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  1. mister_tea

    I miss celery

    I'm new so I might be missing something, but it looks like he has several of the recent posts in this forum, right?
  2. There will be a quiz at the end. Mostly multiple choice with a short essay question. They got me after all with this round. I was weighing against a future version of Total Studio (hypothetical and unannounced) but did the math and already had most of what might be included. And the Hammond was shiny. Less than 500 to go for next round.
  3. Toontrack product info page is up https://www.toontrack.com/product/legacy-of-rock-sdx/
  4. just since the model name is gray on gray: it's a plugin model of a Bettermaker EQ 232P MKII? I'm not familiar with the original, but discussion around the hardware unit notes it has nice reimplementations of Pultec-style shelves and bands, but the other modes are transparent mastering EQ; is that right?
  5. Yep; I think in practice most people will effectively get crossgrades since either you already had IK stuff before this promo, or your first product purchase will cross the $99 threshold. Peter from IK could confirm. Doesn't matter too much since the freebies are not-for-resale. Note that your free products do have to be less than or equal value than your paid one; for example the hammond crossgrade is $199, so if that was your paid product, you wouldn't qualify for ST4Max upgrade (299), or Syntronik Deluxe crossgrade (369), but you would qualify for stuff like Modo Drums, Modo Bass, or Syntronik vanilla crossgrades (all 199). However, I'm not certain if you bought full-price, non-crossgrade hammond (299) if you could then get upgrade ST4MAX, and Syntronik Deluxe. I think so? But definitely something to ask Peter or support, or someone's who has tried that path.
  6. This is basically fourth-hand information, and I can't find the original source, but there is a reddit post that references a facebook post that references a statement from the dev that this and the jcm800 were the first two amp sims, and the v2 releases are to pick up improvements made from the third amp onward. So maybe just these two. I'm totally ok paying for upgrades but it's nice when it's for added functionality, rather than minor updates, bugfixes, WUP, 64-bit, etc.
  7. thanks! base link without the email tracking stuff works too https://www.waves.com/account/tone-shaper-free
  8. What crossgrades have become unavailable? I still see them both logged in and out on the hammond and modo drums, just to check quick
  9. Random observations: Pricing tentatively looks to match years prior? Except it's the first year there is a UCE->UCE update, which is $500. IIRC last year's UCE differentiators correctly--Symphony Series and some expansions--they're still in the top tier. You can still update all the way back from Komplete 2. Props to NI for this. Added UCE-only products: three members of the quartet, more expansions, Arkhis Positive surprises: Noire is part of even the basic edition -- I know many of us are loaded up on pianos but I've heard really good things and imagined it might be a candidate for Ultimate. Alicia's Keys is the only ultimate-only piano. No subscription! I sort of can't believe GR6 is a thing, but there it is. Never doubted people who said it was popping up on surveys and betas but GR5 was released nine years ago - Sept 2011, with Komplete 8.
  10. Oh, sure, I can't blame the strategy, and I should probably be glad that less price-sensitive audiences are subsidizing development. I've started to notice several "famous" pro producers, when they're not endorsing something, seem to use tried-and-true workflows, like outboard comps that have been set to the same thing for years, or gold-era waves plugs. +1 on the nembrini's, it's nice that he's modeling both the popular stuff (jcm 800) as well as less-popular stuff (fender tone master).
  11. I sort of feel like a jerk if I complain about $10 upgrades from a new, quality, independent developer but how are the improvements to the core amp in v2? In the prior MRH810 v2 upgrade, for example, they included a "new sound engine," one new cab IR, a new IR loader, and a new GUI. Which is ok for a $10 upgrade, but since it's per-sim, if someone has bought five of their amps, they'll eventually be re-buying that IR loader five times. Contrasting with Neural (only because it's been mentioned in this thread), their v2s so far have been free and there are a few amps in each product. Again, I'm trying to stop short of complaining, I've been a fan of Nembrini's stuff so far and would throw down $30 without demoing if they model an amp I like.
  12. Yeah, the bottom of my mail states loyalty vouchers will be sent on the 7th, and sale ends on the 6th. Makes sense. Must also be one coupon per order AND single-use coupons per accounts? Otherwise no reason to use the 39 or 49... While the most recent stuff isn't included, stuff even just a couple months old is. The Orange and Fuchs ampsims are somewhat new though I have waaaaaay too many amp sims. And while the SSL J console isn't included, the licensed E/G are, along with the Townhouse comp, or the Lindell 80 for neve flavor, or phil's cascade for interesting saturation, or any of the elysia plugins, list goes on... and while I don't mind ilok, I know many do - no dongles or even ilok cloud. Some of the business practices are a little annoying (unrealistic list prices coupled with >90% off, pushing of subs, attempt to make sub-only plugins), but in absolute terms, $30 or even $40-50 for many of these is a great deal. If anyone's new to PA this is a great time to pick up at least one perpetual license.
  13. Larry, there's a chance it'll be extended tomorrow like the prior group buys but of course they're not obligated to Just for the sake of anyone sitting on gear credits, the products that run inside ST -- Miroslav, Syntronik, and the various expansions -- do seem to be purchase-able in the Gear Shop. I'm in a similar boat as you guys and do empathize though. I think I'm likely to pass this time, after participating in most of the previous group buys; that organ is really shiny but I might roll the dice that Total Studio will be upgraded over the next year (note they've never said anything about it!) Please don't let that dissuade anyone -- in absolute terms at 4-for-1 this is a silly good deal. You can get current-top-tier modeled organ/guitar/bass and either syntronik or sampletank (the standard editions) -- with jampoints it's around $140, which is $35 per plugin, or what many of us were going crazy for for single-emulation plugins from other companies.
  14. Do they eventually send large, serious-looking people to your product registration address to collect on the negative jampoints? Or collect from our estates once we go to the great gig in the sky? Just 48 left to 3/1, so likely to be hit even without an extension (no guarantees in life of course!). IK probably has lots of interesting stats as to how many people wait until right after a milestone is reached, etc.
  15. Looks like an Aturia Keylab, the original generation. They are now "mark ii" and have a bit of a redesign. https://www.arturia.com/products/hybrid-synths/keylab88/overview I couldn't concentrate on the gear with that hook swinging around. They should put that away, it's an accident and studio insurance claim waiting to happen.
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