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  1. This does what it says on the tin, and does it well, but just for everyone's reference there is the "ultimate-er" 6060 with selling points of: a few more modules, a few more spaces in the virtual rack (seriously), and some parallel signal processing. Possibly some algorithmic changes. For a while there was no 6050 upgrade path, which felt like getting a little burned. Since then they have offered upgrades at $99 and at least once $49. That said, it's good. I keep meaning to use it/6060 more.
  2. This should run through the end of the day. Any opinions? It gets good reviews, but some comments at GS suggest remembering it's a very clean EQ, and can be sonically duplicated with some other digital EQs, and the interesting parts are in the curve selection and interface. Those are important and the team worked hard on them I am sure. Also, given the high starting price I've been curious how long it's taking PA to target people who don't want to spend $300 on an EQ. This was released in sept 2020 and means it took 4.5 months to go on sale from $300 to $80, and a best price of $30 for $50 voucher holders. I think some older plugins, like Amek, still have not dropped much, but this is one example that it can happen in under half a year.
  3. Thanks Scott! This won't apply to everyone, but I had a loyalty voucher for buying something in 2020, which was going to expire february 1, so that took some more off... emails went out early january and vouchers are also listed in a page in "my account" on the site.
  4. Affinity sells through their website, and also through the Windows and Mac stores. All of them look to be on sale. I don't know of any significant difference between them, but in case people like to avoid app stores, or have a credit somewhere...
  5. There are some other products in this area, but usually not free: Vienna Ensemble Pro might be the standard for offloading plugins across the network? There's probably an orchestral composer in here who could say. Waves SoundGrid is a proprietary product like this... only handles Waves plugins though. And I think you overpay for the hardware quite a bit. Waves isn't a charity of course. Might have originally been targeted toward live sound but you can use it to free up resources. MuseBox was something that did "vst in a box" several years ago but I'm not sure end users could just install plugins. I think that is defunct. Reaper may still include "ReaMote" which can offload plugin DSP across the network. Apple Logic used to have Logic Node. I think this was dropped for X. I have not used any of these personally. I believe you do start needing to think about purchasing multiple licenses for multiple nodes for some companies, if you only have one ilok license, etc. Dante is exciting but I think it only routes audio, like an external synth, and you'd be on your own for remote access to the other computer, and sending MIDI. There are standards here that are evolving so maybe there's an official one for midi over LAN. Otherwise I think Apple has one and someone made a compatible version for windows machines. It's been a long time since I looked though.
  6. I wonder if @Peter - IK Multimedia and the AT5 team would be interested in putting their VIR capture robot on it for a hypothetical SVX3. At 600 IRs per speaker, at least 35 speakers... 21,000 IRS for one cab?
  7. "The tone is sounding slightly muddy. Can you turn down the bass knob and turn up the treble? Just a touch" "fine, I'll get the ladder"
  8. That one might be a one-off amp Ampeg made, an 11-foot tall promotional SVT, "The Beast." Ampeg 8x10s are big but not quite that big. Or it really is an SVT-CL stack and Dirk is really short.
  9. Looks great. I'm impressed with the other archetypes from black friday, and I wish them success with their new floor unit. But their pattern of sales is making the logical part of my brain want to wait for 50% off here.
  10. I thought "El Stompo" and "El Snapo" would be good names to complete the series with "El Clapo." But Das Boot is probably a better name.
  11. for repeat customers, latest loyalty coupon seems to stack with this deal, too. It's possible pensado has always qualified for loyalty coupons; I just recall that in the past, sometimes the plugins with "official" names didn't qualify.
  12. likely stating the obvious but the first 1992 amp looks like a 5150 model.
  13. @Kal - I don't want to answer for Filo but I believe the short version is vouchers are not "dynamic discounts." "Dynamic discounts" refers to PA's normal single-purchase bulk discount setup, where, like for example if you buy 3 plugins at normal price they take 30% off your cart total, up to buy 5 get 50%. Here is the link to their help center about it. The text you quote just means that they don't apply this system to the plugins on sale, so you can't buy five amp sims and save 50% off the already-reduced $40 price.
  14. jokes aside, the voucher puts a lot of stuff into very good deal territory so long as you don't need their very latest releases. All pre-voucher prices that should be able to be reduced by $20: SSL G (official) or Neve (unofficial) consoles, or townhouse bus comp for $30, Byome, DSM v3, Focusrite Console, or Elysia Alpha comp for $40. Most/all of the newer amp sims are $40. If it really is no lower limit, it might be possible to get some effects pedals or effects plugins like Fault, Sandman Pro, or Dent for free.
  15. "Code can only be used 1x (once)" So, who's betting on 2 versus 3 refreshes?
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