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  1. I can't hear below 100Hz anymore so I probably won't have much input anyways. ðŸĶŧ Besides, how's the saying go? Bass players and drummers should be seen and not heard or something like that. 🙈🙉 btw, there is a fantastic assortment of emojis here. 👍👍
  2. It's settled. The debate is over. You can't mix and master 100% in the box. I've tried. It's been going on 25 years. It can't be done. It's funny. I used to use crappy headphones and tiny single driver Technics toy speakers using only a Realtek chip on my P3 mobo with only 2 or 3 hours to spend on a Sunday because I worked 6 days a week. My mixes and masters came out better then using Sonar Pro Audio 9 than my mixes do now using Yamaha HS-8's, subwoofer, AKG headphones, Ozone 9 Advanced plus over $2K in other VST's, interface 9,000 times better than I ever had, more time than I know what to do with to spend on it, using S1Pro and CbB. Maybe it's an age/hearing thing. There was a guy on the old forum who was extremely talented at mixing and mastering. He mastered everything using one of those inexpensive ART Compressors. I have one boxed away. I may give that a try. But boy, you'd think this would get easier with all the advanced hardware and software we have at our fingertips now days. I just did a song and posted the other day. The mix was ok for a first try and only using cans but sounded rough in the car. I used O9A's tonal control, did an automatic mastering, and nothing I do gets rid of that harsh digital sound. Bapu, your stuff sounds excellent as well as a lot of other guys here. Are you all ITB or do you use hardware when mixing and mastering? Please don't tell me you use LandR. Hah.
  3. Looking forward to some epic bass solo's. ðŸĪ˜
  4. I wonder if this would work with upgrading Guitar Rig? I'm on V4, I see it's at 6 now but they want $99 to upgrade. Edit: Nope. It doesn't work.
  5. There is some fantastic talent on Twitch. Sabrina's Solo Show is live now. She's awesome. Normally does 70's ~ 90's rock but she's doing a Disney night tonight. Plays guitar, kazoo, and has a kick/snare on foot pedals behind her.
  6. Believe it or not I had a hard time finding a gif. Seems Win10 can prevent you from downloading images from certain places and this was the only one I could d/l out of the dozen or so that came up first when I searched. 👎
  7. Nothin' eh? [Rodney's voice] Boy I tell ya, tough crowd. [/Rodney's voice]
  8. Please don't laugh, but Yesterday Once More and Superstar by The Carpenters. I swear that woman's voice is what Melodyne used to calibrate their software.
  9. You're bored? I've been sitting here since February 2020. I went to the county courthouse to get the plans for my house to see which exposed floor beams would support a noose for a 250 lb man. Pfft.
  10. It's horrible actually. I miss work terribly but when I decided to get out of the office equipment business I couldn't get hired anywhere else. As I said, the wife is an engineer. We do great on what she makes so I don't need a high paying job anymore. But I couldn't even get a job as a temp at a factory. Middle aged guys who look like my avatar have a target on our backs now. We have for a while. Hang on to what you have for dear life because you're screwed with a capital F if you lose it and have to start over. I would be in the street if not for her and believe me, it's not for lack of trying. I applied for 187 jobs in Iowa when the company I worked for went under. I got 1 call back 1.5 years later and I took the job but had to quit when we were forced to move to MO for her new job. Nothing has been right since. 9 years later. Bill! The meds!
  11. I doubt they even let kids play dodge ball at school anymore. They probably all sit around in their safe zones hugging each other and drawing pictures of kittens and various fluffy animals sipping soy based juice box made of 100% recyclable containers. These damn seniors in high school these days. I tell you. EDIT: 'There's ... something ... on ... thewing!'
  12. Thanks. I couldn't imagine having to be exposed to this the entire time. My wife is an engineer and has been working from home since late Feb. She's on her PC 10 hours a day. Don't know how she can stand it. At least I'm doing something fun when I'm on. They changed their policies to where you can stay home and work whenever you want to now. Even after this is over. There's only a few people who have started going back in to her office. There's over 5K where she works. I gave up looking for work down here and started doing my own thing but that has amounted to me focusing on finishing the fixer upper house we bought. The only thing I could find was going to downtown KC every day and I'd rather live in a van down by the river than do that. My wife had to go to Boston 3 days last week, come home for the weekend, then go right back Monday for another 3 days. Next month the poor thing has to go to Waikiki for 2 weeks, over Valentines day. I can't go because our last dog is 16 and not doing good and requires 24/7 care. It's getting exhausting. So I'll probably be here a lot in the next month or so, wallowing in self pity. 😛 Bill! Don't forget to take your meds! You know how forgetful us old timers are! 😁
  13. I should just stop now. LOL! *ducking for cover* But historically AMD has always been less powerful and stable than Intel CPU's. The problems usually fell in the cache amounts, actual operating speeds, that kind of thing. Bottlenecking used to be a problem. But things have changed significantly in recent years. The gap between AMD and Intel is closing. 👍 Depending on how demanding you are on your DAW I doubt you would see a difference these days.
  14. Hopefully they got the blaze under control. The article says it started in 2011. ðŸĪŠ
  15. Nah, you didn't steal the thread. It doesn't get any more Dave Edmunds than this so it's appropriate. Out of fear of getting sued for copyright stuff I have everything set to private so only people with a link can listen. Maybe that's why you can't leave a like there? I always thought he was underrated too. I had an original pressing of the album this song was on but I lost all my LP's when my basement flooded. 700 + LP's. I didn't know it flooded until I started to smell something very musty and moldy coming from somewhere after about 2 weeks and I went down in the basement. I had just moved in a couple months prior and all my LP's were still in boxes on the floor. Uhg.
  16. Tis' I. I'm still dead inside, they've just made a lot of advancements with plastic surgery. 😁 I got away from music and forums and the net completely for a few years. Had a lot going on 'round home. Was hit by someone who ran a stop sign. Had surgery a few months ago and have to go in again in a couple months (not related to accident). Been locked in since Feb 2020 and finished all my inside home remodel projects and decided to get back in to recording again while it's still too cold to do anything outside. Once spring rolls around I'll be gone again. Glad to see most of the old timers are still here. I'm loving CbB. It's running rock solid. I keep bouncing between it and S1. It's hard because I love both but CbB is like an old friend when I fire it up and I still think it's the best looking and easiest to use DAW. S1 is getting too complicated for my old brain. There's a lot crammed in there and it's only a matter of time before it starts to crumble. Hah. I just got a new Presonus 1810c interface and latency is better in CbB than S1 on my system ... 👍
  17. South of KC in an "odd" little town just NW of Harrisonville. If you look at a map the name sticks out like a sore thumb. I don't live in town but out in the country.
  18. I saw video's of people freaking out because they thought you could get C19 from iPhones. True story.
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