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  1. Pages... I had big trouble finding their three albums (1978-1981) in the early webshops in the 90s. 😵
  2. Great cover Ken! It wasn't just a "look I did a metal cover of a synth pop song", you picked up the essence of the song. Good mix, maybe save some of the lower voice here and there for variation.
  3. Daryls dog is very happy I guess. My dog died 32 years ago, but I surely still can relate. Thanks Larry! Thanks mate! You're right there. Thanks! And that's a lovely voice. Thanks David! Never heard of, but sounds like a fun theme. Thanks for listening! I'm glad you liked it Bjorn. ☺️
  4. Hi there! I'm no lyricist, but I wanted to do a song (it has been 5 years since I wrote a song with lyrics) so I reached out to Daryl who I collaborated with several years ago playing violin. He accepted and it has been a real blast. He also was a great guidance in the mixing process. Thanks! My Dog Written by Staypress (lyrics) & Lasse Williamsson (music) Staypress - vocals and background vocals Lasse Williamsson - the rest While apart I thought about your face, nothing can replace, left an empty space Days and nights would never be the same, my life would be so plain without you You give me love, unconditional love You chase a ball and bark at the postman I take you walks, in all the parks And give you my food under the table Your the one that brightens up my days, in so many ways, clears my malaise When you look at me and wag your tail, my life would be so stale without you I sometimes don't feel worthy of the way you look at me The way you greet me when I open the door, Is a sight to see
  5. Great mix and arrangement mate, it sounded very authentic. What a way to enter the hip hop scene! 🤘 It must be lot of fun to do a project with your son, and then you also push yourself outside the usual style of music. Good work all of you, and a good thing he got you off your ar$e. ☺️
  6. Interesting theme! Nice scary mood on the intro/outro, very effective. I heard this - walking along a road, then in an amusement park passing different events. Perfect for a scary movie. 🤡 Good work!
  7. I enjoyed this a lot, very high quality both soundwise and playwise! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Leizer


    Nicely done, Bjorn! Very pleasant soundscape. I haven't tried any of the U-he softsynths but you found a bunch of suitable sounds here. You maybe could try go more nuts with the delays in the background so the echoes stays a little longer. Great work, now only 7 moons left (or 78 if you count them all)?
  9. Excellent work indeed. I have followed both of you at soundcloud for at least 6 years now, so I have a little insight of your qualities. Fantastic composition. The mix is very good. There are so many different parts so it must have been a lot of work to balance it all. I sometimes got a feeling the strings were to close or maybe to dry, but its a matter of taste and everything else is stellar. Great work!
  10. Leizer

    The Gas Giants 4

    Tasteful collection of sounds. I liked the intro a lot, fantastic echo soundscape. Crystallizer in there? Nice work!
  11. Hi Walt, good to see you here again! Lovely groovy song, very creative. Nice touch with the piano fills and voice inserts.
  12. Great stuff all around. If I compare to earlier BJZ songs I think the vocals fits better in the mix now. Well played in a great song.
  13. Nice mix, good blend of sounds. The guitar solos are outstanding! Great work everyone. 😎
  14. I have EWHO Diamond and I'm very interested in upgrading to Opus because I use EWHO a lot in orchestral projects. I have had lots of timing issues with strings and woodwind primarly, and there seems to be improvements in that area. I have EWHO Diamond currently on a 1 TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus m.2-disc, but there is only 97GB left on the disc. I also have a Samsung SSD 860 EVO with 1,5 TB left. On the m.2 I also have Ivory II, Soundiron Mars and Venus Choir, and Spitefire BBC SO Core. Would you in an upgrade: 1. Move EW Hollywood Brass (and the solo intruments, I probably won't use them) to the 860 EVO SSD so the rest of Opus fits on the m.2 2. Move Ivory II, Soundiron Mars and Venus Choir, and Spitefire BBC SO Core to the 860 EVO SSD so the whole Opus orchestra fits on the m.2 Ivory II is my go-to-piano and I use BBC orchestra a lot as well. I can't afford another m.2 disc at the moment.
  15. ...and who is the short guy standing between Benny and Charlie? 😮
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