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  1. Merry Christmas Everybody !! I'm loving the musical gift you got me . Kenny
  2. Gee that sounds like a step up from where I was when I read your post . Long story short ...for the past week I have been using only my 2007 Mac Book ... It's locked in on Snow Leopard ...Any way after I read your post I had to shut it down and enlist a windows lap top because I was not able to sign in here while using the out dated Mac Book . .... 😆 Kenny
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^That was good . ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Put me in a real good mood . thanks for sharing it Kenny
  4. The Big Red story http://www.alvinlee.com/bigredstory.html Kenny
  5. Wow she certainly has a long list of film score accomplishments .... Yes she sure knows her stuff . So young so cute 🤭 Kenny
  6. I used to love listening to Tom Jones when I was younger . The only thing I could not stand when I was watching Tom Jones on TV was once he started singing my mother would take off her under garments on the down low and throw them at the TV set . Kenny
  7. That was very nice 😃 When the choir kicked in I was entering a state of rapture .. The musicians must have been playing along with prerecorded music ..... I didn't see the choir ..... Kenny
  8. A prehistoric cave man was forced into slavery when he was only a little boy . He had no other choice but to live with a tribe of vegans and vegetarians until he reached adulthood and puberty 😉 One fateful evening he had a vision of what his life could possibly be like during a dream he was having .. Thus began his search to experience first hand A taste of The Holy Tail ! and his Freedom 🤤. For a Happy Thanksgiving Call 1.2.3 , Our phone lines are now open and ready to assist you. Kenny
  9. Paging Tom the turkey ! Please give me a call at 1.2.3. I've got plans for you and I would love to help keep you safe this Thanksgiving . XOXO Frenchie Kenny
  10. Hey Status Update ! The large group of people chasing me with freshly sharpened cleavers were actually part of the hit reality T V series .. Extreme Animal Makeovers . They thought I would be a good candidate for a makeover ... Since the shows producers were bound by law not to harm any animals during the shows filming , I felt totally safe acting scenes and accepting a leading role in the upcoming new episode called .... Extreme Animal Makeovers . How To Survive Thanksgiving ! Even if Your a Turkey ! I would like to thank the shows producers and my wonderful make up artist Alice .. Alice is a real wiz when it comes to combining water colors and constructing paper mache peacock prosthetics. The procedure is cost effective and totally reversible. Now my only real concern is I don't get wet or caught out side in the rain from now until Black Friday . If I do get wet , most if not all of Alice's beautiful makeup work will melt and disappear ...Then I may get an invitation to a Thanksgiving Dinner as my former self ....Let's just say I have my feathers crossed that I will stay totally dry. Having said all of that How do I look now ? Kenny
  11. Hello " 1.2.3. " I would like to report an emergency !!! There are a bunch of people chasing after me with freshly sharpened cleavers . Kenny
  12. Something must have stuck in his Quest for higher learning . He even learned how to say Grace before his meals . Kenny
  13. No teeth Darling ! PLEASE No Teeth ! Kenny
  14. Before Any Medication After Heavy Self Medication ! Kenny
  15. I have tried my best to run and stop as good as "that horse" in the above post ! Now Can somebody please give a call to 1.2.3 for me ? Kenny
  16. I was ready to throw in the towel with Milo the first year I had him . He was overly excitable and suffered from an extreme case of separation anxiety . I could never leave my house . Every time I left my place he would mark an area and leave me a turd . I never knew what I would come home to. When I finally put the key in the door and tried to enter my place he would be so worked up that I was home he would run as fast as he could around the whole apt narrowly missing my music gear / guitars and then pounce on me .....usually that whole routine lasted as long as it took for him to burn some energy ...5 to 10 mins ... Then I got the bright idea to lock him in the bathroom with a chew toy ...Yeah that was OK at first until the day he developed a taste for the door and substituted the door for the chew toy ....I was only gone for a doctors appointment about one hour total and when I got home he chewed his way through the doors molding and trim . Somehow a former caseworker /mental health counselor I had seen for a few years had heard about my issues w Milo . She suggested too me that I might benefit greatly and improve my home life w Milo if I was able crate train him ... By this point he was pushing close to 90 pounds and when I looked at a few prices for them at Petco and online . A crate his size was a little expensive . She said let me see who I know and left it at that . A couple of weeks later she called me and told me a doctor she works with had a crate that would fit Milo and she was willing to gift it too me . The doctors large Golden Retriever had recently passed away and she wanted to give me the crate for Milo . After I received the dog crate I wound up going online and doing a fair amount of research to determine the best approach to get Milo to warm up to this thing ...lol What I took away from my research was a Doggie crate is supposed to create a place of safety for the dog and offer it a place to chill out and treat it as if the dog was in his little man cave or something ...what it wasn't was a place to send Fido when Fido was a bad Boy ....or punish him ... That was tough for me to follow at first because I was very careful about trying to force him in there and giving him bad vibes .... What I eventually did was to leave to door open and feed him in there his dry food ...I also would hide treats in there and add a well placed chew toy... Then we went through a phase when I would shut the door and he would freak out....I got that one to pass because I double downed on my efforts . I would walk him before I put him in there , then I would put him in there , close the door and comfort him ..... To make a long story short it took a couple of months and now he loves going in there .....we got man caves and studios ...he has a dog crate .. He loves being in there chewing away on his favorite toy of the week .... FWIW, Getting and crate training my dog Milo was the absolute best approach to improving our collective peace of mind and our relation ship .... all the best , Kenny
  17. Long before there was Evel Knievel there was a Vaquero that tried to convince his horse to make the jump . The horse wasn't stupid and knew better ....He fondly remembers his pet coyote named Wiley and how he met his demise . Kenny
  18. My cell number is 1 2 3 and it's OK to call me Woody ! Kenny
  19. Huh ? No Guns ? No Guns allowed !No Problem Today's lunch special will include a five fingered knuckle sandwich . Machine gun Bertha our esteemed head cafeteria nun is looking forward to serving you up one🤣 This post is done in jest since I will never be half the man some of those Nuns are . Kenny
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