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  1. no of course not, which is why you need to make plans (including replacements for the 32bit only ones) not trying to be funny, but software doesn't stop canging and at some point you do need to throw things away luckily for the world, i'm just a hobbyist so it's easy for me to do that bounce to audio your 32bit stuff and move forwards good luck
  2. respectfully, no you won't, and the sooner you start making plans to upgrade the better good luck
  3. or take singing lessons
  4. i thought i'd posted this, but no, here it is sitting in my reply box
  5. he gets stuffed down our throats in the uk, like the official mainstream busker
  6. i actually did this for musicab realguitar
  7. about time! there's been a huge gap in the market since Broomstick Bass disappeared off the radar...
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuSIDsWm-YQ - can't embed it :(
  9. they're both DX instruments, if that helps troubleshoot
  10. Worked with the bass player, both technicians in an art college
  11. i also enjoy great success with asio4all, great workaround for no dedicated interface, and super useful on a laptop
  12. do checkout e.a.r. at least lots of experimental ambient/analog synth stuff pk has really matured into an interesting artist
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