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  1. That comment brought out a laugh ..thank you for that . I'm glad you thought so .thanks Yes , sure , I bet you hear some very good Latin Music in your area ...P.R. Cuba , the islands are all a big part of your area's Geo sound . I'm glad you liked what I did to the track I played over , I'm seriously considering doing a few traditional Latin Jazz tunes in the future . ( or creating my own from scratch ) Many years ago I was very good friends with Dizzy's guitar player ..Ed Cherry , ...he brought me around to all the hip music scenes ... As much as I loved Dizzy's Be Bop I Loved his Latin Jazz even more ...Hearing Dizzy play Latin Jazz w Paquito D'Rivera and or Tito Puente was some of the most intense music I ever heard ...loved hearing Ignacio Berroa, and Jorge Dalto with some of those line ups ... thank you for the kind word on my playing . I appreciate what you said . all the best , Kenny
  2. Hi Lynn, I salute you for taking on this highly charged subject matter and making a song about it ...Your song has a lot of good things going for it ... I Dug your lyrics, vox , arrangement , guitar parts and the way you kept me guessing as to where the next change in the arrangement was gonna happen . Since this song seems to be a work in progress I will stay tuned to hear your next Mix / Song revision / installment . Good Job all the best, Kenny
  3. Very nice tribute to your Father . Your song exhibited some very nice classically inspired arrangements and musical motifs through t its play . A couple of time I thought the tympanist volume was a tad high . In addition to that I also thought the marching snares could have come up in places ... I'm a fan of those type of snares because when I joined band in Jr HS they didn't have guitar so the made me play snare drum 😅 anyway very cool song , Kenny
  4. After reading your post I did give Bad Benson a listen . Yes my tone does sound a little like his because of the type of guitar I'm using George's playing is a lot more intense than mine is on my song ...the good news is , after all these years of playing I'm finally able to copy him ... thank you for the listen Thank you very much . I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my playing and posting a comment here. 🤣 My mothers whole side of the family is Latin & I am very proud of my biological roots and heritage ... I grew up listening and playing Latin music w my relatives . I had gotten a pretty good idea of what constitutes a wide range of Latin Music ... Old Santana is definitely what I would consider as decent Latin Music ...this tune is what I consider Latin Music L E .....😂 Hi Tom , thank you for the kind words you said on my playing .... Yes , playing is about the only thing I got going right , that plus my dog because the rest of my life is usually a mess ... I hope in the end that my playing not only redeems the piece but adds a little more value to my Life too ... as far as my dog goes he don't like when I use high gain distortion so that's a gig reason why people hear my playing using a lot of clean sounds . Tank You Berry Much ...Did you get dat silly Wabbit w that SSSSShotgun your avatar is holding ? For those that are wondering what I'm talking about . amillers avatar was a cartoon parody of Elmer Keith .... I read up on Elmer Keith a few years back .I found it interesting some of the things he had done ...a lot of modern shooters owe a lot to him thanks for the song listen , Kenny
  5. Man you sure got some chops on that mandolin ...Dug your banjo playing and your voice too. I have to say I love your musical sense of humor . Your version of Spider-man was a Super Fun listen . all the best, Kenny
  6. kennywtelejazz


    Wow your song is a hidden gem that conveys a very deep and powerful message . It stands out very much like an Oasis for those of us that thirst for music that has and can help make a difference. I have often thought about much of your songs subject matter and I have the therapy bills to prove it ...lol.. I am very impressed with how you were able to put it all together as a song and capture your message and feelings all in one place . It just goes to prove songwriting is a true art form that can bridge and help bring a moments joy to a fractured world that needs healing . all the best , Kenny
  7. Hi Grem , Yes , the way I touch a note and or a phrase is super important too me . A good deal of my practice and playing time is spent exploring the subtle aspects of touch induced dynamics and the tonal articulations that have become available to me as a result of my time spent digging for touch induced tone gold ... When it comes time to play I choose to clear my head and just go on pure instinct ... Thank you for the song listen . Thank you Steve ! Hi antler, The tune itself just celebrated 20 years last month ...you may be ball park right about the some of the levels I printed in my mix . At the time those were the levels I felt conveyed the most maximum enjoyment to me as a listener of this version of the song ... As always I appreciate when people enjoy my guitar playing and it is not something I take for granted ... I am one of the few people you will ever meet on this forum that will ask the 64 thousand dollar question ... Why listen to me ? When there is at least a million other guitar players you can easily listen too .... IMHO , that is one of the only questions I feel is worth asking ....at least of myself ... thanks . Thank You Mr Wookiee ! all the best, Kenny
  8. Hey Craig , did you notice Bapu's face started getting real Pink from holding his breath while he held his Lava Lamp Muscle pose 😂 Kenny
  9. Very nice production you did here with your collab mate Daryl... I noticed right off the bat that as each new moment unfolded during the songs play , the intensity of the song and performances got stronger ... One could say the tune burns in a Slow Cooker sort of way . all the best, Kenny
  10. Freddy , Your Song sounds very authentic .. There used to be an iconic Blues Club in NYC called Dan Lynch's ...your song brought me back there man ... Great effort , Kenny
  11. This song is very nice . It has a subtle hypnotic quality to it ..Also , I absolutly like the genre ... Your video and song presentation conveys the fact rather clearly that you are multi talented . all the best, Kenny
  12. I enjoy listening to this type of piano music .. Your tune is certainly a scorcher.... Caliente baby ....Mas Caliente. I think you did a good job with the drums , the only problem I hear here is i think you used all the wrong types of drums ...insert a Homer Simpson smiley If you ever decide to redo the drums make sure you also throw a Tuba in there ... FWIW I hear a marching snare , a big ole bass drum , a wash board and a few of the other typical drum corps type of sounds . Hey let me ask you something OT ..are you the guy that posted the cool pic of the Donkey on your honeymoon ? all the best, Kenny
  13. Hi Cakewalk Guys and Girls , An A Minor walks into a Latin Rock Club to escape the scorching July heat only to lay down some heat of it's own . I hope you enjoy the guitar playing , Kenny
  14. If you truly want to understand what it is like to play an Alembic ! Buy the bass first then get yourself a pair of these your boys will thank you Kenny
  15. The thief had to steal the lute because he had no money in his wallet and his Lute was Baroque . Kenny
  16. Dave ! Is that you ? Where have you been ? Kenny
  17. If we don't hear you screaming before her blindfold comes off , then it is a safe to assume you were missed . Kenny
  18. Life is not all lovely thorns and singing vultures , you know . Kenny
  19. Hey Steve , It wasn't all the Dick pics that got to my poor old Grammy ...My Granny's got tough crepe paper skin . I know I'll never be half the man she is Speaking of my Granny , My poor ole Granny went out to Las Vegas hoping to see a live show . When she got there she asked a local resident for directions on where she could buy a six pack . Something must have gotten lost in translation because she never did find the liquor store . She wound up on the other side of town totally lost . To buy some time she ducked into a Club to rest her feet and to collect her thoughts . While she was sitting there all by her lonesome , she wound up seeing a local dance troupe called The Six Bap's ... She had a real good time , but she left the show stone cold broke once again because my Grandmother is a touchy feel'y type of gal . Apparently she dropped her whole bank roll .. Yes , her whole life savings tipping the Six Bap's one dollar at a time . Whew after telling that whopper I'm gonna get my coat , your coat and my Granny's coat ......LOL Kenny PS , Craig thanks for the tip ...I do not have photo shop . I use a thing called Crazy Talk ...all my pics can talk ....if I choose to post vids instead of pics .
  20. WHAT did he do ? Now you got me wondering what he did Kenny
  21. My grandmother knows exactly "who he is " . She's at Church praying for a slice of the 3.9 million dollars his Black Stratocaster fetched at Auction. Kenny
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