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  1. What a future that will be 不 I don't know at least I had a good laugh ...Hope you do too. Kenny
  2. I actually really enjoyed this short film ...Cliff notes ....poor guy a musician not in a band any more ...his old lady is throwing out all his sentimental stuff ..cute lady goes through his trash and creates art out of all his old stuff ...that's all I'll spill for now .....was worth the watch for sure ... Kenny
  3. I wouldn't want to be the guy on the bike in this vid. Kenny
  4. 云 Now is the time to act fast . Time is running out ! Yes you too can own an important piece of history ... Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to own a True Classic . The Iconic Coffee House Turd is always a welcome addition to those times when you just want to add a little fragrance to the conversation . Don't be left Behind . Get yours today ... Kenny
  5. Take notice of these Coffee House thread titles and the order they were posted in ...that should explain things Korg, Roland and GAK fined millions for price fixing. Japan, China and DPRK find millions for rice picking Gibson, Roland and Cak find minions for nit picking Kenny
  6. I already have to pick up giant Bulldog turds in front of people in public places every day .. If you are asking me to join a movement where I'm expected to brow nose and eat $hit ? count me out It's already my duty to pick up that Bulldog Poopie Sorry No Ken Join
  7. This is what you get for not bringing me flowers , chocolates and a night at the movies before our last Date . Kenny
  8. Could that date be when the person you bought the license from first registered ? is that the way they do it over there ? Kenny
  9. Something funny going on here ... Look at the sleeves, they all got the same style shirt on ...same goes for the hat .... Kenny
  10. As far as TV themes goes ..one of my faves.. Kenny
  11. Behold! the limited edition Bapu! Coffee House Mug ...Order yours today ! Kenny
  12. Sounds just like Coffee House code talk too me ..Decoded that message reads... When in Bapu Land do as the Great Bapu would do 儭儭 Hey Bill I hope yourself the upgrade to Studio One 5 ... Kenny
  13. An every morning Gene ? Yeah Right ! I wish . She sure beats waking up to this . Kenny
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