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  1. Re: warranty: Just looking at the website (no experience myself etc) beats 30 days
  2. I do this too; but keep forgetting it might give a warning in the cart if you already have licenses (will let you buy an additional set if you want, I imagine if you're running a multi-user studio)
  3. Also, if I recall some of those have been on bigger sales before. Lemon and Taupe were 70% off over black friday 2019, 60% or so off about a year ago, and likely for last year's black friday which I sat out, but there is no guarantee sales repeat.
  4. From the master list: https://justpaste.it/AcusticaAudioAcquaMasterList which has the specific models, but the short version is: Camel - Calrec and Trident Lemon - various delays Purple - Pultecs Taupe - various tapes Ultramarine - Fairchild Loyalty discounts probably stack here.
  5. I can't be upset at the fooling... better that it's a joke post than a fire sale before a switch to subscription model. (To be clear there's no evidence that will happen).
  6. No updates, but had another one of the investors' companies cause some pain today. LastPass is a popular password manager that was acquired by competitor LogMeIn, and then later, five months ago, was purchased by Francisco partners and another firm. Under LogMeIn's ownership (but predating Francisco's) the price doubled then tripled, to be fair not highway robbery: $1 to now $3 a month. I used to gladly pay $12 a year, but never actually needed the paid version and quit before it tripled. In February they told free users they could not use it both on desktop pc's and mobile devices without paying, which is one of the main points of the product. Users who had been with them for years, even a decade, were given the choice of paying up or moving out. There is no evidence to suggest this was a direct suggestion from their new owners, or even general pressure to increase revenue. There is the difference that many LastPass users were "freeloaders" and many NI+Izotope customers have spent thousands, but I'm hoping alienating existing customers or converting them all into monthly-recurring revenue isn't on the menu for NI+Izotope.
  7. Looks like "Reference" and "Rooms" plugins, or modes; there's a third window in the background that's mostly obscured. Reference has Mix, a knob that's obscured (maybe gain), a headphone selector, and a "Magic Q" knob. Rooms has Input Trim, "Depth" (marked -filtering to +translation), and Ouput Trim. There's something above the logo that looks like a slider and is marked "Perfection" - if that's a control, my mixes need it.
  8. +1 to Steve's summary. Brian, I'm not sure why you get nothing though. IMO Melda is one of the most customer-friendly companies out there. You do get credit for each product you own in a bundle, they make their discount strategy clear, upgrades are free for life, bundle users get new products for free, and the top-tier complete bundle really is complete. They offer a subscription but it's really rent-to-own with no overhead (but consider waiting for a sale on the bundle and paying upfront). The free bundle is quite good even if you don't upgrade but especially if you do. They even have a low-income discount for countries where purchasing power is low, which I've not heard other companies do. Too bad the functional and dense GUIs are a hurdle for some. I keep meaning to use more of their stuff. Contrast that with a push toward "stop paying and lose everything" subscriptions, upgrades that only take one product into account, heavy leaning into price discrimination (new users get soaked, wait a year and it's 75% off), $50 vouchers that aren't practically good for much, loyalty vouchers with one tier in particular that is impractical, loyalty points that can go negative (disloyalty points?), expiring downloads, pay for re-download, upgrades that cost more than the original plugins, WUP, ... I know that I shouldn't complain because lots of this lets deep discounts actually happen and keeps companies afloat, and it's a tough market, but it's nice knowing that Melda's surprises will only be good.
  9. Toontrack made the SD2->SD3 upgrade a limited time thing (and it never returned as far as I can remember). Their products are very good but that seemed user-unfriendly. You can still crossgrade EZD2->SD3; hope that goes on sale for you sometime.
  10. when you lose access to the degausser...
  11. More seriously, here's hoping for the best. Their development styles and offerings seem really different but I suppose that means less redundancy... hoping everyone keeps their job and they don't try to merge products together where they don't fit.
  12. I have some bad music software news. What, one of the companies we depend on the most issued a business-speak press release with terms like "streamlined experience" and "more cohesive audio ecosystem"? No, that's not it. That's a relief, what then? TWO of the companies we depend on the most issued such a press release. Oh noooo (at least the Francisco press release doesn't contain the word "synergy")
  13. and in v3, TMNTTMT to get subtle variations in your Ninja Turtles across channels.
  14. Their FAQ states that if you cancel the subscription the products stop working at the end of your billing cycle, so unfortunately it's not a last-version thing. Ran a search, someone at vi-control contacted support and they said there are no plans to discontinue perpetual licenses, and if that changes they'll "proactively communicate." Probably a good sign, although I don't think it's the proactiveness of the communication users are worried about. I hope it's allowed to cross-link forums: it's post 77 here. @Fret Flintstone I agree that "which" makes that an ambiguous mail. It could mean: "Ozone Pro is our latest version of Ozone. Ozone Pro is now available exclusively in MPSP subscription", or "Ozone Pro is our latest version of Ozone. Ozone is now available exclusively in MPSP subscription" I think it reads like the second, but they mean the first.
  15. If it's just TMT and mid-side, and the upgrade ends up being expensive for existing users, some DAWs have easy ways of making your existing plugins Mid-Side. For example in Logic X: on a stereo track, when inserting a plugin, choose "dual mono", then click the "gear" button left of the L/R selector, and choose mid/side from the dropdown. The L/R buttons are now Mid/Side and return to those plugin instances. You even get a "Couple" switch to match changes across the instances.
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