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  1. Goes to show. The truth isn’t really interesting but considering I got nick named aged ~18 and now 65(next week), it’s hung around for a good while. Mind you I only use it on the intermenets.
  2. What a coincidence. My wife is a Vogel too.
  3. Would you believe. MUD-GEL is the proprietary name for a mud wrestling compound I invented. Actually it’s nothing quite so interesting And it’s nothing Australian, outback or otherwise. I worked as a Registered Nurse for many years. I started when big institutions were still the norm. Each area of the hospital had a notice board where among various notices was the daily disposition sheet which showed the ward where each nurse worked. The names were hand written in uppercase with multiple carbon copies distributed to the various notice boards. We’re getting too the punch line soon. My name is (Michael) M VOGEL and the clerical assistant had pretty poor handwriting. More often than not my name would look like M UDGEL. One of my work mates started calling me MUDGEL and it stuck. Bet that was more boring than expected hey!
  4. Starting to feel a little like home.
  5. MUDGEL has to be in upper case otherwise the story of how I got the name doesn’t make sense. I’m not SHOUTING.
  6. You blink and you miss it. What just happened?
  7. Coffee House 2.0 is definitely going upstairs not down.
  8. I don’t feel abandoned but I have lost that lovin’ feeling. See how I did that. A subtle but necessary change of topic.
  9. Michael Vogel

    Demo mode. Why?

    Perhaps Bandlab Assistant should have more CCC like features added. That way offline authorisation and the accommodation of future products would be easier to organise.
  10. Another really important aspect is the focus on fixing bugs esp since the near monthly release cycle since the inception of Sonar Platinum and for the last year as Cakewalk by BandLab. Its steadily become a very stable platform.
  11. My dear old dad passed away when I was just a young man but there he is every day looking back at me in the mirror. He wore socks with sandals.
  12. I took it pretty much as just checking out a guys studio and his obvious over the top life style. My watching a publicly available video is not an endorsement of the person or his values. Just like reading a news paper is not an endorsement of its contents. people are responsible for their own actions and any subsequent consequences.
  13. I’ve had the first 2 treatments of a root canal done with the 3rd to come shortly. Each session takes 3 hours as I’m getting treated at our local University Dental school where 4th and 5th year students perform the procedures under supervision. The 3 hours allows for teacher pupil instruction and discussion. It’s really interesting and quite educational and best of all it’s free. I must ask them about Colonoscopical Dentistry. It could be a hole new back door approach to fix your teeth.
  14. Your health sure is worth working at to maintain or get back if you’ve temporarily mislaid it.
  15. When I’m done with a thing I always shut the door to that room as I leave. When I open the door back up, there’s that thing. Just where I left it. Question is. Where in the room did I leave “that thing”? Thats a problem for another time. The time when I need “that thing”. And so it goes. A problem only solved by order, good organisation and/or a touch of OCD. Sadly I have none of those. Chaos rules and the race to amass the most unfinished projects, musical or otherwise, is on. Since I’ve been retired from work all my stuff remains in a disorganised chaotic state. I think there’s a message in there, but I cannot find it.
  16. I only have 2 guitars. The electric mentioned above and an acoustic Southern Star model (the flagship of the day) made April 1979 by Maton, a well known Australian maker. In those days the guitars were really hand crafted and this one is a unique example. I only found out the guitar’s unique history when I sent it back to the factory for repair. They got in touch with me and gave me the story. The luthier crafted a different style neck for it which was to eventually be used on the flagship guitar of the next new range. Apart from the Spruce top, apparently some of the timber selection was different to usual as well Mine is the Southern Star and the next gen flagship was the Messiah. So I have a Southern Star with a Messiah neck. Only one of its kind 40 years old now and relaquered in a darker than original finish by the factory, it sounds exquisite. And plays like the neck is made of silken wood. Beautiful AP5 pickup system comprising an under saddle pick-up and a small condenser mic in the body with appropriate tone and balance control. Havent been able to play it much in recent years as my hands (and body in general) are wracked with arthritic pain. It’s a great guitar which I saw hanging in a friends guitar shop. It cost me $1,200 Aussie dollars in August of 1979 which didn’t include the cost of a case which I had to buy separately. The luthier that made it, (no longer works for Maton) offered me silly big money to buy it back for his private collection . It’s the only material possession that I value and have it insured on its own policy. I could never part with it. I’ll have to post some pics.
  17. I think the last thing you need is anything kicking in, in that area of your anatomy. Ouch! Pardon me if I don’t offer to kiss it better.
  18. I’ve got a green strat just like yours only different. The neck is all maple. I’ve got it setup as a MIdi guitar using the Graphtec Ghost MIDI system tied to an AXON pitch MIDI converter . I started the project 6 years ago and still haven’t finished it. Very sad. Its a Japanese copy from Profile. It replaced a genuine Fender celebration copy from 1986 which was stolen.
  19. If I strap on a jumbo git in front of my belly, we’s gonna have to be in seperate rooms.
  20. My MOBO supports them natively and I have 1 x 500Gig drive. It holds my OS, programs and Plugins. All my other data is on other drives. Some on SSD’s for frequently used samples and HDD for lesser used samples and data archives. I have a total of 13.25 TB of storage. Ive never liked the idea of partitioning drives.
  21. I’m sorry! Did you say you got a bill for apologising?
  22. Thanks for your concern Craig but my depression is professionally diagnosed and I assure you I’m under appropriate health care.
  23. Sorry to hear your dad passed away. Like many of us, I too understand the depth of feeling associated with such a loss. My condolences to you and others to whom he was close.
  24. Thanks for the expressions of support guys. I don’t have the temperament to deal with internet crap anymore. In the last several years I’ve suffered the loss of several close family members, and personal health issues including severe depression. At times the forum community was all that kept me sane and at other times the desire to be a part of everything and stay involved was so overwhelming that I had to withdraw for periods. Anyway that’s what was.
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