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  1. Hi Starise , thanks for the kind word ... I enjoy doing these pics regardless of how they are received ... If someone takes offense all they have to do is say don't use me anymore and I wont do pics of them any more ... Here's a few I did tonight See ! no matter what I do , the Bapu pics turn out the best . Kenny
  2. Yeah come to think of it I think you are right . He does look jealous . Kenny
  3. It's not me...yet I would love having those Crazy Eyes looking at me that way ... I heard the guy on the right couldn't get his Alembic Tuba through Customs in time for the photo shoot so he had to make due w a clarinet. Kenny
  4. Hang in there Dave ! I dug your most recent post in this thread . I hope this pic brings you a smile . Kenny
  5. Nah , I just buy a 6 dollar loaf every so often just to see what I'm missing . Also I refuse to eat kitty canned cat tuna just to be able to afford the good stuff .. Kenny
  6. There 's a new sheriff in town . Kenny
  7. Yeah that's how I feel ...every time I think about spending money on gear I look around at some of the stuff I already have and go WTF ? It is nice to be able to buy a 4 dollar loaf of bread . Kenny
  8. My Mamma always said "Life is like a box of chocolates , you never know what you are gonna get " Kenny
  9. Snoopy ! don't worry I got your covered . Kenny PS that really is my dog Lucy . She came before Duke .
  10. I may have spoke too soon ...May 15 appears to be the date for opening Oregon salons.... https://www.oregonlive.com/coronavirus/2020/05/read-oregons-final-plan-to-reopen-hair-and-nail-salons-tattoo-parlors-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic.html Kenny
  11. Dave , I shaved my head once when I lived in LA . I remember one thing for sure , Since I was new to a shaved head at the time I nearly froze to death in the middle of August . Going w a shaved head for the first time was actually a liberating experience that opened up my eyes to a few things in life .. My first public outing was to a well known Jazz Club . I walked into this Club , I had a clean shaven face w a shaved head wearing jeans , a tee shirt and a jacket . Just about every guy in the whole place gave me the once over and added a smile. I didn't know anyone there and they didn't know me yet the whole crowd once over lookey Lou thing turned out to be some sort of unspoken secret hand shake ... The place catered to an older crowd of older established well know musicians ( mostly guitar players ) What I learned from then on was apparently I fit in w that crowd and group of fellas ... I wasn't a threat to them because every one there was over 50 + and the only people in the club that had a full head of hair on their heads was the wife's and girls these guys brought out that night to hear music ... This is all true BTW , I went back a year later to this club w my full head of long hair and I sure as hell didn't get the same welcome... Hey Dave I would sleep on this decision as long as I could before I made a move if I was in your shoes .. Might even be worth a trip to Oregon since salon services are set to open May 15 th .. I say that only because your heads skin is gonna be sensitive .. at least if you have someone who can handle the shears and trimmer you wont have knife marks on your head ...lol When I did mine I did like what you see in the movies ...I cut my hair short in front on a mirror and then I used a beard trimmer to clean up the whole stuff and make it uniform ...once a few weeks passed it was easy to maintain the ole noggin w the clippers . Quick thought, if you shave your head and keep the long beard you might actually turn out to be up to date in a current style men are sporting these days .. A lot of guys in my area( SW WA )are wearing that look ...IMHO it is a pretty cool look .... I have considered it myself actually ... all the best, Kenny
  12. Hi Starise ! Thanks for the kind word on some of my pics . I enjoy the heck out of doing those things . Kenny
  13. Sage Advice 😉 I hope to take . Kenny
  14. That is one thing I really like about Cakewalk by Band Lab ... Kenny
  15. It's a tease alright but since I didn't get a case of Blue Balls I'm gonna let it slide for now . Kenny
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