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  1. couldn't find the exact model but for anyone curious what's likely to be inside... probably overlaps with the above video too
  2. huge agreement with bitflipper's earlier warning. Purchasing this is extremely likely to end in sadness. very likely the drive itself will report a high capacity to the OS but doesn't have the storage to back it up. The first few writes will appear to succeed. Past that it will either write over itself in a loop, or just silently not perform the writes, while telling the OS everything is great. When you go to read the data it won't be there. There is a similar product on Amazon, where that seller has done the trick of swapping one product out for an entirely different one, but they get to keep the customer ratings (how have they not cracked down on that?) https://slate.com/technology/2021/12/amazon-listings-wrong-reviews-why.html
  3. check out LADSPA and the second version LV2 -- while not as popular as the proprietary formats, it is open and cross-platform. Even though the "L" stands for linux.
  4. mister_tea

    UVI Shade 50% Off

    remember loyalty vouchers for those that have them
  5. Also curious if anyone has favorite Neve/API channel strips. Softube vs PA Lindell, Slate, Waves, Acustica, others....
  6. thanks pollux if anyone's on V2 and that price is sticking out, V4 upgrades are also on sale, and it might be around $100 to update V2->V4 and V4->V5. of course it is a more complicated process.
  7. that seems like a good plan. It is already part of KUCE13, correct?
  8. Maybe there shouldn't be posts here even hinting on how to circumvent the process? I haven't looked into this deal yet but the question seems very unambiguous and takes 20 seconds to find out if you actually have the magazine. The promotion is for readers of the magazine and it looks like it's available in print or digital form for much less than the normal price of two AAS expansions.
  9. In case anyone starts a slate subscription, please watch out for what is IMO a user-unfriendly business strategy: They advertise the annual-paid-monthly plan as "best deal" at $9.99/mo, but it's really $9.99/mo for 6 months then $14.99 after. That's $149 for the first year, matching the annual plan. But then depending how they renew you're paying for $180 year two and beyond. Edit: clarifying this is the "annual paid monthly" plan rather than the quit-anytime plan, so there's not that benefit either.
  10. From the mail, it seems you click one of the buttons now, but you don't get the plugin until you've paid in for a year. In 12 months they reply back to you with the free plugin offer, and you can switch your choice then if you want.
  11. My $25 "personal" loyalty voucher is the generic one. Trying not to take it "personally." j/k I think they all are at this point? Probably saves PA some time generating and supporting the program.
  12. (removed; redundant with another thread)
  13. Yes, that's correct -- for anything that qualifies for the $39 list people should certainly go that route. That is the best deal and lower than the normal prices. For the newer ones not on sale such as singer-songwriter I think the thomann 3-pack is the next best deal, and I think that's the normal price for the 3-pack.
  14. For newer ezx's not on sale, thomann has the ezx value 3-pack for $141 = $47 per ezx. Should be redeemably for any ezx.
  15. For the EZXs, SDXs, drum midi, and EZKeys sound expansions, the 20% webshop discount looks like it would be beat by at least one of best service, time and space, or thomann's usual price. That might involve getting a "value pack" of 3 drum sound expansions or 6 midis though. I did not look at ezmix or the ezbass bundle
  16. hi Zo, please excuse me if I'm missing something but the posts in this thread are from 2020; for 2021 we are still on day 1 for another 10 hours, I think?
  17. Yes, for the past two years if you spent £299 in their shop black friday weekend you got a special free kontakt library, which was only available that weekend and not available to purchase on its own. Anyone have these and can say whether they are generally useful or is it mostly FOMO? 2019 - aperture strings - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiMSUeZpS5g 2020 - aperture orchestra - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQkKS8MF-Vs
  18. "sounds nice, I wonder how much a piano like that costs? Let's check Yamaha" 😳
  19. Is it still the case that all Slate Drums, expansions and Trigger licenses are perpetual? IIRC they're confusingly not in "All" Access, but some third-party products are. Someone mentioned to me that "Slate Digital" and "Steven Slate Drums" are separate or something?
  20. Correct, expansions for any of toontrack's products contain additional instruments/sounds, additional midi, or both, and will require the main product "engine" to run. The base products are usable without any expansions, but that doesn't help if you want Gospel. You'd need EZBass plus Gospel EBX.
  21. this is likely to expire within hours, but saw one thing of interest for superior drummer users: Decades, Death&Darkness, and Rock Foundry SDXes are $89, and you get a few dollars back in loyalty credit. You could apply a $10 coupon to make them $76. Some but not all older SDXes are that price as well. Older SDXes will be on sale for around $100 during November but these three are excluded from that. For the first two I wonder if they accidentally marked the wrong ones down. Larry posted the Toontrack november deals; the coupon here for ezbass or ezdrummer 2 might beat toontrack's offer, which is just bonus EZX and bass midi for those two. Or, since you get the bonus stuff when registering, you can keep the serial until Toontrack's sales start and you might get the discount today and the free item tomorrow? It is also possible resellers will discount further during November, never any guarantees in life especially with respect to taxes or music software sales.
  22. Thanks Larry! I have been looking for ezbass recently so here are some ideas from seeing toontrack prices this week. These prices are usd-centric, sorry for those converting twice. First, a joke: 13 ezx exclusions and 7 sdx exclusions, and everything from the last two years is at full price, is this in partnership with plugin alliance? Second, only good for today, but some of these can combine with the $20 bestservice.com pumpkin code. EZDrummer2 and EZBass are each $149-$20 coupon and you get $5 in loyalty credits. From the original post, if we hold off on registering until tomorrow, ezdrummer gets you a free ezx and ezbass gets you a free midi pack? The versions of each product bundled with expansions are not the best deal in November due to the freebies. If someone wanted EBXes, bestservice has a 3-pack that would be $130 with the pumpkin code today. EZXs: €41 is worth $47 for the discounted packs. If that is what they end up being at resellers, then there is a 3-pack at Thomann for $145, a few dollars more but then you can select even the excluded ones. SDXs: €89 is worth $103, which is around the usual sale price for these iirc?
  23. exclusions list is the same as round 1, including Gig Performer 4 being excluded from the start
  24. I picked up EW Hollywood Strings Gold a few years ago on sale. That's all I own. My upgrade price to full orchestra, Opus Edition, everything... is $295? And someone who purchased Hollywood Orchestra Diamond at full price has that same upgrade price... Feels weird to be on the other side of discriminative pricing for new vs repeat users for once. Have Spitfire BBC core but this is tempting.
  25. nice, these are the APIs. this matches the intro price and last black friday. Pink3 was -70% off = €60, black friday 2019, but no guarantee that will ever come up again. stacks with any personal loyalty discounts
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