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  1. When I lived in LA I used to love watching him play ( on TV ) I was pretty sorry to see he passed away . I consider him to be on the level of a Hendrix or any super creative musician I have ever admired .. Heck even some of the most Iconic Musicians that ever walked this planet have been taken out by air travel . I mean what can I say ? Death is not always a pretty thing , Yet it is a very creative thing if you think about it ..There are so many ways to go .... When somebody like Kolbe dies it is always a shock . Part of humanity is to not want to think about how mortal we truly are no matter what our station in life may be .. It just goes to show me , no matter who I am and what dreams I would like to accomplish in this life , I 'm still gonna find out for myself some time in the future what it will be like to have shed my mortal coil . RIP Kolbe and all who perished in the helicopter crash You did leave a lot of Love and inspired many people while you were here . Kenny
  2. Mr Peanuts last few moments in life just before he got creamed . Kenny
  3. Hi David ! I know you mentioned you have also studied with Barry ... I like to think that Barry would be happy for the both of us since we are still doing music and keeping his memory alive . ( I wish I could get back in the shape musically I was in when I studied w him ) Thank you for the bump Kenny
  4. I'm absolutely shell shocked . Kenny
  5. Honey ! does this Lute make my AZZ sound Phat ? Kenny
  6. A very good question you have asked . Once the farmer decides to put on his hip high welly boots (or what ever you call them over there ) you will no longer need to climb on top of the backs of some of your sheep friends like you have done in some of your other avatars to make your grand escape over the chest height stone wall ... second best answer Not only can that Donkey Kiss , That Donkey can Jump .🤣 third best answer You think the lady in the video is annoying ? Once you date an American girl you sort of get used to the fact that she is gonna eventually get the Whole Gold Mine and you are gonna get the shaft .. Having a good Donkey as low maintenance transportation can sure come in handy when it is time to pull an exit Stage Left Kenny
  7. close your eyes , take a deep breath , exhale slowly , pucker your lips ... MY Kenny
  8. I was sorry to see this cable go . sniff sniff Kenny
  9. I used to cook all my pork chops , sausages and some of my greens in becan grease ...whew what a great flavor that added ..... Memories all alone in the moonlight I can dream of the old days I was beautiful then I remember the time I knew what happiness was Let the memory live again Kenny
  10. it's all good Starise ! Hey Starise , Basically I'm lucky in the sense that when I found out I had heart problems and borderline Diabetes i took my diagnosis seriously enough to do my best to adapt my life style over to better health empowering choices ...it ain't easy some days ...I'm back in the gym and I live a mile away from one of the nicest produce markets in my area . I went from eating all the typical overly processed foods to cutting a lot of that out and eating only fresh foods ...If I don't have the coin to stay fresh as far a meats go I will get some frozen salmon , chicken breasts , or what ever I may find to keep up doing what I'm doing ... As far as what she is cooking in that video , I'm on track now a days to where I could get away eating something like that once in a while ... I was more into her vibe looks and way she carried herself ...move over nurse , french maid and playboy bunny , there a new fantasy girl in town 🤣 Kenny
  11. Ed, I'm in the same boat as far as dropping a few pounds and getting back into a heart healthy diet .. Now a days I'm eating mostly vegetables and other healthy substitutions in place of what I used to eat . What that means for me now is I went from eating Becan to eating pork rinds to now eating Rice Cakes and tricking my taste buds into a big long game of pretending ..lol Kenny
  12. I actually have two of those battery operated Gibson cables ...don't use them much lately . Still glad I have them ... Kenny
  13. I posted this video in the spirit of a nice young cute energetic lady who was willing to cook you a great traditional English breakfast and then pinch your sausage ... How we got here I sure don't know, either way some of you guys need to lighten up . Kenny
  14. Rule # 2 - with a pedal it's always the battery . Kenny
  15. Hi David ! Many of the seeds of my Ideas were planted back in the day when I was studying with Barry . I'm so happy you enjoyed . Kenny
  16. Some of the music in this shred is pretty good Kenny
  17. Yes ! this drummer knows how to Swing and keep time much better than the last drummer these guys played with . The old drummer was a rusty fence so he is back to working security for the band . Kenny
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