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  1. No. It's a great song and it was relevant. Nothing more nothing less.
  2. 😄 It was painful to install too. It's murder on the knees even with knee pads kneeling down for hours. It took 2 days. I looked in to making IRs on youtube. If I can remember how to get my video back on my daw I'll make one. I know what's wrong. The Intel video is stuck at 4K and but it sees my monitor as 1080. IOW I have a 1/4 of the screen displayed. All I can see is the upper left corner of the login screen which is a blank area. I forget how I fixed it before. I think I did a blind login then a shortcut to resize windows or something like that. I really wish I could find a G.D. video card that's not triple what it should be. It's b.s. and pissing me off. I'm dead in the water right now.
  3. I've never made an IR before but I'll give it a try and post. It would be cool to use it on my recordings. First I have to fix my DAW. No video output. I remodelled my bathroom a while ago. It's huge with a vaulted ceiling too but no crown moulding. It has almost no reverb. I'm pretty convinced it's the crown.
  4. I gutted and remodeled the front entrance to our house. I ripped out the dated tile floor and put new down, patched the walls and repainted, stripped and restored all the dark stained doors and trim. Everything is the same except I added crown moulding on the vaulted ceiling and added a decoupling layer under the new tile. I finished painting the entry doors and reinstalled them. It's quite a process. I had to spray 5 coats of primer because I couldn't get the good stuff from Sherman Williams and then I did the normal 3 coats of enamel. When I closed the doors it instantly turned in to a reverb chamber. It blew my mind. It was not like that before I did the remodelling. The only change was the addition of the crown moulding. That has to be it. I also added a plastic decoupling membrane under the tile but I doubt that had any effect. I use it on all my tile jobs and never noticed a sound difference. I sat in there on the floor playing my acoustic for an hour. It sounds incredible in there. Here's a couple pics of the orange membrane and the finished room with a view of the crown moulding. The front door is still original. It's the last thing I need to restore and refinish.
  5. Don't know if you remember pet rocks. I had one of these ...
  6. Do a search on youtube for DIY LED infinity mirrors. I plan in making a couple and putting in my home studio. I've seen mirrors, clocks, table tops, and I think a big VU meter also. With these cheap color changing/light show LED strips now you can make some really cool looking stuff. You can buy them pre-made. I've seen some cool ones on Etsy but were expensive. DIY LED cubes are cool too. You can make simple ones to really advanced Arduino based ones.
  7. That's the first I actually laughed in a very long time. Thanks Steve. LOFL. There's got to be an Ozone joke to squeeze in there with that somehow.
  8. They are an oddity for sure. For example "fuzz" was an optional circuit you could have custom installed. They are incredibly clean yet have a tube like sound. John Fogerty used them in CCR. IIRC he still tours with his original Kustom rig. I just watched a vid on utoob of a guy comparing a bunch of SS amps. The best sounding one to me was his tiny little VOX 15W amp. Then toward the middle he pulls out a 15" Combo he said steel guitar players used. I couldn't believe it. I had no idea they were still made. The title says SS amps suck but it's a play on words. My fav is the VOX and the 15" steel guitar amp ... with 2nd optional 15" cabinet.
  9. Sorry. Can't see your post. Nope. Didn't come through. Not visible. Must ... resist ...
  10. Yeah. They didn't think it through when they got rid of the tuck and roll design. 😁 Btw that pic is directly from their site. Hah. They also make a higher watt version of it. I absolutely love my Fender Champion 100 modelling amp. Cheap, sounds great, basic modelling and fx. Best sounding amp I have ever owned for the type of music I do. Ya know what I don't get is why someone doesn't make a 1 x 15 combo anymore. Kustom used to. I played a very old cream colored 1 x 15 combo tuck and roll once and man what a sound.
  11. I played one of these recently. I was shocked. $249 for 2x12 30W built in fx. They have a whole new line of amps. www.kustom.com. A 100 Watt head for $199.
  12. It's cute. Does it have a built in non-stick tuner?
  13. He needs to do some serious manscaping.
  14. He's been on more recordings than you can shake a stick at. He was one of The Wrecking Crew. The Monkey's got a bad rap for not doing their own recordings because most popular recordings in the 50s and 60s were done by Campbell and/or a small group of others. This documentary is free on Youtube. I've watched it 5 or 6 times.
  15. The capitol of Atlantis isn't far from there at The Richat Structure where his main mansion used to be before the tsunami. I'm guessing he had the pyramids built as a second home when he lived there long before the catastrophe hit.
  16. I read an article that dna testing showed the oldest found pharaoh mummies were of European descent. So it's quite possible Keef had some input in the pyramids construction.
  17. When I was a kid we used to put a drop oil on the back tires of our slot cars and hold them in place at full throttle till they started to smoke. It made the rubber really sticky even after it cooled and you could take corners really fast without whipping your car off the track.
  18. It's ok to get lubricated once in a while. Just don't overdo it. 👍
  19. On a serious note (G#) what you are experiencing is usually caused by a chemical reaction. For example certain teflon based lubricants like Tri-Flow will do this to some types of rubber. We used to use it on the scanner rails on copiers until we realized that the teflon separates from the fluid carrier and becomes sticky over time. I mention this because our local guitar store used to sell it and labelled it 'all natural banana lube' for lubing the bridge and nut. Tri-Flow smells like that. They just re-bottled and relabelled it. So certain guitar lubes can cause that reaction. If you are changing strings and lubing and using your tuner to set up your guitar and get some on it it will get sticky iver time. My tuner is about 8 years old and still like new but I don't use any lubes on my guitars. S1 has a stock tuner vst ... 😁
  20. If you live in California then yes. It has cancer causing materials in it. Apparently everything causes cancer in California. So I've read. On the back of every item I've ever owned.
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