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  1. Too bad I dont fill the req: "Pentium class CPU or greater, 32MB of RAM, SVGA video, PC running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10". Only have W10 on my newest computer. Other than that, I'm happy with my Finale 2011.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vThuwa5RZU
  3. Thanks Scook, that was it! Good to know, I removed it.
  4. I have started to use a new computer recently with W10 (had W7 on the old one) and can't drag'ndrop any audio whatsoever (wav/mp3) to any track. Is this a W10 fault, New CbB update (I have latest update) or is it a fault setting somewhere? It worked some month ago with W7 and CbB. I can import audio by the menu but that feels like 1900-ish and take much longer time.
  5. Thanks! I'm not sure I understand the use of the F buttons (saving clips or what), but I experiment with it later and see if I get it.
  6. Big thanks to Aslow3 for the amazing AZcontroller and preset for the obsolete Alphatrack. I bought a used one yesterday for 30$ and after years looking at another brands (bought a Faderport two years ago and send it back), this works great with win10 and CbB. Thanks Gswitz for compatibility info as well. I had to install driver as a win7 compatibility to get it installed properly. To be honest I didnt understand much of Aslow3s AZcontroller, but I followed his Alphatrack preset page and it worked directly with default settings. Two questions so far: -Is there a way to flip between tracks/buses without using the mouse? -What do F5-F8 do? Are they left for assigned functions?
  7. Here is someones demo of the strings that shows how it sounds out of the box: I have had it for a long time, but have had EWHO platinum for a longer time, so it always ends up with the later one. These strings has no vln1/vln2, just violins, but if you need it you can use the violins twice with different EQ/panning I guess. I took some time to "fiddle" around with it, and with expression/modulation you can get a pretty realistic string sound. Favorites: pizz (when you hit hard there is "bartok pizz") and violin espressivo. A no brainer, if you dont have any of the 400+$ libraries. Quick to use, perfect for mockups.
  8. EastWest has Spaces II upgrade from Spaces for $92! I think it was $199 last time I checked. http://www.soundsonline.com/spaces-II edit: Sale ends 22/2
  9. Great stuff all way through. Love the use of the guitar with the synth sounds, really fits great together.
  10. Our bluegrass band has made a christmas song, "Dec 23rd". Music, lyrics and video art is made by the singer. I did the mix. Merry christmas everyone!
  11. Thanks everyone! Great idea about volume automation, why didnt I think of that? I start with trying that and see how it goes.
  12. I have been mixing a christmas song we recorded with our bluegrass band, and the mix was ok, but it is too dynamic (weak in the start/loud in the end). Is there a quick fix for this to even out the mix in the mastering stage and it still sounds nice? I haven't got the time for a re-mix. Compressor/limiter/multi-compressor? I got most of Izotope stuff, but dont know how to use it. I don't want it squashed. Just linear as it is now but a flatter line, if you know what I mean. Edit: It seems I get a better result with compression if I change not only band 1...
  13. Do you have 64GB ram (2*32 GB)? A friend of mine thought a dedicated GPU will ease the burden on the CPU? I also play some older games (like Fallout 4) but not so much. I also want the ability to have 3 monitors in the future (have 2 now), and not a VGA connected one. Good points, thanks!
  14. Thanks, got it. I was more after a "thumbs up" or thumbs down" from Jim, but that is still consultation as well. Good to know about the overseas service, I guess he later also can remote the system and optimize it for DAW use? I found his site so will hear him out there.
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