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  1. Thanks Mesh ! Milo is a piece of work and he is wearing me out πŸ˜„ Kenny
  2. Woah , that thing looks like a short nosed lizard that got pooped on by a Dinosaur that caught a case of the runs from eating 2 Day Old Volcano Lava ! Or it could be A Prehistoric Cave Man Lava Lamp .. Kenny
  3. I didn't mean to leave some of you guys hanging . I wound up getting a new dog on Friday & it's been taking up a lot of my time . Hi Nigel ! I'm glad you like my guitar playing on this song . I guess from now on I'm just gonna have to use my live rig ... thank you for listening and commenting . Hi Dave ! Thank you for having something nice to say about my playing on this song . It means a lot ...I keep thinking someday I might drive up where you are to see you play a gig when things get back to normal . I appreciate your mix suggestions . I know you have the golden ear ... You got it right my main focus was the back and forth guitars. Playing something fresh and interesting over the song while maintaining a tribute to both Jimi and Betty is what I set out to do as a song concept with this one . Full disclosure I didn't play every instrument on the track ....I won't take credit for what I didn't do ....my end of the drums were a bunch of fills and build ups in sections ...also the cow bell lol that is something I really enjoyed doing .. all the best, Hi Tom ! I run deep with the Jimi Hendrix influence . I was a teen when he was still alive and although I missed seeing him live I was heavily influenced by the astounding creativity he exhibited in his guitar playing . A funny story ...I loved Jimi so much I wound up getting my long hair permed into an Afro like that artist painter dude Bob on PBS.... Then I started wearing Dashikis and I ran w that look LOL I'm not kidding ...this took place from around 1972 to 1974 ..... A serious story , I have been to Jimi's Greenwich Village apt . I sat right on Jimi's couch among all of Jimi's photo's and his remaining stuff 2 times ... the way that happened was Jimi had a roommate named Mike Q ...who held on to the apt after Jimi passed away and kept it the way it was in his honor and memory ... The first time I went over there was 82 / 83 , I was auditioning for a theatrical Rock Band Mike was putting together ...I kept looking around while we were talking and I said to Mike man you must really love Hendrix ...He laughed and told me this was his crib and I was sitting on his couch ...whew I spent a few hours there that day and came back .....Mike was happy to let me pick his brain and he passed on information to me directly as far as how Jimi approached playing his guitar and songs ...it was real simple , even a dummy like me could use the info ... When Jimi wrote Fire , he played Fire on his guitar ..he didn't play Moon Beams Polka Dots and Rainbows ...nope ... he played Fire .. He always told a story in his playing , everything he played fell into the category of the greater songs message and concept ...He used his guitar to express the vibe and paint a musical picture with sound of his feelings about the songs message . When Jimi played the Star Spangled Banner his guitar played the sounds of the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air.... I have ran with that concept since the day I sat on Jimi's couch ...This has been the single most important thing I have incorporated into my guitar playing over the years ... I have often told people that I often create a mental story line with in the song ...Then one of my Favorite things I do to keep inspired is then I will create actual characters for each of my guitar solo's ...this song has a lot of that going on ... all the best, Kenny
  4. Thanks Bill ! I'm starting to see you may be very right about that ...thanks Craigb! synkrotron ! Getting Milo has been one of the best things for me ...and for him I hope He may show up here and make an appearance pretty soon ...thank you ! Gregy , He's a good boy . thank you ! And now a word from Milo . The first one he got from bayoubill I think the second one he might have gotten from bitflipper To eliminate the mud in your mix , keep an ear on your low end frequencies and make room there using subtractive EQ . all the best Kenny & Milo PS , I know I'm just as Crazy as the Lady w 47 Cats that lives down the street ..I come in under the Radar because I only have one animal πŸ₯³
  5. Dang I'm more than a little bit concerned . You are starting to make a lot of sense 😎 Kenny
  6. I happen to be a fan of Delays . Congrats on getting that one . The specs look good ... in other news , If it's good enough for him It's good enough for me , Kenny
  7. Hi henkejs ! After 3 months of banging my head up against the wall trying to find a dog that would be a good fit for both myself and the dog , I was shocked at how fast this adoption came together . thank you for the kind encouragement , Kenny
  8. I also like the brindle coat with the white chest , I have to say he is pretty and he dresses much better than me . Thank you mcmd . It is true I stayed open to what the Universe may have had in mind for me ...now that I have him I feel so much calmer .thank you . Thanks S.L.I.P. ! I did see the picture before it was pulled .. That pic looks like it was taken at The Venice Beach boardwalk .Yes that girl in a white bikini was pretty hot and the dog in the pic was pretty big ... thank you all , Kenny
  9. Hi Wookiee , It seems in the past month I may have had a spurt or a boost in my creativity . With the whole Pandemic and isolation going on I doubled down on my Music as a means of trying to keep my creativity and sanity . I will look into implementing your suggestion of bumping up the kick drum Thanks for giving this one a listen . Hi Lynn , You are very kind too me with what you have just said ...Over the years I have been here I have gone from being in the outfield with my productions to maybe being a little closer to home plate .I'm glad you liked this and I'm happy you took the time to let me know that ... all the best, Hi Fred's Gratis Scores ! I happen to agree with your posted statements wholeheartedly .I did it this way because I had a bump in song output in the past 2 months .I didn't feel right about posting 7 active song threads in such a short time . Anytime I have had 3 or 4 active song threads up I would get overwhelmed maintaining the threads I had up . Then there's listening to other forum members music and song postings ... I do my best to provide solid feedback when I listen to other members music . Yet , I leave the hard core production feed back to others here that have chops in those areas .. When all is said and done I post here because I like to share my guitar playing ...I'm still working on getting it together production wise ... I'm looking forward to what my next one is gonna be myself ...lol everything I got going on now as possible new songs are all nothing more than Sonic Frankensteins ..lol thank you for your listen and solid feed back I do appreciate it . Hello Allan , All my guitar tones on this song were dialed up from my live gear ...I used my Live pedal board going into one of my smaller practice amps , then into my DAW .. No re-amping and no amp sims what so ever ... I'm proud of that too. Sure , I know things could be improved , I like the country stuff near the end yet I may decide to do Dueling Wah's ..that whole section in my mind is still open... You be interested in seeing this ..I wish I didn't have to do this to you but hey you spell checked me , you got it coming back at you ..🀣 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bette_Davis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betty_Davis Thank you for taking the time to listen to my playing on this song ..I had a real gas doing it . all the best, Kenny
  10. On Friday I adopted Milo from a married couple that was fostering him . Milo is a male Pit bull almost 2 years old and about 70 pounds .His coat is Black Brindle. He has a very sweet disposition and he is sticking to me like Velcro ..lol I think he might need glasses because last night I was looking at some of S.L.I.P.S. greatest photo hits and when I was done Milo tried to hump me ..I did the only thing I could do to exert my dominance I humped him back twice as hard as he tried to hump me 🀣 it seemed to have done the trick . We be platonic over here and we don't do no funny stuff nor do we do any of those peanut butter games πŸ€ͺ Overall I am so happy to have another dog , It felt like I was living in a morgue before I got Milo ...As far as I can tell I may have gotten really lucky .He is very affectionate , loves to be held ....he even thinks he can lay on top of me when I'm in my Lazy Boy ...I'm OK w it but I hope we don't break the chair . He is house broken and so far he seems to get along with all the dogs he has met so far . Milo was worth the wait it took to get a good boy . I love my new doggie so much already ...here is a pic of Milo Kenny
  11. Thank You Ed ! Hi Mesh ! thanks for giving this one a listen . I'm glad you enjoyed all the best , Kenny
  12. This video is a Heartfelt tribute to Guitarist Eddie Van Halen from his son Wolfgang Van Halen . This video was just released on Nov 16 th . Wolfgang played all the instruments and did all the Music The video features a lot of behind the scenes footage of Eddie at home being a family dad loving up his son . Have a box of tissues nearby when you decide to watch this .πŸ˜‰ Kenny
  13. sorry I couldn't resist πŸ€ͺ Typical where I live is a bunch of people bonging it up in the park and then they get in their cars and drive down the road texting their friends Kenny
  14. Ah Ha ! The famous last words of A Blonde right before she lost her job at The M&M factory . I would be sad , but she got a much better job at S.L.I.P.'s Modeling Agency , Kenny
  15. Hi Mark , I listened to Betty Davis back in the day. Back then (Mid 70's ... ) there was a lot of good music . I could hardly keep up with all the Music I Liked . After developing a taste for Jazz and some other Music I loved , I had forgotten about her music up until only recently ... As you research Betty Davis you may find she has an interesting history , both in Music and in her personal Life . Betty was a first in a lot of areas so I'm not giving away any spoilers ...., hey dig this I don't always play Wah , but when I do , I like to use an Immersive tone ! πŸŽ† Thank you for complementing my guitar playing and productions skills ( the ones you liked ) it mean a lot too me . all the best , Kenny
  16. WOW Douglas ! after hearing all of that , I'm gonna have to send you a twenty instead if the Ten I promised you πŸ˜‚ I listened to Jimi a lot when I was younger. I'm glad I was able to convey his Influence in my playing . Thank you so much for giving this tune a listen. all the best Kenny
  17. Hi kurt soderquist , Nice Playing ! You sound good . Kenny
  18. Hi David , I'm doing my best to keep this aspect of my playing up . The track I played over was an Abersold . He sets his song recordings up with the Bass on one side w the Drums and the Piano on the other side of the stereo field with the drums . When I played over this track it was only for a practice session ..I thought there was merit in my playing so I decided to post it once I heard how my playing sounded with the added Organ Parts . Thank you for taking the time to give my playing on Cantaloupe Island a listen . I do appreciate it . all the best , Kenny
  19. Hi Wookiee , Thank you very much for giving one a listen . I appreciate you taking the time . all the best , Kenny
  20. Hi Mark , I liked your song a lot . I love how you used space and syncopation to turn a simple chord change around to where it was constantly evolving into new relationships between the songs elements as the song played ...very nice , I would be all over that in a heart beat ......tru dat Kenny
  21. Hi Wookiee , It nice to hear your furry little paws are still dropping tunes . Oh my , goodness gracious , you do come up with some very rich sounding musical textures in your Music ... Very nice ! Kenny PS if anyone try's to give you a new set of gloves as a Christmas Gift this year make sure they don't have any Velcro in the palms .... This way your little furry paws can keep up their habit of dropping tunes .
  22. Hi Guys , My Last thread has something like 4 songs in it so I'm forced to have to start a new thread for my new song πŸ˜… On this one I played guitar , guitar synth , and Keys ( for drum programing ) The hardest thing about this tune for me was lifting Betty's Voice off some of her recordings . While doing that I had to time the stuff underneath her voice . In any event I had a blast doing this tune as imperfect as a few things may be w the vocals ...they are there more for the dramatic effect ... I hope you enjoy , Kenny
  23. Hi Daryl ! Thanks for the listens . Yeah I'm still standing ....just barelyπŸ€ͺ Hi DeeringAmps , Thank you for taking the time , I 'm glad the music got the thumbs up from you . HHmmm ...1:02 of ads over ta SoundCloud . I wonder what happened there ? sounds strange . Do I owe you hazard pay for listening under those conditions ? πŸ€ͺ Hi Fred's Gratis Scores ! I appreciate the like and the following I plan on returning the favor, especially after hearing some of your music . Talking Tele , Yeah I can see the Pink Floyd - sh comparison . I was a P .F . fan back in the day when their music was hitting the charts ...So yeah , I did listen to them back then for sure ...It has been decades since I last listened to them ....maybe some of Davids style of playing got channeled through me while I was soloing . A funny note regarding my third tune , there are days when I wish I can play like that I'm not kidding you , I ate my Wheaties and did my exercises the day of the recording so I was in tip top shape when I played that solo ... nice talking with you Hi Douglas Kirby , I'm happy you enjoyed my guitar playing . Yes I had a real blast playing Talking Tele . About a week before I posted the song I had bought The Red Tele I used for my playing on that song . I had set the Tele up , changed my bridge pick up and playing the solos was that Tele's fist run as my Geeetar.... I'm very happy with the results . thank you for the song listens . Thank You Old Joad ! it means a lot In other New's , I haven't been around much for the past few days because I did another song and truth be told , I have been sitting on the fence about adding a bonus track to this thread ... It's not even a question of I want or need the attention because I'm not even wired that way ...So here's the thing . I'm gonna add it here because I'm not gonna start another thread just for this ...In the past when ever I had multiple songs in The Songs Forum I simply couldn't handle keeping up with everything ..mine and yours Escape To Cantaloupe Island is me playing Jazz Guitar and Midi Guitar over the changes to The Jazz Standard Cantaloupe Island ... If you happen to like some of the Jazz playing I do . This may be a good listen ...Or on the other side of the coin . if you hit the point where enough is enough ... I'm OK w that to ...The story behind my music is one of planting seeds ...The Harvest apparently has always been out of my reach ...someday I hope . in any event thank you all for being so kind and giving my playing a listen ,it means a lot . Kenny
  24. Hello Phillip G Hunt , Thank you for your honesty . I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment ... My third tune is one of mine and I would love to play in a band that played in that genre ... all the best, Kenny
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