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  1. I would be nice if our cut, copy, and paste function had this feature that Arranger has: "set the Overlap Threshold to 1/16 and copy a section with overlapping notes by using Ctrl+Shift+Mouse drag,"
  2. Man it's good it was a test project. If I ever try to use it, I'll rename the cwp, so I don't lose anything. Either Arranger is buggy or we need help in understanding how to use it
  3. I love the ripple editing. It's a huge addition. I guess using the 1/16 or 1/32 before the spot it'll be good especially if I set the nudge to 1/32. Then it's easier to find the beginning spot and find the target. I think I'll try that next time. I just installed the new 2021.01 update last night, it lists several improvement to the Arranger. Maybe it'll work better for you. I hope some one else replies that has had success with it.
  4. I saw this feature in 2021.01 "Arranger section inclusion of outlying MIDI notes. When dragging sections or committing arrangements, Cakewalk has logic for dealing with leading/trailing MIDI notes that overlap section boundaries." Sometimes I want to copy a midi piano from Verse 2 to Verse 1. If it starts on or near the downbeat of the selection, I quantize beat 1 so the piano is exactly on beat 1, because if I don't and the piano starts even 1 click before beat 1 it won't copy. Apparently the Arranger feature solves this. I've never used the Arranger, so I'm not sure if I should try to use this in this situation or if there's a way to copy a piano track with leading/trailing MIDI notes that overlap the selection boundaries and paste it to Verse 1.
  5. When I found out I couldn't use an ISO file I thought like you that Nero could problem do it and I could send the client my free copy of Nero for him to install along with the Nero file. I noticed your file was a NRA file. That sounds more like audio. Here's maybe part of the problem, I used CD Architect to create my original CD I then uploaded it to Oasis CD Duplicator and created a test CD. I first put the test CD in Nero and chose "Copy CD" it then created an .NRG file in my E:\My Documents folder. I then copied the NRG file to a different computer in E:\My Documents folder. I Opened the NRG file in Nero and everything looked ok until I hit "Burn" then instead of prompting for a CD I got this "Save Image As" window. My situation is different from what you outlined, because I'm forced to burn the test CD from Oasis. Weird things can happen with an upload due to the internet and various computer problems, so I felt he needed to check out the test CD not my original. I do have a 2nd CD to do with him, so do you think Nero would work in my situation?
  6. I was certain that exactly how I could do it, until I tried and then started reading articles saying that an audio CD is different from a data CD and the ISO image won't work. If you've successfully done this let me know. Maybe there is a specialized ISO that will work with audio.
  7. I'm not wanting him to get separate wav files from a zip file, I wanted to send him 1 file like a ISO that he could easily burn an exact copy of the audio test CD from the upload I did to the CD duplicator
  8. I sent him the wav files with wetransfer and walked him through the upload and he burned the test CD. I'm surprised there's no ISO type file for audio CDs. DDP is what the duplicator uses, but they didn't have any solutions for getting the client a file to burn the test CD
  9. I've done a CD project for a client and we're trying to save time by uploading to the duplicator. I uploaded it and made a test CD of the upload and thought I could just make an ISO copy of it, send it to him and he could burn an audio CD from that. But ISO files don't work for audio CD's. Does anyone know how I can send him the exact copy of the test CD?
  10. I just tried Aim Assist and couldn't get it to do it. So I think it's something else that's causing this. The selection is following my mouse curser with no buttons pressed down. If I hold my left button down, I can get the selection to follow my curser. Maybe my left button is sticking. If any one has any clues about this, or has experienced this, please chime in.
  11. I'll try that next time. I can see how easy it is to accidently press X. I think I'll disable that shortcut for X. I never use aim assist. Thanks
  12. For a long time I've been seeing some strange behavior In the clip pane if you left click and drag the mouse from the top to the bottom and then to the right or left you have a dark gray selection. But sometimes I have a dark gray selection follow my mouse without me dragging. I think if I click somewhere in the clip pane I can get it to stop. To me this is a strange quirk or bug, maybe it's a feature, but I don't like it. Does anyone know what this is?
  13. Thanks John, that's sure a good cheap solution I can pass on to some of my other clients. It turns out this guy does have a decent mic and a Focusrite interface. He called it a Focusrite Fate, but I must have misunderstood him. I didn't find that one. But regardless I know Focusrite is a good product so he should be in good shape.
  14. It turns out he does have a decent mic and a Focusrite interface. He called it a Focusrite Fate, but I must have misunderstood him. I didn't find that one. But regardless I know Focusrite is a good product so he should be in good shape. On my DAW I do use my Realtec audio to playback Win Media player. It's very convenient and doesn't cause conflict with my AVB audio interface. And the playback quality seems fine. I agree about the mic inputs. I'm so glad he has the Focusrite that should do it and that eliminates the possibly of syncing issues and not needed ASIO4all or WASAPI Thanks everyone for the excellent help and suggestions
  15. I have a Singer/Songwriter who has a laptop which is 1.5 years old with a Celeron processor + 4 gigs of RAM and onboard Realtec audio. He installed Cakewalk. All he wants to do is to import my stereo music track and record a few vocals. I know it's not great quality, but will this work?
  16. gmp

    V-Vocal launch crashes CbB

    I have Melodyne assistant, but still prefer to use V-Vocal. For me to prevent it from crashing, I have to disconnect all soft synths. Then save and close the file and double click the file to reopen it. You can't go from one file to the V-Vocal file, you must close CbB first then reopen it by double clicking the file. Doing this seems to clear out the RAM. Once I do that V-Vocal never crashes. It seems to have something to do with RAM. My template with the soft synths uses 3.5 gigs of RAM. After I tune a clip I bounce it to track to eliminate V-Vocal. I only work in small clips and it never crashes working this way with CbB.
  17. Check my original top post and try the test I outlined and let us know if it works for you. I don't think It has anything to do with drive access, since I can set up a new song with those sorts of different HD's in the box. It's only when I want to change this after the song is created.
  18. I've been using the same sort of audio path's as you have, using different HD's. Sonar didn't have this problem. Wish they'd fix it.
  19. Thanks Max, it turns out now I can't get it to misbehave. I know I closed and reopened CbB and it still did it. Then I again closed and reopened and tried it on a blank template - it did it. I then tried 2020.04 and it was fine. I thought sure I rebooted the computer, maybe I didn't but now it's not doing this. Sorry for the false alarm. But thank also for the cool tip of delete all Env on that bus. Edit-> select special Click env’s. I've used that for tracks but not a bus. That's a handy trick. If it does happen again that will be the first thing I try
  20. 2020.05 is not working correctly with Bus automation. Many times I add an automation envelope to my main output bus. Even though the envelope shows the current level, the volume widget shows -INF, as soon as I hit play. If I use this widget to write new envelope nodes with my mouse I can hear the sound, but as soon as I let the mouse go the volume jumps back down to -INF. I also tried this on my template. I then went back to 2020.04 and it worked fine.
  21. You say "if I delete some of the instruments". Do you mean you delete all the soft synths or some? Or delete other TS-1's? What exactly are you deleting?
  22. Hey abacab thanks for the old Cakewalk account link. I assumed after 2 years of CbB, it would not work anymore. I know Noel said we'd have access to that for a while but couldn't say how long. I hope it's permanent. Although it's doubtful I'd need it since I have downloaded the files on a regular basis over the years and still have all my CD's and DVD's, since 1992. It's still very good for all the users in case they need something. With my initial problems with TTS-1, I was wondering if I needed to download something, but I've got it working fine now. My suspicion is since the crash was happening as soon as you'd hit a midi note on your keyboard that it had something to do with the settings on the midi track, most likely the midi input.
  23. Thanks for the detailed post. I checked plugin manager to see what DLL I was using and the only one that's in the 64 bit shared DXi folder is the latest one 2018 like you have. I then loaded the default normal template from 2017 and TTS-1 works fine with that. Then I tried again the song I wanted the TTS-1 on and this time it worked - no crash. This is surprising after 2 crashes in a row and all the other posts of the same crash problem. So it appears there's something a little quirky about this plugin. For my future reference I documented the steps I took to get it to work. Possibly this will help someone else in the future. Some of this is unique to my setup like the MOTU midi interface and the Ivory output OPEN TTS-1 IN SYNTH RACK CHOOSE DEFAULTS GO TO AUDIO TRACK AND CHOOSE IVORY OUTPUT GO TO MIDI TRACK AND CHOOSE MOTU MIDI AND CHANNEL - 1-TTS 1 OPEN TTS-1 WINDOW CHOOSE PRESET PUT ACTIVE TRACK ON MIDI TRACK - PLAY So Craig Anderton, I don't need the DX wrapper. maybe it's already being used by CbB. I've rarely used this plugin, but after that endorsement by Craig, I'll definitely check it out more.
  24. I'm not sure what you mean by "only send it through one or two audio FX plug-ins and one or two spectrum analysis plug-ins" What I've tried is to open the Synth rack and hit the + button and add the TTS-1. I can then change the preset, but as soon as I hit a note on my keyboard it crashes. Others have reported the exact same thing in this thread with no solution. If you can outline what steps you take to make this work I'd appreciate it
  25. Craig, after looking at this long thread, it seems you are the only one who has a solution and are successfully using it with CbB. Can you tell us how to use the DX wrapper so we can use the TTS-1? I have a project that needs Steel Drums and after opening TTS-1 several times and choosing the Steel Drums and then having it instantly crash when I hit a midi note on my keyboard. I went ahead and tried the last Sonar Platinum and it works fine there and actually is an excellent Steel Drum sound. I have almost every version of CbB and tried this on the very first one April 2018 and got the same crash. I do have the 64 bit and 32 bit versions installed, so I'd love to try the DX wrapper, so I can use it. Please help.
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