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  1. Back at you, southern neighbours, from the snowy land of Abbotsford (just to the right of Vancouver). Hope you all have a blessed Christmas and a great New Year that you may or may not remember.
  2. The mics are there; the problem is the actual search engine. For example, you need to search for C 12, U 47 Fet, U 67, etc. The entries themselves, for at least for the ones I looked at, were not just manufacturers blurbs. It does look like the recordinghacks site does have way more information though, including frequency response and links to the manufactures' websites. The site itself is butt ugly but that is just my opinion.
  3. Day 12 is non-functional as well. This is starting to be a trend.
  4. Doug Rintoul


    Likewise. I felt a bit awkward celebrating my 50th birthday the same year my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Or any significant anniversary actually. I could see people doing the math in their head.
  5. I am ready for our robot overlords. That is why I talk so nicely to my Google NEST.
  6. I already have lo-ki and ha-pi. I am not sure I need another electric piano for $15.
  7. You got this from this VI-Control thread. It has been linked to every time this topic comes up. It is a good summary. Should be a sticky.
  8. BTW, Bellatrix Audio has two free sound sets for Spire: https://bellatrixaudio.com/product/aura-ii-spire/ https://bellatrixaudio.com/product/ambient-pads-spire/ Both are more than worth the download.
  9. Is it sad that I feel relief when I see something is on sale and I discover that I already have it? I guess that is better than buying it and then discovering I already have it.
  10. @locrian It is a bit confusing but those are SoundSense libraries. You can add one free to your order of $20 or more.
  11. Both of these are part of JRRShop's 50% off in cart campaign: https://www.jrrshop.com/add-to-cart-for-50-off.
  12. Well to be honest, they won't get my money, not because I don't like RA but because I already have everything in the Everything bundle. I was just adding another data point to yours, to let you know it wasn't just you.
  13. Doesn't work for me either. I add it to the cart, it says it is in the cart, but when you go to the cart, the cart is empty.
  14. There is something strange with my upgrade path. I have Diamond plus a bunch of other plugins. My upgrade price to Horizon is $139 but my upgrade price to Horizon + Restoration + Saphira + NLS is only $75. I am assuming that there is no direct upgrade path from Diamond to Horizon. Perhaps Diamond is not a subset of Horizon but somehow adding Restoration Saphira and NLS to the pot makes it workable. The other weird thing is that the list price for Horizon is $3293 but the list price for Horizon + Restoration + Saphira + NLS is only $1781. Waves pricing is bonkers.
  15. Looks like only one thing fixed in this update: Fixed in CR8 Creative Sampler v14.0.155.156: Filter setting now loads correctly after moving between any factory presets.
  16. Yup. But I just checked my version # and it is the latest. So it must have gotten updated when I updated Waves today.
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