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  1. I had a few good laughs to that video. The way that vid plays out it looks like he s having an intense lovers spat all by his lonesome 🤣 Kenny
  2. Why do you need a fig in the first place ? You can always use the coin you saved to buy a hot scorching deal posted over in one of Larry's threads . Kenny
  3. That video explained the new arranger feature pretty well ... thank you for posting it here in The C H . Kenny
  4. The Doctor asked my wallet what lead up to it's hospital stay . I can not tell a lie so I had tell him the truth . Kenny
  5. Throw Becan ! Throw Becan ! ....NOW ...Please ... Duke
  6. Hello , I just updated to the most recent Cakewalk version with the hopes of giving the new arranger a whirl . Looks promising . I had gotten a hold of the arranger PDF from a link in one of the early access threads . The arranger PDF makes references to page links to a Cakewalk document I don't seem to have ... After looking up some of the page numbers mentioned from the arranger help PDF ...It is clear too me that none of my other Cakewalk documentations seems to jive with the info mentioned in the arranger PDF Is there another manual I don't know about or have ? thank you in advance , Kenny
  7. This is what really happens in "the studio" behind the glass when you book the wrong studio 😎 Kenny
  8. Yes I like their music a lot and I have been giving some of their various tunes a listen ... I have even forgotten at times that I'm socially distanced and somewhat isolated ... Yes The guy in the back is funny ..he is just too cool ... his presence adds good vibes to the video ... Kenny
  9. After she went into her Metal Vocals I started a brand new habit of looking over both my right and left shoulder whenever I listen to music in my Pad late at night . I'm just not a fan of that type of sound . It reminds me of a Singing Monster from one of the many nightmares of my youth trying to sneak up on me while coming out of the shadows . Kenny
  10. I found Anna recently , She is pretty interesting , First time I have ever heard any one sing 2 notes at once ( or an overtone w a fundamental at one time ) To tell you the truth , her sound is so pure when she sings regular ...when she does the overtones then her voice reminds me of a synth patch playing over her sweet sounding vocal ,...IMHO in a way it takes away from her sound ... Yeah that Dimash guy can sing ...Yet I am sad to report that his whole sound and approach is totally not my thing .. If there is such a thing as a hell for bubble gum music and musicians , he would be the devil 😎 my 2 cent's ... Kenny
  11. This girl is an Alien in my book . Kenny
  12. War Pigs like I have never heard it before ...Swweeeett That one I like.. 🥰 Here's a brass heavy production that I feel may fit this threads topic and direction ... Kenny
  13. That was nice .... here's how it was done as per the comments section Kenny
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