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  1. Does not seem like APD really cares if someone else has posted first. They always post anyway.
  2. Maybe IKM can offer SSDs for those extra slots people can't use 😄
  3. I can't believe that I might actually live to see the release of SynthMaster 3.
  4. Umm, I think we are talking about the price of virtual pedals here, not the physical hardware.
  5. Well, I am not one to say nay if he wants to increase his bid.
  6. He actually said 20 freebies or 21 for the price of one.
  7. Just goes to show that slow and steady is not winning this race. Pumps and jumps seems to be the order of the day. And just to be clear, I am not saying the race is being lost.
  8. You should be able to tell if an item is transferable by going to your IK Multimedia My Products page and clicking on the Serial/License button (if one exists) for the item. A popup will be displayed and if the item is transferable there will be a red Transfer button available to initiate the transfer. You do not have to buy a transfer license ahead of time to see the button.
  9. I am already scraping the bottom of the barrel. All I have left is a few SampleTank libraries. What I really need is a group buy to add extra hours to the day so I can play with my new toys.
  10. Just read this to my wife. She was not impressed.
  11. Wonder why things are accelerating all of a sudden.
  12. Me thinks you perhaps deleted the wrong part of the post.😉
  13. BTW. Welcome to the Cakewalk forum. Lot's of "interesting" people around here. And we can always use one more Doug.
  14. So use both if you have a rockin' dance number?
  15. Wow. I guess complaining to the man does pay off.
  16. Really? What are you going to buy with it?
  17. So what makes this EQ so special, besides the name attached to it? I can't see myself spending 130 euros on an EQ unless it is the bees knees and blows all other EQs out of the water.
  18. I use FlexASIO all the time. Unlike other ASIO solutions, it allows multiple apps to use the sound device at the same time. I am not sure how it compares to other ASIO solutions in terms of latency though.
  19. Thanks for this. This will be my backup try if the Dayton Audio iMM-6 doesn't work. I wonder if it is the same mic in a different configuration?
  20. You could try FlexASIO along with FlexASIO GUI. It allows you to specify different input and output devices and can be seen in ARC 3. https://github.com/dechamps/FlexASIO/releases https://github.com/flipswitchingmonkey/FlexASIO_GUI/releases
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