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  1. Leizer

    My wife passed away

    I'm really sorry to hear that, Ken! Styrkekramar till dig och din familj.
  2. Leizer

    I'm back!

    And big thanks for that! I haven't bought any plugins for about 3 days now...
  3. Leizer

    Stealing soul ft Bapu & Jyemz

    Lol you did great on your own. Maybe a collab later on. "Nordic fury" suitable name? 🤣 I have my "studio" in the livingroom with a second child coming in about two weeks, so not much time for daw-ing now. We have planned the top floor for about 1,5 years and in august it hopefully is ready for moving in. Then I will get an own music room again.
  4. Leizer

    How Do You Master an Album?

    I cheat. I use Izotope Ozone.
  5. Leizer

    Presonus Announcement on May 21st

    Will they maybe change name to ProSonus and start with subscriptions?
  6. Leizer

    Diamonds In The Rough

    Good song, thanks for remixing and posting it again. I think the overall mix and arrangement is great, maybe the bass is a bit dominant in the verse? I listened in headphones, so take it with a pinch of salt. Love the 6/8+3/4 combo. And xylo percussion! Nice Peter Gabriel-ish sound on the vocal.
  7. Leizer

    Stealing soul ft Bapu & Jyemz

    Kjempegreit! So much energy unleashed on the chorus, and lovely verses as nice contrast. Good work all involved. 😀
  8. Leizer

    Picnic - a journey

    I took a listen to some Dolby songs. Didn't recognize them, but the style was very close to many of my early 90's songs! It's close to the tonality of Harold Faltermeyer, and from him I'm sure I got a lot of influence. (and from a guy called Ray Lynch - loved the soundscapes he created, Mr Mister etc). Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
  9. Leizer

    Picnic - a journey

    And thanks for listening, Douglas. Glad you liked it.
  10. Leizer

    Picnic - a journey

    LOL, no parody intentions here. I just try to do whatever comes up in my mind. The lyrics were written when i was around 20 years old, and over 20 years before I would get my first child. My second one is (hopefully) arriving in two months, and it's a boy... 🤣 Thank a lot, good idea about the snare. I have a hard time hearing such things until you point it out.
  11. Leizer

    Intel is pricey

    I have a i7-2600 (without k) as well! It's working fine with 16 Gig ram. It's a bit slow with the EW Hollywood orch diamond, but is workable with big orchestrations if you freeze parts in the mixing process. SSD for samples is helping a lot in this case I think. I will definitely go for an Intel processor next time as well.
  12. I picked up Pro MB on fabfilters site. And the upgrade to Pro Q3 after recommendations here. And then I thought I might need a de-esser, so picked up Pro DS as well. Then I got a really nice price on Pro G... dammit! Got it, of course. 🙄
  13. Leizer

    Picnic - a journey

    Thanks a lot!
  14. Leizer

    Picnic - a journey

    Thanks Daryl, glad you liked it.
  15. Leizer

    Picnic - a journey

    I'm glad you like it. The lyrics were originally without the baby concept, it was just about a spoiled teenager. I thought the lyrics were so bad and pointless so I added the baby cry in 2013 version, just to fool the listener a little. The lyric part of music creation is a dead end for me, I think I have only written 2 songs with lyrics since 1995... Great to hear about your Peavey DPM-3 journey! I didn't know they even did synths. I'm with you on the Windows (3.0-3.1) vendetta. I removed it and just used DOS until 1996-97 when I got W95. W3.0 lagged like crazy on my 386sx and I could start up my computer in 8 seconds getting to MS-DOS prompt. Thanks a lot.