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  1. X-Gear 15th Anniversary edition? how time flies MODO Harmonica? Well past time for those tones to break free. More seriously adding another guess to a hardware AT5 device, would guess floorboard/pedal over amp. Also allows "the finest tones ever" to be a nice self-reference to AT5 software .
  2. I think Melda is one of the most consumer-friendly companies out there. If this is to free up some time for Vojtech to work on MSoundFactory and some of the things he's talked about in interviews, I'm excited to see what he does next.
  3. I am only an occasional studio one user but from the videos on the add-ons might guess: the new Retro Mix Legends consoles are likely Alpine=API, Brit Console=SSL (two variants, "warm" 80s = 4000E and more pristine=9000J? but that's just a guess), and Porta=Tascam Portastudio which is an unique choice The CTC-1 has a vintage british console that is probably Neve, and a british tube console from the 50s housed in "one of the most popular recording studios in the world;" maybe the EMI REDD at Abbey Road? The Custom console, they say, is a "frankenstein" of various consoles and sounds hi-fi.
  4. It currently does seem to stack with $25 vouchers. The exclusions cover most of the releases from 2020 and 2021. I don't know what came out when but some newer releases valid for the coupon may include V76U73, Knifonium, Streamliner, and the newer amps like G-K?
  5. Yes, in the past you have been able to run an "upgrade" which is stepping up a tier and to a new version, or an "update" which is a new version on your existing tier, from any prior version. The Komplete 13 update can be applied to Komplete 2-12 with no change in price (all are 199 USD, might be 99 next week). As you mention policies can change.
  6. For the sale -- yes, for the last 3 years it looks like Summer of Sound has run for June and was announced and started the last couple days of May. The current choirs nks sale ends on the 30th. Possible this might take its place if it happens? Speculation so far but the next 7 days are probably the second worst time to update Komplete, the worst time period being right before the grace period cutoff for a new version
  7. for voucher users: like in previous months, the original voucher mail says good through the end of the month but a more recent mail suggests they'll expire May 29, two days short. It is likely for a sale but this has caught me and others by surprise in the past.
  8. this probably doesn't truly answer the question but it might have been sampled in SampleTron v1, and included in v2 as legacy content?
  9. and here are some modern songs that lean heavily on tron samples:
  10. Congrats on the launch, IK. I think there are some instruments here that are rare outside of Sampletron and the M-Tron expansions. Though just as some feedback, may sit this one out... the decision to not support v1 and its siblings from loading in ST4, require mac users on newer OSes find an old machine to run ST3 to import and re-export, and to have the "real" way to get those sounds into ST4 now be $250 minus crossgrade discount ($200->$149 for crossgrade on intro) is slightly frustrating. I know v1 is an old product but would be nice to know the ST3/ST4 libraries will load on future versions indefinitely. But to have a positive note, thanks for trying multi-tiered loyalty discounts on MixBox recently! Edit to add: the page shows v2 includes v1 as legacy content. I think I have mine exported; would be nice for other v1 users to have access to that subset of that library but I know that might not make business sense.
  11. if upgrading from essentials or assistant to studio at everyplugin, making a rest stop at editor might be little cheaper. Edit: I should not have used a metaphor. I mean upgrading essentials to editor and then editor to studio in two steps. In that case it is $167*2=$334 instead of $376, possibly
  12. Re: warranty: Just looking at the website (no experience myself etc) beats 30 days
  13. I do this too; but keep forgetting it might give a warning in the cart if you already have licenses (will let you buy an additional set if you want, I imagine if you're running a multi-user studio)
  14. Also, if I recall some of those have been on bigger sales before. Lemon and Taupe were 70% off over black friday 2019, 60% or so off about a year ago, and likely for last year's black friday which I sat out, but there is no guarantee sales repeat.
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