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  1. I wonder how the multis will be made available.
  2. I don't mind being wrong, if it is for a good cause.
  3. Let me try to clear this up. If you already have S1 synths installed for, example in your SampleTank 3 folder, which is the default for S1 synths, then when you install the S2 version of the S1 synth, it only installs the extra needed files in the S2 locations. The Product Manager will not nor does it need to download the S1 files. However, in this scenario, you need to keep the S1 sounds around. But there are no duplicates because S2 is using the already installed S1 files. If you do what Abacab did and use a completely new Syntronik 2 content folder for all things Syn2 and reinstall all the S1 synths, then there will be duplicates until you delete the original S1 files. Also, as Abacab has stated, you will not be able to use the S1 synths in SampleTank 3 if that is important to you.
  4. I have them all now! All I need now is for it to go all the way to get the multis. 176 to go!
  5. To be clear, you do not have to install all the synths. If you are short on disk space, you can install just the ones you are interested in.
  6. There are only 11 purely Syntronik 2 synths. The Syntronik 1 synths in S2 use the original samples plus additional S2 stuff like wave sets. So if you want to continue using upgraded S1 synths like Blau, or DCO-X, you will need to keep the S1 sounds around. You could uninstall the S1 engine, but that probably would not save a significant amount of disk space compared to the amount of space used by the samples. For reference, S2 has added about 133GB of data to my system. I still have two more synths to pick up in the GB.
  7. For what it is worth, I hope this information is helpful. I was able to get a user pattern to show up in ModoBass 2. I named a midi file Pop_Solo_Finger_10_4-4_132_G-_Doug.mid and placed it in /Documents/IK Multimedia/MODO BASS 2/Patterns/. I then loaded ModoBass 2, went to patterns and filtered the patterns on Pop/Solo/Finger/10 Bars. This is what I see... As you can see, my pattern does show up. However...when I click on my pattern, I get the following message... So it would appear that the CS version does not support user patterns.
  8. This is my mistake. I missed the fact that your quote was from the manual and that you had attempted to unsuccessfully add patterns to CS. I did truly think I was being helpful when I quoted from the manual. All I can say is sorry.
  9. Sorry, my humour detector is on the blink. I apologize for escalating this unnecessarily.
  10. This is from the MODO Bass 2 manual: 10.2 – Importing your own patterns If you would like to save patterns you create with MODO BASS 2 inside the application so that they appear in the patterns section, you should name them as follows: Genre_Section_Playstyle_Bars_Signature_BPM_Key_Song Name.mid See the following examples for detailed naming: Pop_Bridge-1_Pick_4_4-4_144_C#-_Marshall.mid Pop_Bridge-1_Finger_8_4-4_132_G-_Strike.mid Pop_Bridge-2_Finger_8_4-4_132_G-_Strike.mid Pop_Solo_Finger_10_4-4_132_G-_Strike.mid Rock_Verse-1_Pick_4_4-4_147_A-_Darkness.mid Rock_Verse-2_Pick_4_4-4_147_A-_Darkness.mid Rock_Bridge-1_Pick_4_4-4_110_Bb_Speedway.mid Soul_Intro-1_Finger_8_4-4_126_Eb-_Soulmate.mid Jazz_Bridge_Pizzicato_2_6-8_75_E_DB Sunny.mid Rockabilly_Intro_Slap Double Bass_2_4-4_180_E_DB Graffiti.mid Ballad_Chorus-1_Finger Fretless_2_4-4_80_Bb_FL Hat.mid Pop_Verse-1_Slap Fretless_2_4-4_80_C_FL Hoodie.mid Pop_PreChorus-1_Pick Fretless_2_4-4_80_E-_FL Push.mid Then, move them inside the following folder: /Documents/IK Multimedia/MODO BASS 2/Patterns/ These will appear in the Patterns section as well as in the pattern menu in the bottom bar once the application is relaunched.
  11. Okay, I will address this (and to be clear, I do agree with a lot of what you said above) . I think it would be very hard not to engage when someone makes negative comments about you and the company you represent, especially if you are passionate and care about your reputation. I know I would have a problem letting a detractor have the last word. I really don't feel that Peter was exploiting the debate. Okay, subscribing was maybe the wrong word mainly because the conspiracy did not exist yet. But I did not and still do not feel that Peter's motives for responding to JT was in order to get more publicity, bad or good. To be honest, this fact was not in my field of vision. The tendancy of us humans is to focus on the negatives, and so no matter how many positive things have been said in the past, it is the negative that sticks out. So it is good you pointed out you past responses. Your point about support in the forum is well taken. It is appropriate for issues to be highlighted when discussing a product. But I don't think we should be treating this like a support forum and demanding responses and solutions to our issues. I know it is frustrating, especially if official channels are not working. Having said that, I do appreciate knowing that I am not alone in my issues and have appreciated the solutions others have come up with in the past.
  12. Thanks for the clarification. The ability to add your own patterns could be a feature request for MODO Bass and MODO Drums for that matter.
  13. Why is this an issue? Toontracks' whole strategy is based on this premise. You don't see people complaining that they have to pay for new instruments or patterns and can't add their own patterns to EZBass, or EZKeys.
  14. Some of your points are valid, especially wrt the issue with some of the SYN2 instruments having misformed zip files. Actually I am only aware of one instrument, the Syner-V. However, Peter was probably going off what support had told him. And as frustrating as this may be, this is not a support forum. But I think you are off base here with the good-cop-bad-cop accusation. I think you are subscribing to a conspiracy that does not exist. I also disagree with the dictum that there is no such thing as bad news, especially in this case. Good public relations is important and Peter has done a damn fine job of that over the years. He has been patient many times when false accusations have been flung his way and has tried to de-esecalate situations with humour do varying degrees of success. I really cannot see him resorting to tactics that you are ascribing to him.
  15. That is my question too. To put it in simpler terms, does Modo Drum 1.0+ Modo Drum 1.5 SE=Modo Drum 1.5 Full?
  16. Standard edition is $30. UDS Edition is $60.
  17. Works fine with my ASIO driver for UMC202HD.
  18. Peter said this on the VI-Control thread: As an additional incentive, not only will the current Syntronik 2 MAX multis be unlocked for all participants once the group buy reaches 3,000+ participants but we just added over 100 NEW Syntronik 2 MAX multis which will also be unlocked at 3,000+ participants. So no need to worry about sourcing the older multis if we reach the goal. They will be included.
  19. I only made the point, because I am in the same boat as you, two free plus the buy-in and I only have 29. My fear was that I had doubled-up and it took me a bit to figure out that I indeed had chosen okay. I was not trying to be snarky. Well, maybe a bit.
  20. I think that should be 4 more freebies. It is at 26 freebies now, plus the two you already had, plus the one to get you into the GB. That is 29. Last I checked, 33-29=4.
  21. That is what I was afraid of.
  22. One thing I am not sure of, if the group buy does not reach the top, we may not get the multis even if we own all the synths. I already had two S2 synths before the group buy so I really only need four more synths to max out everything. But I don't think that guarantees me access to the multis.
  23. This is exactly my experience. All the V1 synths that I upgraded to V2 just downloaded and installed the V2 content. What I described above is what happened when I did a (unnecessary) "Reinstall Library" as suggested by "Release" after I had already installed the V2 content. The behaviour of the "Reinstall Library" actually seems like a bit of a bug to me.
  24. These look like the same drumkits that were offered by AnyDayLong about a year ago. He disappeared, and IIRC, it was over copyright issues.
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