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  1. Currently Yes . When I saw the update I happened to be using my Win 7 machine ..I'm still using that right now or my MacBook ....so far so good ... I have a lot to learn about some of the new features Cakewalk introduced in the past 2 updates ....Win 7 is fine especially since I have new things to learn As far as putting Cakewalk on my 3 other Win 10 Lap tops I will get around to it when I do the thing is I am currently pissed off at Microsoft .. The 1903 Win 10 update took all 3 of my Win 10 lap tops and decided to downgrade my DVD drives and turn them into a CD Rom drives ....aaarrrggg I have not found a fix as of yet All 3 of my Win 10 lappy's came w Win 10 HE and factory installed DVD drives when I purchased them and up until that 1903 update I had my Drive working as DVD + all the other formats it was so posed to do .. I do not mean to side track this thread but WTF MAN all 3 of my Win 10 lappy's have Vegas Pro and DVD authoring software on them ....some pricey stuff when you add it all up ... What this means is I have thousands of dollars worth of software I can not currently use until this gets fixed on my end for 3 Win 10 computers ...so F ...U ...M S . I am so sick and tired of having stuff forced on me that I do not want ... I don't care what any one tells me Win 10 does not perform circles around Win 7 in a meaningful way where I am seeing a big difference in performance or my workflow being enhanced over here at my house with what I do .. Please don't take what I'm saying personal if you love computers or if you indeed are a computer guru. I look at it this way when a guitar player sucks playing his 500 dollar guitar they are probably still gonna suck playing a 6 thousand dollar Gibson Historic Les Paul ....LOL It's a 2 way street man I may be that guy too you ...you may be that guy too me ...who gives a fill in the blank ...still bound by music and the love of making music so it's all good In other new I have drank all sorts of flavors of The Digital Kool Aid over the years and I decided to go Kool Aid free for a while .It may be time to unclog the digital pipes ...ex, Last night I sat and listened to 8 mix's I did on my self contained Boss HD recorder and had an epiphany ....my mix's held up for music I did 15 years ago and my only beef was once I had gotten around to using Home Studio on a PC in 2005 I couldn't handle having to squint trying to edit on a small LCD screen . For me the epiphany part was the sound was there even by what I consider today's standards .. .thankfully I still have my HD recorder in a box in a closet ... I do love Cakewalk...Love the software and love where the company is doing ...yeah I'm cool w all that ..I'm not loving MS ... Kenny PS sorry about the rant peoples ,
  2. Ah Yes , What we have here is a Guinness World Book of Records Hopeful warming up for a new record run as the fastest Teet Puller in The Who Can Milk A Hog The Fastest Category. Kenny
  3. How's this for a little baked Peen Cuisine ? I made the letters super large with the hopes I don't earn a vacation over the pic .. Me getting getting a forum vacation for this ? I sure hope not , but if I do .... That would be crumby . Kenny
  4. Great Points , I have 2 cars . As a couple age wise when you add up both their ages together they are old enough to collect Social Security . One is a 97 Ford Taurus, which means I have to deal w the codes. I hate dealing w the codes only because most shops in my area treat me as if I was a dumb blonde they could easily take advantage of ...they have tried to do so repeatably... I was lucky for 3 years I had a friend that used to help me out w that ...he was an excellent mechanic and he had the correct apps to read the codes ...he also had the brains to methodically know what to test systematically to eliminate false wishful thinking as to what parts need to be changed VS which don't ... More than once we both may have thought it was one thing and after careful methodical trouble shooting and diagnosis on his part he found what the real problem was and we took care of it ... Now he is no longer in the area I dread having to deal w many of the mechanics in my area . My friend fixed most of the stuff they were supposed to fix with one extra thing in his favor ,,,,he got it right ...the mechanics before my friend were wishy washy and their prices were way out of line . I had to do a waver here twice for registration . How it worked was if a car didn't pass emissions or had the engine light on my state at the time allowed me to take it to a mechanic from the states list and attempt to fix the problem ...once you spent over $150 dollars plus to fix the problem you were automatically given the option to get a wavier since you tried to fix your car ...2 times I had these State approved auto shops take my money just a little under $200 and they gave me a receipt that listed the code and what the problem may be ....and the didn't even turn a wrench of try to fix the problem. I'm not kidding man they had me by the short hairs .I asked them did you fix anything and they said no ...that costs extra ..WTF Two times I was lucky enough to have my friend help me get my car to pass ....both times it was as simple as him reading the codes and me buying the $25 to $40 dollar parts and having him put them in for me ...( the shops could have done that and still made a profit $25 dollar part $100 dollars plus labor yeah both times they hit me for close to 2 bills w out even turning a wrench all I got was a phony receipt for work they said they did )Greedy Bastards Eventually The state shut that program down because many of the State Approved auto shops were fleecing everybody with out fixing a thing ... Changing the subject my other car is a Van ..a 1974 Ford Econoline it looks something like this one except mine needs some body work ( I never hit anything w it ,,,it needed the body work when I got it in 1997 ) When I moved where I am now I parked it and kept the tags up to date ...It still runs and I'm seriously considering making this my daily driver again ... I had done a lot of mechanical work to mine yet even though I had done work the general vibe and feel still feels loose compared to a modern car .. Four wheels w drum brakes LOL that alone is a big diff from modern cars ,,,,ah either way I was able to work on it myself , I lived in it on and off plus I was able to make it out here from the East Coast ...I camped out in it in many States .I can honestly say I have lots of memories from when I used this ... I made my Van a promise if it got me out here I would fix it up ...money has been tight yet I have gotten pretty far a long in my promise to fix her up .. time will tell Kenny
  5. I get a lot of enjoyment and tons of personal laughs out of making these chop shop photos ...I'm glad every once in a while somebody enjoys the humor Sheens ! thank you for going above the call of duty with your kind words .. Hey man I got your stuff .....thanks for the stuff it fits in nice with some of the rest of my stuff Kenny
  6. Alright Congregation lets all reach in our pockets and be generous . Our message from above has been heard Kenny
  7. I don't know what taxonomy means , but you certainly gave me the idea to consider stuffing my friend ... Thanks Kenny
  8. We found the suspect and he's up $hits Creek for doing that . Kenny
  9. Wibbles! what ! do you have to use this" Walker " on the day after the farmer wont let you jump over the stone wall? or are you talking about these Walkers ? Either way , I sure hope it's the chips ... Kenny
  10. let us not forget millions of chickens and pigs are slaughtered each year Kenny
  11. What are you saying . No more worshiping the hot dog ? Kenny
  12. Duke loves Pringles that come 3 to a tube w the tennis ball flavoring .... Steve if your gonna get your coat why not run out to the store and get Duke a tube 🥳 Kenny
  13. After doing a google search I was surprised to find out Yak - burgers are a thing and they are said to be quite tasty .... Everything I like that tastes like chicken has been off the menu for some time .... I guess playing a solo candle light acoustic concert for a lady starting with the tune Stairway To Heaven just don't seem to get the creamy silk in the panties effect like it used to .....Oh well ....... Speaking of how to overcome the issue of vaginal dryness when on a first date , We have a message of wisdom and encouragement from our very own Professor William Yakespeare Kenny
  14. One Elmer ditched the store bought junk chair , he found satisfaction in having a custom made chair built to fit his generous physical proportions. Kenny
  15. That door my friend is the secret door of all men fantasy's.... Behind that door lies temptations and activity's that I can not speak of here on this forum because there may be children present . Kenny
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