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  1. "could result in a slight disruption in playback" When I tried to enable it, the first project I opened emitted a rapid series of loud pops and then Cakewalk went silent until I restarted it. Is that what they mean by "slight?"
  2. But y'know, for heaven's sake, it also says "Cakewalk by BandLab released: Learn More." And if you click on that "Buy Now" button it takes you to a statement by Noel about Gibson's halt to Cakewalk, Inc. operations. Apologies to the confused, and I understand that English is not the OP's first language, but it's hard not to learn about Cakewalk by BandLab once you get to the old company's website. This forum also has a search function, and these questions have been asked and answered many times.
  3. What does the Cancel button do, exactly? Does it revert your plug-in's settings to how they were before you last opened the UI?
  4. The reply is the best way, because it will bump the topic to the top.
  5. j/k: Cakewalk could at least throw a warning dialog if the project length to be rendered is greater than a week. I must wonder, if Alvaro had let it finish, how long it would have taken and what the file size would have been.
  6. Not recommended. SONAR Platinum had hundreds of bugs in its code that have long since been fixed in Cakewalk by BandLab.'s. The behavior you describe is only one of them. Just install Cakewalk by BandLab to the default directory. It won't overwrite SONAR. Your old projects will open just fine in Cakewalk By BandLab, and you'll have access to more features and an overall better optimized DAW. All of the premium content and plug-ins that were bundled with SONAR Platinum will be available for use in Cakewalk. If things go wrong, SONAR is old and unsupported. Cakewalk is up to date and fully supported.
  7. I used the trick from YLIP of setting the background color via the medium Custom Module background. Then I changed some of the module backgrounds to full transparent. It was an experiment in getting away from the Control Bar being made up of modules that are like tiles and more toward the idea of it being a monolithic surface that can be customized, if that makes sense. I don't think the modules need to look separate from each other. I had some fun with the Ripple Edit button, making an oblong transparent cutout for the "off" state. With my purple menu bar, the orange text stands out and helps draw the eye to it One element that frustrated me was the Track view Now Time display background. I guess it's not themeable, and it's a lighter grey. I don't really use it, so not a big deal for me, but when it's enabled, it stands out where I'd like the numbers to appear over the same color as the surrounding element.
  8. Yes!! The cover of Batman: The Killing Joke. It hadn't occurred to me that it might not be a coincidence that EVA 01's color scheme is not dissimilar. Okay, well, thanks to your input, I toned down the Console View by making Background #1 a darker (via transparency) green. No more loud purple in the Console View. There is an intended positive psychological effect here, BTW. The Track View has all the purple/orange, which increases alertness for recording, editing and comping, while the Console View is now more subdued for long haul mixing.
  9. Right, Synthedit. In any case, I'm disappointed in PB for keeping these in the store. The people who are going to get snookered are inexperienced users. PB are usually savvy about getting people interested, with their monthly freebies and sales. Also, I usually trust them to have plug-ins that at least function. It's like any other retailer: if I buy a new guitar at Guitar Center, it's going to be at a certain quality level (at least since they stopped selling Behringer guitars!). They want return business rather than "I bought this crappy axe at Guitar Center, next time I'll shop somewhere else." Or worse, the beginner will decide not to go ahead with the hobby. Which means that the retailer will miss out on future sales when they want a better axe, strings, amp, etc.
  10. I hear ya. But a big part of the exercise was to see what I could do while restricting myself to 4 colors. I think the first thing I'm going to adjust is the Console View separators. That's just too eye-popping.
  11. The entire range of Minimal System Group fx and synths, all of which are 32-bit only. https://www.pluginboutique.com/deals/show?sale_id=7631 I'm posting this because the idea of it baffles me. It seems uncharacteristically irresponsible for PB to sell people 32-bit plug-ins with no upgrade path.
  12. Purple, orange, green and black. Those are the distinctive colors of EVA 01, the bio-mecha piloted by Shinji Ikari, the protagonist of classic anime series Neon Genesis: Evangelion. After deciding I liked the look of the mecha, I found the exact color numbers used and set about changing as many Cakewalk UI elements to them as I could (minus certain buttons that I consider standardized). I've tried to work in a few things that I don't usually see customized, and tried out some new techniques involving use of transparency. There is a "flat" version for people who prefer that, it's the same theme with most of the gradients removed. Apologies for odd or incomplete images. This time around I tried to figure out which images and button states are never displayed and left those out of my theming. This may have had some unintended consequences I didn't uncover. It also uses a version of the color presets I came up with for Racing Green that allow for greater visibility of grid lines. Fans of the franchise, enjoy. People who want an out-of-the-ordinary high contrast color scheme, also enjoy. If you like it or have any critiques, post here. Update: the Console View in the original was just too "loud" with the purple separators, so I changed that color to a muted green. (Note: Track icons for Instrument and Synth tracks use the YLIP convention, where the icon for a Synth track is a picture of a synthesizer keyboard, and the icon for an Instrument track (which combines MIDI and Synth tracks) is a combination of both the MIDI and Synth icons. If anyone would like it the other way 'round, just ask.)
  13. I did it once years ago partly just to see if I could do it, to refresh my build skills. Setting up the whole build environment on Windows 7, downloading all the dependencies, getting all the variables right, wow, what a string of chores. And then after that I couldn't even legally give it away. And it didn't work any better than WASAPI.
  14. Whoa, no kidding, Fleer, the UfA one looks like they had an offspring. Speaking of Valhalla, they're proof that simple, flat, and utilitarian don't have to be yoogly, just give some attention to the colors. It really helps the Meldaproduction UI to go into the settings and browse through the styles and choose colors you like better. As with other aspects of their stuff, they reward getting under the hood. Freakshow Industries do some of my favorite UI's. Their products both fulfill and disturb my dreams.
  15. My wild hunch is that rather than re-code the Exponential products, iZotope have in mind to fold the algos into new products like Neoverb. Re: licensing, yeah, it's a pain in the (single) seat to only get one for the price, but back when they were Exponential products, didn't they cost at least 5X more? They could go 2-fer on the seats or slash the price enough so that we could buy multiples. FWIW regarding iLokery: I recently tripped up by changing my system drive without deauthorizing and had to location reset several plug-ins that I hadn't moved to my physical iLok. Eventide did it in less than 24hours, and it somehow triggered PACE to send out reset requests to both the other vendors, Softube and InMusic. Softube reset it without my even asking, and took a week and badgering InMusic to get the AIR and SONiVOX ones back. The ones I had on the physical iLok were always there, so I guess if I were a pro, I'd become one of those people with an iLok either sticking out of my computer or on my keychain. It's true that we don't own software. We give some consideration or other for the right to use it and agree to whatever enforcement. Creators of music can limit its use, too, it's just not as customary. I don't own the music on my CD's, I own the plastic and metal and the right to listen to it. I'm not allowed to broadcast it, make copies for friends, or use it to score a film. If I buy a painting from a living artist, it doesn't explicitly grant me the right to make photographic copies and sell them or give them away. I'm allowed to hang it up somewhere of my choosing. If that place burns down, I'm left with nothing. All I ever owned was the physical stuff it was made from, not the image itself. Seems weird, but how to ensure that people who create something unique get rent money (I don't know the answer)?
  16. It kiiiinda looks like they're ripping Valhalla a bit here, which is not surprising given the features. I think BYOME has one of best-looking, if not the best-looking UI's of any plug-in I've seen. Some of the others, eh, not so pretty, but plenty functional and easy to get around in, considering their depth. All things considered, I like them better than SoundSpot FX although those have better-looking UI's. It would surely be nice if whoever did the BYOME/Triad UI could go to work on the rest of the line.
  17. Since I don't like wasted effort (on anyone's part), I'm trying to keep track of things like unused button and tab states so that we don't wind up wasting time customizing things that will never be seen. I've also been trying out full transparency on button and tab backgrounds, which makes it so that I can change the color of the elements they sit on without having to change the background color of the button itself. It also allows for some interesting effects like cutouts. It doesn't work with everything (oddly, sometimes TE will automatically replace the transparency with black).
  18. I'm working on another new theme and at that point where I'm tidying up the last several images (until I find several more that I missed). With my first custom theme, I went about it by basically choosing a couple of colors, one main color and an accent color and then ripped through all the existing images and colors in Tungsten with the help of TYLIP until (mostly) everything was green or golden brown. This time around I have more experience(both with TE and CbB) and understand that not everything I changed needed to be changed and that there are lots of time (and effort) saving shortcuts, especially in the area of button and tab images. Many of them only ever display two states, some even only use a single section of the image. I'm avoiding a lot of redundant work this way. Tl/dr: Where are the images Browser/Synth Tab (and the "narrow" and "collapsed" variations used? They're listed in TYLIP, which usually means that at some point they glowed bright purple for Colin. Of course I dutifully colored them green last time around. I've never seen them in the actual program, though, AFAIK. Can anyone help me out finding them in the UI? CbB is a big ol' beast, and it's possible that I'm not exposing them. I'm also making the assumption that I should look for them somewhere near the Browser and/or Synth Rack. (I know it doesn't matter for my own use of CbB, but I want to release this one into the wild)
  19. And if you want a button for it, right click on one of the buttons in the Control Bar's Custom module. Select Menu Commands>Edit>Redo
  20. As for the issue where CbB is still ganked even after rolling back, the only thing that comes to mind is that the new version is overwriting the .INI files, and the rollback isn't restoring them. I suggest that anyone with these issues tweak their .INI file(s) per the instructions in this thread, then back them up before doing any further installs or reinstalls. I've already turned my decimation up to 15mS, because, um, I'm not sure what it does, so I guess I can sacrifice some of it for performance' sake. 🤔
  21. @Philip G Hunt I haven't tried multiple instances of BBCO, but I am a regular user of A|A|S player. A tip about Chromophone and other A|A|S patches: some of them have humongous long releases and effect tails, which results in voices piling up big time. In Player, I limit my voice count to 8 rather than the default 12, which has no audible effect (the tails and releases are stepping on each other anyway). @Michael Richards, congrats on the airplay indeed! Can you link to a Soundcloud or Bandcamp so we can check out what the New Yorkers have been grooving to?
  22. I got a crash with Spitfire BBC Orchestra. The resulting minidump called out the plug-in. It's been forwarded to the bakerz.
  23. It has some great sounds, was just playing it earlier. I think the UI looks great It's surely one for studying documentation if I wanted to step outside the preset corral.
  24. I got it last time around, so I guess I got the 2-seater, which is for me, the minimum these days. One for the studio box and one for the laptop. The only exception I made was for Exponential Phoenix and Excalibur, but then, I got 4 licenses for $39, which was dirt cheap considering the quality of the processing. a VERY favorable cost:utility ratio.
  25. I haven't gotten past the transport 'n' faders stage with my nanoKONTROL2, but I can tell you that mine doesn't require any sort of button dance when rebooting my computer or starting the unit. They probably have a battery inside that keeps the settings saved, so maybe the battery is bad. Pity they never called.
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