, I'm in the same boat as far as dropping a few pounds and getting back into a heart healthy diet .. Now a days I'm eating mostly vegetables and other healthy substitutions in place of what I used to eat . What that means for me now is I went from eating Becan to eating pork rinds to now eating Rice Cakes and tricking my taste buds into a big long game of pretending ..lol Kenny
  4. I actually have two of those battery operated Gibson cables ...don't use them much lately . Still glad I have them ... Kenny
  5. I posted this video in the spirit of a nice young cute energetic lady who was willing to cook you a great traditional English breakfast and then pinch your sausage ... How we got here I sure don't know, either way some of you guys need to lighten up . Kenny
  6. Rule # 2 - with a pedal it's always the battery . Kenny
  7. Hi David ! Many of the seeds of my Ideas were planted back in the day when I was studying with Barry . I'm so happy you enjoyed . Kenny
  8. Some of the music in this shred is pretty good Kenny
  9. Yes ! this drummer knows how to Swing and keep time much better than the last drummer these guys played with . The old drummer was a rusty fence so he is back to working security for the band . Kenny
  10. 🤣 Good one Speaking of drummers , this one has a lot going on . It keeps perfect time. Is a non meat eater that works a day gig in agriculture and it can even drive itself to the gig if need be . Kenny
  11. I don't know man but that picture sure looks like somebody's junk got ran over by a steamroller . Kenny
  12. 🤣 Yeah , more like a gallon or two.... Kenny
  13. Oh yeah can we have a little sizzle on the drum track . Kenny
  14. Yeah one of sure them looks a little suspicious to me . She must have bribed one of the pageant judges w a little side order of Becan . Kenny
  15. I notice most of the people in that video aren't wearing much clothing wise .... I want to sit right next to the Cello Player once I bring my moobs and my abdominal s back to a respectable size 🤣 Kenny
  16. Hi kloon ! I'm glad you like the flow of my guitar playing . I just let the lines and melodic phrases go where ever they seem to want to go . Yeah , beards are fun . Hey Good luck w your beard . Hi Paul ! Thank you for the kind words you said about my playing . It blows my head that I can be practicing the guitar for a while away from recording and then when I get a hankering to do a video all the stuff I have been practicing on the guitar starts dancing around the fret board in total freedom along w the Music . I'm sure glad I did share this clip of my playing ... Hi amiller ! What's not to like ? somebody told me I should smile more ...he he he ...I'm pretty much all about the playing & music so at least I got that part right . thank you all, Kenny
  17. Oh Yeah ! I like the way she dresses up and then tears it all down . Play date night on the week end w her must be a lot of fun .. the absolute saddest news is I will never find out Kenny don't mind me I'm feeling Blue after realizing that info..hey but Hey ! I can always wonder if her smooth skin combined w her facial stash tickle s
  18. That was very good Your daughter is attractive . She looked the part of a genuine young female performer on stage singing a popular well known song in front of an audience of her peers .. She seems fearless .She sings very good within her range and she knew how to engage the audience with her gestures and body language . The quality of her voice was very good , I enjoyed hearing her voice . Also the video itself is decent quality ..it looks good , it looks genuine as a live performance. The sound quality of the voice and piano is decent considering this was done in a live venue ... You have a lot to be proud and grateful for ....what a great start of the new year ...congrats.. Kenny
  19. I know I'm a little late to the thread ....WOW I needed to hear the message of your song . It seems my personal MO is to be living in a "Tit for Tat " emotional world where I honestly do not understand half the $hit that is going on around me regarding what motivates people to do the things they do and all the ways that they do it ....whew...lol Typically something happened on a Monday and yet I'm still thinking about the Sunday of Next Week ...lol Yes Great song message ... I enjoyed all the elements of the song ...The main thing is I did need to hear about learning how to lighten the load on my shoulders VIA the expression of your songs lyrics thank you for that , Kenny
  20. Hi Larry ! I was feeling a little tired just before I listened to your song .. As I listened to your tune, all of a sudden I had gotten a jolt and a feeling of being energized . Your song sounds very festive and uplifting ...it honestly brought my energy level up an extra few notches ... thank you for that , Kenny
  21. Hi Freddy , Nice story telling featuring a witty sense of humor in the lyrics . Also nice overall loose Blues Vibe w the guitar playing and the music . Having just survived this Years Holiday season by the skinny skin skin of my teeth . I enjoyed listening to your song . As it played I found a moment or two or three of genuine humor and escape ... all the best, Kenny
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