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  1. This is Nuts! I've got a track with Session Drummer loaded up and data in it. It works fine. BUT...if at ANY point I make the "mistake" of pressing any key below C2 (the keys that fire off the pre-recorded "riffs") - after that, every time I press the "Play" Button, or the Spacebar (Play) - that same riff triggers !! I assure you that the key press was NOT recorded. Further, if I DUPLICATE the track and then delete the original, the issue doesn't occur. But if I then even touch one of those keys below C2...again, pressing the PLAY button will fire off the riff immediately. Any ideas?? Thanks !!
  2. Ted Chmura

    Panning issue

    Hey Brandon, any chance the track is routed through a bus that is panned?
  3. You guys are the best. I'm up and running and expect to be able to share some of my creations soon. I'm sure I'll have more questions, and look forward to "paying it forward" by answering a few questions as well. Thank you !! Ted
  4. GREETINGS from a LONG TIME SONAR user who "left the game" for a few years and is ready to get back in !! More specifically, I have a brand new dedicated Music Production computer with a totally "clean slate" and am looking to start installing Cakewalk. I'm fixated on one particular Q&A entry: Q. Will Cakewalk by BandLab support my SONAR Platinum plug-ins? A. Yes – as long as they are installed on your computer and have been previously authorized Now I have licensed the highest version of SONAR back to version 2 and I want to be sure that all those nice Synths, Fx, and Samples are available to me. I'm getting the feeling that I should FIRST install the older Command Center and use it to download and install SONAR and all the "old" content - and THEN install Cakewalk by Bandlab. My question is - is this in fact the "best" way to get a brand new computer setup with the latest/greatest version of Cakewalk WHILE STILL ENSURING ACCESS to all the "old" content from the prior versions of SONAR ?? Thanks in advance !! Ted
  5. Definitely want to "upvote" this idea. A part of the forum dedicated to the discussion of "Computers for Audio" would be totally awesome. I visited that part of the Legacy Cakewalk Forums all the time. In the meantime, would anyone be able to offer a link or links to forums on other sites (in addition to gearslutz and The Steel Guitar Forum, that is) that are dedicated to Audio Workstations? Thanks !!
  6. Ted Chmura


    Hey, that's quite nice !! I've been away from SONAR and these forums for a few years. Nice to be back and nice to hear a great little ditty like this one !!
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