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  1. Preferences/Project/Record/Recording Mode/Comping? You can mute any tracks you don't wish to hear during recording.
  2. Convex and Subvert are also $5. Palindrome for $10. Glitchmachines are great for those times when I just don't know what to do next.
  3. Understated indeed. They finally dumped the XP-era code for the fly-out plug-in menus. No matter how many folders and plug-ins one has, the menus fit on the screen without the need for scrolling.
  4. As I always prefer to use instruments in "split" configuration, where I have access to the Synth track and MIDI track separately, I regularly insert synth tracks without wishing to also create a corresponding MIDI track. I've usually used the Global Insert menu for this, or sometimes Synth Rack. My issue is that there is no command that I can assign to a keyboard shortcut (or Custom Module button) to insert a soft synth. At least there's not one that I can find. If I'm wrong about that, please inform me, if I'm right, can we get such a command?
  5. A trick I found out recently: if you have a lot of the same type of plug-in and wish to put them all in the same new category, you can select multiples using the Shift key.
  6. Seems to be deprecated in 2021.04 with the new cascading menu system.
  7. In the interests of helping to keep TYLIP up with the most current developments, I wish to inform the author that as of 2021.04, the Arranger Inspector's background now follows Background #1. This caused me a bit of consternation with Racing Green, as the color I was using for Background #1 looked a tad gaudy when applied to such a large expanse. I had to tone it down. Most STH lords and ladies don't go as far as I do with Background #1, so it likely won't be an issue for most themes. Another suggestion I have for future editions of TYLIP is a mention of the Theme Editor Toolkit folder found in Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Themes. Within this folder the intrepid theme creator can find 20 different complete sets of Console faders (I use 02 in my custom theme, and also recommend taking a look at 07 if one would like a change from the standard faders). There are also 39 sets of Console and Track meters in a variety of colors including green, white, purple, yellow, orange, and blue. All of them of course fit with no alteration needed.
  8. Updated for Cakewalk 2021.4 requirements. Also adds more green here and there.
  9. The Cakewalk forum is a relatively friendly place for that, given that the software runs on Windows (or an emulation of it) only. I consider myself "a mostly satisfied Microsoft customer." I'm not 100% sold on the way they go about things, but Windows 10 happens to be the best bet for the kind of work I do on computers. I like that they support legacy hardware pretty well, but I don't like that so many of my fellow A/V producers get driver and configuration issues after forced updates. Hasn't hit me so far, but who knows. My Firewire port and interfaces are pretty old, unsupported by their manufacturer. Perhaps someday there will be a Windows update that will render them unusable except as 8-input standalone mixers.
  10. I am happy to learn this. How did you find out?
  11. Very nice. The round buttons are a welcome touch, and yours is the first theme I've seen to use them. The human eye and brain responds more favorably to rounded things than to sharp things. Sharp things alert us to take caution. Walt Disney used this in the creation of Mickey Mouse, who is all round shapes. Felix the Cat, who ultimately proved less popular, had pointy ears. Disney used to chalk up part of Mickey's ultimate success to this. For a more contemporary example, Rick 'n' Morty. Rick, the harsher personality, has spiked hair, while Morty, a very soft personality, has a round head. The biggest reason that I miss the Windows 7 UI, the window corners were slightly rounded. Given the ability, I would give all the corners in my themes a slight arc.
  12. Wow, no VST3 support is like not having 64-bit support would have been not so long ago. Thumbs-down to them for trying to squeeze even $15 out of people. Do you think that inMusic even has a "development team" as such these days? My impression is that they canned the last of the SONiVOX and AIR people right after the last new AIR synth shipped. Wasn't that a drum machine? Whatever the last product launch was. The latest in a long line of their KVR support forum punching bags put out a call for beta testers back in February which I assume was for Catalina support on the Mac side and the big PACE installer issue on the Windows side. How many $9 licenses do you have to sell to pay for one developer?
  13. Last night I decided to put my money where my mouth is and created a song using nothing as audio sources but JST Frat Gang Vocals samples. The rest is courtesy of my plug-in collection. These include FX from Freakshow Industries, Glitchmachines, Unfiltered Audio, W.A. Production, Cableguys, Audiomodern, and Native Instruments. It's true what they say that these days all you need is a sample pack and FX to make a hit record. Plato's Cavemen: "Delta Beta Glee."
  14. It's a test of your loyalty. True loyalty needs no "rewards."
  15. I guess because so many people couldn't do Spring Break this year? Fratboy sample pack begs for the application of Freakshow Industries FX to it. Freakshow, Glitchmachines, Unfiltered Audio, daddy's brought you a lovely dinner. BYOME, MISHBY, Cataract, remember that everyone needs to eat, and some friends from W.A. Production might show up at the party. Instant Delay and Dumpster Fire get to go first because they're the littlest.
  16. This young lady has made one of the best video tutorial/reviews on Palindrome, the sounds she gets tend toward my tastes, which is always nice in a demo:
  17. What kind of stuff do you find interesting? I'm sure we all have multiple licenses floating around. My extras tend to be things that were time-limited freebies, so maybe if there's something you missed....
  18. Tengo LEVELS. ¿Donde está BASSROOM? Ai, licencia gratis del BASSROOM es solamente para usarios de Estudio Uno.
  19. Any Glitchmachines instrument is worth $12 even if you never stray from the presets. A few years ago I bought Cataract sort of by accident on deep discount. I hadn't gotten back into drone/industrial/ambient yet and for some reason I thought it was more like Sitala and Speedrum. I think I just saw "sampler" and snagged it. Now of course I love it. Palindrome has the coolest looking interface ev-ar, but it's also in my experience the hardest one of their samplers to get my head around. It takes your sample, represented by the purple dots, on a trip around the purple lines. The lines are in certain shapes; you can use either the preset ones or create your own. Traveling to each quadrant takes it to different parameters and morphs it with the other samples. As with most of their stuff, it's not the sort of thing where "I have this sound in my head and I'm going to create it step-by-step," it's more "I'll drop a few cool samples in here and see what happens." And yes, you can drag and drop audio clips directly from a Cakewalk audio track to the Palindrome UI, so way easy to set your samples up using CbB rather than trying to futz with them in the Palindrome UI or external audio editor. It also comes with a library of over 350 samples you can use wherever you want. If I have a complaint with any of Glitchmachines amazing products, it's that I don't always want to make a sound that "grinds," and it takes some effort to use the cool features but keep it more ambient and less industrial. They obviously love metallic, dissonant tones. I do too, sometimes, but what I like best about this type of software are the rhythmic and psychoacoustic possibilities. Also, I don't always want to completely obliterate my original sample. I find it easier to get that kind of result with Unfiltered Audio's stuff and MRhythmizer, but if you're doing sound design, it's the journey, innit? I bought Palindrome just for the UI when it was $10. Irresistible:
  20. Yes, a custom "Lens," when it was called that, is a good thing to do. The thing about lenses/workspaces is that every time I've tried to make one and use it, at some point I wind up looking for a feature, not being able to find it, forgetting I'm using my custom workspace, and getting ready to submit a bug report. 😄
  21. I just want to say here that this is one of the things I love about this forum: despite the unhelpful troll-y nature of the OP, the discussion mutated into this helpful, long, thought-provoking thread that's now gone on for 6 months. It's like going to a wrestling match where one guy pins the other one and instead of going on and beating on each other, they start talking with about the difficulties of being pro wrestlers and reminiscing about how things were back in the day when they were getting started, how the rules have changed, etc. 😂
  22. What a headache to get this thing installed/registered/authorized! Part of my confusion is the variety of installation and authorization programs that IK has: there's IK Authorization Manager, which has worked fine in the past, just put in the serial number and I'm done, then there's the new IK Product Manager, which is supposed to let me "Register, Download, Install, Authorize....from one central location," and which has only ever worked for the "Download, Install" parts of the process for me. Then there's the Custom Shop, which is somehow involved in the process. Even though they are pushing this all-in-one Product Manager, the instructions say to install Amplitube Custom Shop, which I already had, and do "Restore My Purchases." Which I did after my usual lengthy digging process to figure out where they had moved it to this revision, and which joyfully tells me that it has restored all my purchases. I go to my usual location for reading my serial numbers, the My Products section of the website, and there's no serial for the Triple Rectifier, but with a bit more digging inside the plug-in UI, it's in there. I think the biggest issue that tripped me up was that I wasn't sure where to look to confirm registration and installation. The serial doesn't show anywhere that I can see. There's no confirmation that this specific new amp model has been installed, just the blanket notification that my purchases had been "restored." Most software/product installers show some indication that the software is installed and ready to use.
  23. Dropping support for 32-bit DAW's saves a few megs of disk space right there, as they never made that optional. I sent them a polite plea to cool it with the redundant installations a couple of months ago. I detailed how much needless redundancy there was and fawned about how I love their products. Maybe my communication helped. And I do, the soundpacks are fantastic, and I got the ObjeqDelay freebie at PB. Just amazing stuff, both the instruments and FX. Couple of things about whether or not to update: if like me you don't have any of the full instruments and you're using the Player, the soundpack/Swatches sounds have been updated along with the new version of Chromophone. The patches don't sound exactly the same, they use the new engine and have been redone to make use of the new capabilities. They sound bigger and deeper. Also, they typically update Swatches to include samples of whatever soundpacks came out since the last revision. It all works a treat on my systems, although what I think is a resource leak is still there in lesser form. It now takes a lot longer to manifest. And fortunately it only happens when the plug-in is actively playing back, so unless like me you fall asleep at your workstation with your latest ambient drone looping away (a good sign for that genre), you probably won't see it.
  24. Well, you turned me on to the fact that I can select multiple plug-ins in the Browser.
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