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  1. I doubt this is a $500 synth though. Anyone want to trade a copy of Omnisphere for Pure Synth Platinum? I didn't think so.
  2. I was having the same problem. When I clicked on the globe, it took me to my tonenet account and I could see all 849 presets in the web browser, but Amp5 still gave me a 103 error. So I fired up the product manager and reauthorized Amp5. Then when I loaded Amp5 and clicked in tonenet, it finally connected and downloaded the preset list. Not sure if reauthorizing was what fixed the problem but it is worth a try.
  3. I like it too. Like @Spice3d I like that you can see the MIDI notes and preview right in the program.
  4. Still working. I don't really believe it was limited to the first 17 people.
  5. MG-1 plus still is free. Nucleus was free but that is not what is included here. I don't think Ignite was free. Polymode was never free and I also don't remember Stardust ever being free.
  6. Was it the trailer or the documentary? Because you are suppose to pay for the documentary,
  7. Sorry to hear the operation has been cancelled. Will they reschedule? Praying for your wife and for you.
  8. I have Wavform 11 but Tracktion will not allow me to upgrade to 12. Wants me to pay full price.
  9. This. It is also a meme or an axiom that Valve can't do a 3 version of anything. There is Portal 1 and 2, Team Fortress 1 and 2, Dota 1 and 2, Left for Dead 1 and 2, even HL2 episodes 1 and 2. You will not find a 3 version in any of Valves line ups. Not people in my circles. In fact, most people have gone out of their way to say Alyx is not HL3. Probably to perptuate the idea that Valve can't do a 3 of anything, and to keep the "HL3 confirmed" meme going. Why would you want to take away that fun?
  10. You are talking about Half Life Alyx. Half Life Alyx events take place between HL1 and HL2. So not HL3.
  11. What? There was a Half Life 3? Not!
  12. Definitely a pirate site. The first clue? NOTE : THIS IS A PRE-ACTIVATED VERSION (THE PRODUCT KEY WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY ADDED TO THE SOFTWARE DURING THE INSTALLATION PROCESS) In other words, you will not need to authorize the software with Spectrasonics. There is no way this is legit.
  13. I done did da deal.
  14. Yes, thanks Paul. This is very enlightening. I may give Exodus a pass; I have so many games in my play queue as it is. Too bad because the first two were really great.
  15. I haven't played Exodus yet. I really liked the first two. What didn't you like about it?
  16. Wish I didn't already have it. I really wanted to steal something today.
  17. Why would you since it is a VST/AU? Oh, that is a joke.
  18. Right. Here is a Youtube video highlighting the new presets:
  19. This is awesome. Where did you find the change log?
  20. One thing I have heard about Omnisphere...some people say that they would have saved a lot of money if they had just bought Omnisphere first because they would have needed little else. I am not sure how true that is.
  21. I wonder if this section of the forum needs to be renamed to something like Deals+ and a description added that states that this forum is primarily about deals but product announcement, demos and rabbit trails are okay too. I am like many others here. I live in the Deals section and rarely if ever venture into the rest of the Coffeehouse. But I thoroughly enjoy the non deal discussions that happens and would not want to see it disappear. The Deals forum is truly a unique and special place on the Internet.
  22. In this case, it is not a dll but a vst3 file.
  23. Best way to answer that is to listen to the demos of the libraries and see if any of them are things you would use. Obviously, the vast majority of libraries are Omnisphere based so if you like those libraries and can afford it then get Omnisphere. If you have Komplete, then there are a lot of Unify/Komplete instrument libraries as well. I don't think there are any third party plugins I would specifically recommend that work any better than anything else. The power of Unify is what it can do with any vst you throw at it. I wish I could afford Omnisphere but I just do not have a spare $500 to throw at it.
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