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  1. Hi Dave , In your opening comment you talk about being brought back 4 times..... In a way that makes you an Alpha Cat ... Kenny
  2. When I'm in doubt of my Senior Manhood , I'm not gonna bother to check my fiber ...I'm gonna check my Willingness 😙 This trio will even work better than slapping an unconscious guy while he is out cold. Kenny
  3. I'm glad to hear you are still with us and doing well Dave . Being above ground and playing in a sucky bar band sounds pretty good to me right about now ... all the best , Kenny
  4. I Have A witness. He saw the whole thing . This is what he has to say about it . Kenny
  5. Look at BassDaddy . He thought it was Publishers Clearing House that knocked on his door . Kenny
  6. This Pawn Shop score is my first Jaguar . This guitar is from The Squier Vintage Modified series . It's pretty much a vintage spec recreation of a Jaguar from Fender / Squier made in Asia. I'm OK w that ...dropping a grand plus for a Made in America Jag is out of the question right now .. According to Leo Fender The Jaguar was Fenders top of the line guitar back in the day . Compared to a Tele or a Strat The Jaguar has a lot of quirky things going on that are so much different than what most Tele or Strat players are used too ... Short Scale ( 24 ) Vintage neck Radius ( 9 .5 ) , Totally different Vibrato / Trem system and last but not least a pick up switching system w some very interesting controls and combo's that can be had . I'm grateful to have gotten this guitar ....I'm still bonding with her / it Thank You BassDaddy . it has been nice rapping w you , Kenny
  7. Kenny PS , sorry about the neckline .....
  8. Honey , Something has come up at work , they asked me to work a double shift . See you in the morning Kenny
  9. What ! , I think I have seen that car in my neighborhood . Some guy on Craig's List is trying to sell it ... Kenny
  10. Cool video Craig ...I like it . in other news Kenny
  11. Very nice tune . Sounds great. Has lots of interesting musical parts and groove pockets going on .Love that thing you do with your lady where you two double up on the vocal melody in different octaves . Kenny
  12. Say John , I don't know about using Ginger Snaps as a song title for that new song you wrote ... What do you say we call it Giant Steps ? ..it certainly has a nice ring to it ...Oh snap ! that sounds like a great idea . Kenny
  13. I have to tread very lightly when it comes to a local Pawn Shop in my town ....the last time I went in there I bought this guitar. that was only about 3 or 4 weeks ago ..... Kenny
  14. Thank you for the kind words Craig . I remember what it was like when I first started playing the guitar . I had a Harmony Archtop w fixed neck with no truss rod . This plywood guitar featured a genuine two quarter string action height off the finger board , and the only strings I could get back then were the Black Diamond W.W.1 . barbed wire Anniversary Commemorative Gauge string sets the mom and pop store carried . . No lie , after playing that rig for a 2 solid pain filled years I had the most astounding revelation I have ever had in my whole guitar playing history . The day I was able to play and fret a cleanly played six stringed first fret F bar chord on the thing , was the day I knew I could play anything . That was the hardest thing I ever played on the guitar , +1000 on that .... I Love looking at guitars so much it's crazy . On pay day , after I get paid I ask the teller at the bank for a thick wad of singles . When I get home I like to put on some music , turn the lights down low and slip my guitars G string a few bucks as I nibble on her tuning pegs . all the best, Kenny
  15. That is one beautiful looking guitar. How does she play and sound ? Kenny
  16. I have to ask my doggy if we can swing a 7 thousand dollar Guitar. He's the one with all the money . I'm pretty sure he is gonna say no because he always leaves the room whenever I play the electric guitar ..( it's true ) No wonder I have serious issues , my best friend can't stand the way I play electric guitar . I ain't all bad , when I play the acoustic guitar he will stay to listen and give me the whole Puppy Eye look Kenny
  17. Wow , nice guitars in here . Do I really need a 7 thousand dollar guitar if all I'm doing is playing elevator music ? Kenny
  18. I think I like V 5 the best so far . It's runny pretty good over here for what I do . Kenny
  19. Hi Bjorn , I get what you are saying . I don't keep Dramamine at home ,but I sure could have used some on a few occasions when I have felt some of that zooming stuff has gotten a little out of hand ... As far as me being annoying goes ...thank you for being kind ......I take it , you don't hang out in The Coffee House all that much ...lol have a good one , Kenny
  20. Now I'm left here wondering was it me that annoyed you or was it the Ken Burns comment ??? Hey wait don't answer that .... all the best signed , Just another annoying Ken
  21. Wow , This is Great . Thank you Cakewalk by BandLab Team . Kenny
  22. Hi Wookiee, I enjoyed it because I know how sneaky and deceptive Classical Music is ...or can be .... A tough genre to write in only because the bar is set very high . Lets see if I have this right . You crank up your furry little paws and work them to the bone with a thousand and one little details in Notion . Then you transfer it all over to Cakewalk by Bandlab and when all is said and done your fans want to hear more because Just about a Minuet is 01.11 long ...LOL way to go my friend .. Yeah this is totally a nice musical path for you to explore . Deep , complex and well suited for a lot of the cool synths you have on tap in the wings . I did find it impressive that you used only what came w Notion as far as instrument tones go . I'm sure if you write in this style more often , I get the feeling you will definitely come up with something that is totally your own thing musically .. all the best, Kenny
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