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  1. AAS and XLN Audio has been quick and very helpful with a few issues through the years. XLN gets often critique of not develope their software/making new ADPaks, but I like it and still use it.
  2. I had this one, superior with 32 kB memory!
  3. Today when I was going to dig into it, ...it just worked. It was obviously correctly connected, but for some reason believed it was a control surface. I think I did a restart of CbB, but not a reboot so that seems to have solved it (like so many other times!). 😂 Thanks for all help, also for all the "obvious" answers, because often the answer can be stupidly simple. CbB forum is the best!
  4. Sorry, I was unclear. It's a soft synth track I'm trying to record. My other USB keyboard works fine, and I have chosen both in the input list.
  5. I am trying to connect my Yamaha P-80 piano (MIDI out) to a RME UCX (MIDI in) interface. I got no sound at all and no reaction in the chosen CbB track and nothing is recorded, but on the other hand some keys trigger functions in Cakewalk. F.ex. metronome on/off, auto-punch toggle on/off and loop on/off. How do I get rid of the triggering keys and get the piano to actually play so I hear the sounds from the chosen track? If I set Local On in the piano I can hear the internal P-80 piano sound. The rear-panel HOST SELECT switch is set to “MIDI”. Easy fix? Please enlighten me.
  6. And it takes up (unneccesary?) space on the HDD. Not my kind of music either, but it sounds cool.
  7. Dammit. I was going to ask "Fleer, is this any good?" 🙄
  8. This is a problem I have had for a long time and every time I think "there has to be a solution". Maybe I have an ancient or very odd way of recording stuff, but anyway... For example: I record a melody in a track, then I record some completary notes on the same track with "sound on sound". Then I want to copy only the melody to another track (not the completary notes). The melody is hidden under the second recording! I've tried double-click, ALT-click, CTRL-click, SHIFT-click - nothing makes the melody move in front so I can copy it. Usually I get tired and shrink the second recording so I can see and mark the melody, but there has to be a simpler solution to this, right? Tell me, please. 🤔
  9. Ahh, thanks! The CbB master output was set to "headphones". When I changed output to speakers it worked, of course. Easy solution as always, you just have to think about it...
  10. On my working laptop (HP Elitebook), I have a CbB device setup with Focusrite 4i4 inputs and Realtek standard phones/speakers output (see pic). When I plug in phones in my HP Elitebook I can hear the sound from CbB output. If I play without the phones to use laptop speakers playback stops and I get faulty message (see other pic). I there a way to "fix" this? Or have I got this all wrong - that the Realtek speakers actually are lined out speakers from the phones jack or something, and not the internal HP speakers?
  11. "This website is under heavy load (queue full) We're sorry, too many people are accessing this website at the same time. We're working on this problem. Please try again later." Crap, just 27 days left.
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