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  1. Our bluegrass band has made a christmas song, "Dec 23rd". Music, lyrics and video art is made by the singer. I did the mix. Merry christmas everyone!
  2. Thanks everyone! Great idea about volume automation, why didnt I think of that? I start with trying that and see how it goes.
  3. I have been mixing a christmas song we recorded with our bluegrass band, and the mix was ok, but it is too dynamic (weak in the start/loud in the end). Is there a quick fix for this to even out the mix in the mastering stage and it still sounds nice? I haven't got the time for a re-mix. Compressor/limiter/multi-compressor? I got most of Izotope stuff, but dont know how to use it. I don't want it squashed. Just linear as it is now but a flatter line, if you know what I mean. Edit: It seems I get a better result with compression if I change not only band 1...
  4. Do you have 64GB ram (2*32 GB)? A friend of mine thought a dedicated GPU will ease the burden on the CPU? I also play some older games (like Fallout 4) but not so much. I also want the ability to have 3 monitors in the future (have 2 now), and not a VGA connected one. Good points, thanks!
  5. Thanks, got it. I was more after a "thumbs up" or thumbs down" from Jim, but that is still consultation as well. Good to know about the overseas service, I guess he later also can remote the system and optimize it for DAW use? I found his site so will hear him out there.
  6. I will buy a new DAW workstation before xmas, so what do you think of this build: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Leizer/saved/#view=CY6CLk Some thoughts: - Compatibility? Is something unnecessarily overkill? - Is the Noctua 12s enough for overclocked i9-9900K? Another part picker site said the Noctua 14s were to big or heavy for the build. - Not sure about the motherboard, is it too weak? I wanted support for USB3.1 gen2 (usb-c for ext. DVD-drive f.e.) that is in the chassi, as well as 3 M.2 SSD slots, and easy overclocking of the i9 to 5Ghz on all cores. Only 2 M.2 slots here. Is MSI MEG Z390 Ace a better choice, or ASRock Z390 Taichi? I have no clue if some cards/discs are covering other slots so they couldn't be used. - What memory speed shall I go for? (DDR4-3200 in this example) - Is 650W enough for overclocking and 5-6 HDD/SSDs? - I want a quiet machine. Are any parts particullary noisy? Change to?
  7. Thanks! Got it anyway. I will install later tonight and see what samples I (it) can find.
  8. Can you use the beats from AD2 (or import them) into XO?
  9. Thanks a lot Daryl. I know I'm trespassing on the Green way, so really glad you liked it. Wait for Black Friday, maybe it goes on sale then. There is a Panda Express in Stockholm. I obviously have to try it next time I'm passing by. Big thanks for the A+ and for listening! Thanks Bapu, glad to see you in here as well.
  10. Thanks! I have listened a lot to Casiopea earlier in the days, maybe there's some influence? Thanks Gary. I'm going to post an update soon with a bit more delay and reverb at least. Thanks for listening! A wetter version is on the way. Chomaphone is a... synth. https://www.applied-acoustics.com/chromaphone-2/
  11. Well, my main SSD is from early 2012, and have a secondary from around 2015. No probs so far here as well. I bake in the audio in each project folder nowadays, have had too much trouble with disappeared audio files over the years...
  12. Thanks! I think I have to do a song with those notes. In C flat.
  13. This is a great idea. I will implement this because Desktop, Downloads and Documents are the most growing and changing folders on my computer. Good to have them off the main drive.
  14. It's a pity 2TB M.2 discs are so expensive, otherwise I would have got one of those. But a slower regular SSD will do perfectly for most of my samples, so as you say it will probably work nicely splitting on two drives with different speed. I actually run Albion One from my 5400 rpm HDD at the moment, and it works just fine. It is running through Kontakt5 that is on the 1TB SSD though, so maybe that helps a little.
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