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  1. The free stuff was addons for games I don't have. It was pretty useless. Meanwhile Epic Games is doing giveaways.
  2. https://8dio.com/instrument/anthology-vst-au-aax-samples-kontakt-instrument/ $98 Who has it?
  3. https://8dio.com/instrument/anthology-vst-au-aax-samples-kontakt-instrument/
  4. https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/view/STORM-CHOIR-1.html
  5. Oops they are located in the legacy presets. All is fine.
  6. Looks like you have to buy additional gear even if you have those signature packs from previous versions of AT. I think I'll stick with AT4 for awhile.' Anyone have issue with AT5 in Cubase? It totally crash my system.
  7. Send an email to support. They will take care of it,
  8. https://impactsoundworks.com/product/rhapsody-orchestral-colors/ If posted before definitely worth a repost.
  9. They only way it opened up was changing to 1280. Max resolution for the 32inch TV was 1366x768. BTW AT5 seems to work in most DAWs except Reaper.
  10. Same issue here but a LCTV. You couldn't get AT4 to fully display either.
  11. I can get two of these for the price of Serum. I should man up and blow this off.
  12. What is their licensing like? Can I put it on 3 machines?
  13. Are these worth using up disk space?
  14. No way am I going to download the 80gb of proprietary bloat. These VSTs are over rated anyway.
  15. So the developer has a proprietary download but couldn't put the time in to create a manual or help file, You have to go to the website for such info.
  16. If you wanted XL stuff on more than 2 machines you can't without creating another account. You registration account can only hold 2 machines. This new updater is broken. If you go to the preferences you can't get back out of it.
  17. It feels like trying to download a Linux distro on dialup.
  18. I think one would be better off with getting vocal loops and chopping them up and use Melodyne or something similar.
  19. Sucks that if you recent bought Total Studio or whatever recently it appears you will have to pony up for the new version.
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