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  1. yes, 15 fx! 3 each of: compressors, delays, reverbs, preamps, and filters
  2. This was helpfully answered, but as a followup I hear you should be careful using gear credits, because it will become NFR.
  3. superdan, just doubly calling out from Larry's forwarding of the Waves terms and conditions that you must register the serials purchased from a reseller with Waves before the end of the promotion. It's not enough to have just made a purchase, and if you register after the window closes and everyone's discussing freebies here it might not work.
  4. yeah, I imagine even with the 25-euro fee,there's a lot of room for someone with maximized personalized discount to load up and then sell a bunch of things as a group. Especially if they allow duplicate licenses. Hopefully people behave, but it's the internet... Thanks for the cyber monday heads-up. I only get the personal loyalty discount coupons. There's a newsletter button in the account area but I'm unable to get it to stick.
  5. Thanks again, picked up Magenta (Manley), Veridian (Helios/PIE, 60s flavor), and Amethyst (Amek), considering a couple others but there will be more sales. On other places on the internet this seems to be overshadowed by an improved or new Acustica resale process - everyone gets five free license transfers, beyond that it's 25 (euro?), but what's nice is each transaction of a SET of plugins counts as one transfer, so you don't get into silly situations of spending $20+ to give someone an IK or Ilok plugin worth $30. As a result of that I imagine now might be a time where people are selling Acustica stuff they got then never got into.
  6. (editing down, post was too long)
  7. Waves product page is up with another video. Registering at http://www.waves.com/free said email would arrive within 4 hours https://www.waves.com/plugins/cla-echosphere
  8. It's not out quite yet, but it looks like Production Expert jumped the gun a little bit with their intro video. "CLA EchoSphere" - and everyone who guessed it's in the realm of delay+reverb wins a prize! That is the plugin, for free. Everyone who guessed something different or who did not guess also wins the prize. And you may have to WUP it eventually.
  9. Hi Zo, You have a solid collection sound-wise that covers clean and creative effects. Is it a mix of sound quality, flexibility, and ease of use that nothing has hit so far? For the ones you inquired about: Vahallla - I really like this one, the company, their no-nonsense pricing, etc. and when I get around to reworking my DAW template it'll be the one on the buses. It has a clean, consistent interface, makes it easy to switch between modes and adjust important parameters, has intuitive tooltips for the params that differ between modes, and IMO fits your "simple but deep" request. Have you been able to try the demo? Hopefully nothing's wrong there because it doesn't involve any DRM or anything. Arturia: I don't have this one but if you're looking for one delay that does it all with a single interface, keep in mind these are separate, purpose-built plugins (memoryman, roland space echo, more general modern delay) and sound-wise there will be overlap with other modeled delays like SoundToys. Upsell: note that while this is $99 for three delays, their new FX collection is on sale for $199 and includes the delays, plus the three-packs of filters, pres, reverbs, and comps too--15 total plugins. JRRShop has everything on one page, but no further discount https://www.jrrshop.com/arturia-fx-collection McDsp Delays - I don't have it, looks interesting, again there might be overlap with SoundToys as a modeling delay. Some that I haven't used but might fit into Russ mentioned Melda MTurboDelay - I technically have this one courtesy of a lifetime-updating fx bundle, but haven't tried it. I like Melda stuff and appreciate their functional and consistent GUI but a lot of people really, really seem to dislike their GUI, so if that's been a sticking point for you on other delays, this may not be better . But I agree with Russ that it's really wide-ranging. If you like the approach of Waves SuperTap but not some of the implementation, there are delays like PSP 608 which let you do things per-tap. https://www.jrrshop.com/psp-608-md You mentioned Timeless by FabFilter and say the interface was a blocker; my understanding is FabFilter does have unique-looking interfaces but their fans say they are very well thought-out in terms of balancing power and ease-of-use once you get past a short, but present, learning curve. I'm really only familiar with Pro-Q and that's the case there. Surprisingly I don't hear too much about this one as much as their EQ and Limiter. I generally use Valhalla, H-Delay, Soundtoys, and even stock plugins.
  10. Thanks! It looks to cover almost all the products. The free upgrades when they have a revision, and loyalty discount are nice. Some of the higher discounts that beat last year's, and this is likely missing some: Amethyst 80% off like Tom mentioned Emerald 80% Lime 75% Magenta 75% Viridian 80% Ultramarine 75% Water 75% Diamond Lift - 60% now, was 50% last year Scarlet - 65% off, was 55% last year Many of the products (a little over half?) were of a higher discount last year. That's probably the wrong way to think about things; the right way is to pick the modules you want given the current price. There's no guarantee the previous prices will be met or beat. But it's something I was curious about. In case anyone else was curious: Last year, many more products were 70% off. Talking about 60% vs 70% seems cheap, and it probably is, but it means we're paying 40% vs 30% of the original price, which means 33% over last year's sale price. On the other hand, if something is 80% now and 70% last year that means it's 1/3 off last year's sale. Prices are in Euros; for people in the US, the exchange rate is worse than last year. This is silly to complain about and is out of Acustica's control, but it means that in dollars things went up 8%. On the other hand, for people who get paid in euros, are still fortunate to have a stable job that pays the same through the pandemic etc., this means they have more US$ than last year for other, US-based, sales. Some price increases over the last year, for example on Amber (189->199) and Green (119->219). Sometimes it might also happen with a new revision? As an example that hits multiple points, Green3 was €35 last year and Green4 is €78 this year. I think the loyalty discount I started getting after last year makes up for some or all of this though. And I'm not complaining -- in the other direction, nothing was over 70% last year and now there's at least those 7 at 75-80%. Thanks for posting, Larry! I'll pick up a couple but this also gave me a chance to look through what they model again. Edit to add: here's the community list of what includes which models. My understanding is this is maintained by user Doom64 over at GS? https://justpaste.it/AcusticaAudioAcquaMasterList
  11. Looks live now, but I didn't try to check out https://store.tcelectronic.com/ You are all correct of course. There is one product that is 80% off. It is the 6000 Integration plugin, reduced from $500 to $99. To use it you'll need a System 6000, which is $13,000-$16,000 depending if you want the remote. the rest of the plugins are on sale for 40%-60%. Maybe still some good stuff there.
  12. Thanks! It looks like the exclusions list is the same as halloween, plus dearVR PRO and dearVR MONITOR. So any time spent thinking about the promotion last month pays off this month
  13. Unfortunately there's not much left, so the robots will replace the musicians, then the producers, then the listeners.
  14. Thanks Larry! Redeeming this deal also deposits a 50% off single-plugin purchase in the D16 store.
  15. Thanks Frank! It's a little frustrating that Korg seems to be one of the companies that excludes upgrades from sales. I know that marketers like to attract new customers, but it would be nice to have a little bit off for existing customers :(. Regardless it's a good deal for new purchases, and they released the Triton emulation this year.
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