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  1. Actually haven't had time to try it out yet. I just installed it and made sure the code worked. But it looks like it will be really helpful. I am a guitarist but I have never used TAB notation. I have been wanting to learn it for a long time now.
  2. Just received my code to redeem at plugivery. Guess it was not an advance fee scam after all😁. Edit: Spoke too soon. When I tried to redeem my code, I received an "invalid code" error. I am sure JRR will sort it out. Edit 2: Turns out the the instructions from JRR were wrong. The code was not actually a plugivery redemption code but the actual license for Guitar Pro 8. It is installed and rockin' now.
  3. I actually got it at Best Service last December for $79.64. They had some sort of promo code for $19.02 and I used $.34 in Best Coin.
  4. I am still waiting for my license as well. I ordered two days ago,
  5. As ALC said, when you add it to the cart a coupon is called groupbuyauto is automatically applied to bring the price down to $29.75. However, if you explicit enter the coupon code "GROUP", it brings the price down to $29.40. It is strange that groupbuyauto is not the same as entering the "GROUP" coupon code.
  6. Hey man, why the thumbs down? What part of my comment did you have trouble with? I truly was interested in what you did not like about Iris 2, because yours was one of the few descenting opinions and it is always good to get different perspectives even if one does not agree with them.
  7. There is an app called shell2vst that is supposed to do this. Not sure if it still works. Here is a link with instructions: https://www.pgmusic.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=406123
  8. It would be more helpful if you told us why you feel this way. It is hard to tell if you are just being an ***** or actually have something constructive to share. If you have had a bad experience with it, it would be useful to know what it was you hated about it. Just saying it is a waste of space is meaningless without context.
  9. I don't think Unify can do the frequency splits. There was a feature request for this two years ago with a possible workaround. https://forums.pluginguru.com/unify-feature-requests/frequency-split-multiband-for-fx-chain/
  10. This has beem my experience with Windows Defender ever since Windows 10 came out. Never had an issue. Can't say that with AVG or McCafee or Nortons whenever I tried them,.
  11. I use AVG on some of my company computers. Every time I ran a new program, it flagged it as suspicious and would not let me run it until it had uploaded some sort of signature to its website. Terrible behaviour IMHO.
  12. So what normie synth do you think are included in BioTek 2?
  13. Still not locked. So IBTL too.
  14. I can't stand third party AVs. I have had more problems with them than I ever had with Windows Defender. So much bloatware and so intrusive. Can you recommend a third party AV that does not block your every move and is a light as WD?
  15. Huh? Try here: https://marketplace.tracktion.com/waveform-pro-upgrades.html Don't forget to use the LABOR2022 discount code. Or get it from JRR here: https://www.jrrshop.com/tracktion-waveform-pro-12-pro-upgrade-from-waveform-pro-11 With the GROUP code, it is $49.90 aka ~50% off. Or by any version, do you mean < 11?
  16. Audiofier (https://www.audiofier.co.uk/catalogue/) is another great developer. Love pretty much everything they have put out.
  17. I thought the topic was traction waveform :).
  18. Still haven't upgrade to Waveform 12 Pro. I wonder if there will be a sale on upgrades in the near future.
  19. I thought for sure it would be ANY-2999-FOOLEDYASUCKAS.
  20. And why isn't the moon made of green cheese? I was so disappointed when Armstrong stepped off the lunar lander and didn't sink up to his knees.
  21. It was rather harsh wasn't it. However, I still stand by my words. Muze is well known for its sloppy sampling and bloat. 75 GB for mediocre instruments is just not worth the hard disk space when there are far better instruments out there.
  22. I am also a member of Stu's facebook group and it is a great resource as are the reddit lists and even KVR's Bargain Center, but I much prefer the format and the community of this forum. I like that each deal gets its own topic . It makes it much easier for me to skip the discussion of deals for which I have no interest. The community here, on the whole, is much more civil and the ratio of "this software sucks" comments to actual useful information is far higher. And even though Larry post occasionally to KVR and th FB deals group, none of them have the Larry we know and love.
  23. Actually Veevum Beat is volume 10, Veevum Human is volume 11, and Veevum Sync Guitarscapes is volume 12, so there are already three they could bundle. I too love this series, and pretty much everything from Audiofier.
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