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  1. Doesn't say if the upgrade from Micro is also at discounted price, guess not
  2. If these things were implemented in CbB, it could become a serious contender for composers. Something like Cubase' Expression Maps controllable from the track ispector would be ideal. And just more robust overall automation and CC editing with the possibility of using envelopes instead of bars in the PRV and being able to export CC to envelope on instrument tracks.
  3. For those of you who didn't know, Steinberg (quietly) offers their old Model E synth for free. I tried it in CbB and it works and sounds great. Enable upsampling and apply some PC saturation and you are in Moog heaven! The download also includes a bass plugin (pretty cheesy) and a metronome... https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/unsupported_products/vst_classics_vol_1.html
  4. Cheeze Machine Pro is also $10 minimum. Great synth!
  5. He’s been fixing bugs a lot and people seem to like his plugins. KVR has some nasty characters who take pleasure in bashing developers, especially if they’re going down. His past behavior does seem odd but I really hope that he will bounce back and that his plugins continue to be improved and debugged.
  6. I think only the paid version of TX16Wx is comparable with Kontakt in terms of features. Kontakt’s effects, loop slicing capabilities, filters, routing, etc. are pretty incredible. It’s not just a library player, it really is one of the most powerful samplers ever made, once you get past the interface. Here’s an amazing tutorial on vocal sound design with Kontakt:
  7. https://support.soundiron.com/soundiron-rainy-day-song-writing-competition/
  8. Free: - Mercuriall free stuff. The Marshall emulations are insane. - Emissary from STL tones. Comes bundled with NadIR, a very nice impulse response loader. Cheap: - Mercuriall SS-11X. Clean, crunch, high gain, impulse loader (and tons of pro quality included impulses from different companies), overdrive pedals, reverb, gate, and a very nice tuner for $40.
  9. I bought it yesterday and I was happy to get a cheap synth. I found out then that it didn't have velocity to volume/modulation and I was sad. Now the update is announced and I'm happy again. What a ride! hahaha
  10. Thanks for your responses, guys. My power settings are all optimized. Furthermore, I used Reaper for several hours with no problem at all and CbB disconnects my devices in basically every session, every hour or so. Also, the audio drop error happens every time I switch sample rates.
  11. Hi, My Nektat Impact LX+ (or something) periodically disconnects and won’t send MIDI until I replug it or disable/enable it in the Preferences window. Also I get an error 13 dropout each time I change the sample rate (I meant buffer size, sorry) on my Focusrite iTrack solo with the recently released deivers. I solve it by unplugging/replugging too. I’m on Windows 10 latest build, 3rd generation i7, 2.3 ghz, 8 GB RAM. Cheers! EDITED*
  12. Yeah, Reaper and Samplitude do this and it’s a great feature.
  13. This would be great and it could be optional for those who want to keep it like before.
  14. I second this, it would make Cakewalk an even better program. I’m pretty sure they’re considering this already, based on the direction CbB seems to be heading, but it’s good that you brought it up.
  15. I actually recreated the track template using the same fx chain and it works fine! I’ll be creating several more track templates and I’ll let you know if I encounter any other issues. Thanks for all your hard work, I’m absolutely loving Cakewalk!
  16. Hi Noel, thanks for responding. I can't reproduce the crash because I can no longer access my "Effects" plugin layout from the Instruments tab in the browser. When I first created my Effects layout and before I created my Instruments layout, the Effects one appeared as an option in the Instruments drop down menu and the crash occurred when I selected it. I don't want to delete my layouts to try it out but I hope that helps. It's not an issue anymore anyways. The FX chain I created only contains one plugin (the amp sim) and I can see the audio going into it but it doesn't come out. It works fine when I drag it into the FX bin or into the ProChannel. It only goes silent when I insert it as a track template, which is a bummer since I would like to save my amp sim along with some ProChannel modules with favorite settings to recall later. I hope you have a nice weekend.
  17. I tried this and it works fairly well but it's a bit imprecise. Is there a way to edit the individual tempo markers? I also tried a function called "fit improvisation" which creates a tempo map from a MIDI performance. There's a video called "Sonar Tutorial - Fit Improvisation" that showcases the function but it seems to be completely broken. The tempo map that is created is completely off and my MIDI is slowed down... Is this broken or am I missing something? What would be the best way to report this?
  18. I haven’t installed Melodyne yet. Will the Essentials version work for this? Thanks!
  19. Hi, I've recorded a percussion instrument playing quarter notes and I'm attempting to create a tempo map based on it so the metronome and the grid follow the performance. AudioSnap recognizes the transients but when I click on 'Set project tempo from clip' I get some weird behaviors. If I set it to 'Beat' it creates a tempo map based on the average clip tempo, but if I set it to 'Measure' or 'Clip', the audio clip is moved forward a bit and the tempo map is all screwed up, not recognizing the transients as the new tempo. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
  20. Hi, When I started organizing my plugins and creating layouts for them, I didn't realize that you had to create one layout for effects and one for instruments. I made one for effects and then I tried selecting it from the instrument tab of the browser which prompted a crash. Another bug I found: I made an FX chain consisting of an amp sim plugin (Mercuriall SS-11x) and created a UI for it with knobs and buttons. I saved the FX chain and when I drag it from the browser into the ProChannel of an audio track, everything works as expected and I get an audio signal. But if I save the track with the FX chain in the ProChannel as a track template and then I insert the new track template there's no sound coming out of the amp sim. I can see the audio going into the plugin on the input monitoring meter on its graphic interface, but the output monitoring is not moving. If I bypass the FX chain module I can hear the guitar again. Can anyone reproduce this? Last update is great, btw. Thanks for the great efforts!
  21. Maybe try the beta Focusrite driver at beta.focusrite.com
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