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  1. It's nice tho that Waves have become cheap to help that out iLok products now allow 2-3 installs but not Waves.
  2. I totally forget I had Abstrung. Just got this one now.
  3. Previous installation of Sonar are small exes. Most of the content would be duplicates. I use to have S7 to X3 on a system.
  4. The now have 2 new budget interfaces even though K Audio 6 is a great budget interface. BTW they brought Carbon VST back. I got to see the new A25 controller in the local GC. At $159 I kinda want one.
  5. I'm going with Melda. I can slap em on every machine in the house, lifetime updates. They also seem to be pretty stable.
  6. MVP and Groove have tutorials. There's also Seamless Channel on youtube. It's actually easier than it looks.
  7. This is one of the reasons I will stop using Waves. I don't have quirks like this with other plugins.
  8. Which is totally stupid unless the aim is to get people to buy Pro. Since W10 was a free upgrade I have to wonder if MS put their best people on it since ever update s continue to cause issues with the average user. I had to revert a couple of times because it broke the home network and shared drives.
  9. I still have a Q6000 machine. To bad my board can't overclock it. I liked the AMD FX series. I still use a FX6300. I liked the previous AMD platform since it ran many processors. Intel started platform jumping. Since I don't do any life performance or recording I don't need Intel's latest and greatest. Intel is somewhat pricey again and even Apple may be looking into making their own processor. For those on a budget there are still some great Intels. I think last week Frys had a 6 core i5 for under $200.
  10. I've read that resaving them in Kontakt will speed them up. If I keep buying these libraries it takes away money for a big SSD. I'm a sucker for these.
  11. I quit after the 1st one. It seems like an unnecessary evil to begin with.
  12. It will be a sort of sad day when I have to retire my PCI cards. Those M-Audio Deltas are quality hardware. I don't know how old my first AP2496 is but they still run solid on W10. As much as one wants to bash MS at least they value legacy support and those W7 drivers still work. None of the legacy M-Audio products will work on a current Mac.
  13. They are much improved. I could see it in a dedicated DAW. It depends on the video card but some really consume power.
  14. I think your are right. I think Melda decides on Monday while the vendors send sales out on Sunday. I'd prefer the 3rd party vendor since Melda does euros and the pricing can be off in US dollars.
  15. Interesting. Some guys on another forum are going with AMD cards. This of course is about the recent generation of cards. Buying graphics card is an achilles heel period. If you get one for gaming there are enough incompetent game developers that can render cards useless to make Apple envy.
  16. kitekrazy

    Melda 50% sales.

    Any 3rd party vendors offering the Melda weekly deals?
  17. https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/2019/1/19/the-apple-switch-from-intel-to-arm-processors-how-will-the-pro-audio-industry-prepare?mc_cid=fd438c40ef&mc_eid=827b1cbfa7
  18. I updated both machines to 1809 and lucky for me it didn't mess up my network. Usually turn off password protection sharing is broken and I have to revert. Maybe they canned the developer who breaks this.
  19. Meaning as they revise the bugs. Most updates mess up my networking and the only fix is reverting to previous Windows. The only reason why I see that these problems exist is that the OS is free and they cut the budget by using incompetent developers. If there is one constant I see in the software world outside of DAW development is poor programming, especially the gaming industry. Now Apple may be coming to the reality that their stuff is overpriced, that could put another dent in the PC industry. Even Apple DAW users suffer from the evolving OS.
  20. I think this is the only developer I will now get my plugins. Lifetime free updates and they have some overkill to them, even the free ones. Plus I like that bland GUI. Plus they seem to have a loyalty program. Paying for the free bundle is worth it.
  21. Synthmaster is one of the most overrated synths that can be had at times for under $50. I've noticed with synths there's always a popularity trend. Serum is the new top dog, then there was Spire and Sylenth. Usually these trends what patches are released by developers.
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