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  1. I don't get buying non gaming software via Steam. It's double DRM. It's like having a dongle and then have to log in. The best deal I've seen it getting it free with a Steinberg UR22 on Amazon. Acid Pro 7 still works and makes use of the 32 bit plugins that you don't have the option to install. Few like the new paint job. The loops are meh compared to what Sony use to put out. I still love this software.
  2. The lows for Wed. are at least -20. I lived in the Land of Lincoln 45 years and never experienced that cold, -10 at the most. Maybe the retail life will take the day off. I use to work in a mall. Schools are definitely closed. Those were the days I'd lay in bed all day and have a movie marathon and have a frozen pizza that helped warm up the indoors. Usually that weather kills off a lot of germs. Stay warm!
  3. BTW I seen those A25 controllers in my GC but it seems where ever you go online to all vendors it says available soon. Odd. Are they a different version?
  4. I guess that Drum Lab is suppose to be good.
  5. BTW has anyone tried the drums that come with Komplete?
  6. Is it really better then Cakewalk's though? Most DAWs come with plenty of loops as well. There's also some nice free ones out there. Slate is free. Every DAW pretty much comes with it's own drum module.
  7. It gets even worse with Trap. The loops and one shots are endless.
  8. I'm going to assume that a single patch with snapshots takes longer.
  9. I've started to organize my libraries by developer. Plus I added another drive on my other system and all of the new Kontakt ones go there.
  10. Just what everyone needs is another drum kit.
  11. Which client are you using? I had a product no longer developed call Thunderstor for Thunderbird and still works. It had to convert the Thunderbird format to something usable. As web masters get less competent deleting accounts and proof of purchases those backup files came handy.
  12. Anyone still using an email client like Thunderbird or The Bat or are you using your email accounts via the web. Advantages or disadvantages for either? Yahoo kinda sucks for correspondence.
  13. The buyers are a really huge corporation. They own lots of things. Whatever version of FL Studio is a one time purchase and their users are always coming up with ideas thinking Image Line is gonna go belly up. 20 years and waiting.
  14. After Bandlab installs it deletes the exe. file. I'm not sure why the OP needs the app is there is no working computer.
  15. Line 6 did that and probably a few others. I don't think they come out as top sellers.
  16. I don't even know what Phil looks like now to judge.
  17. Not really. Posts use to be deleted instead of closing a thread. Not a fan of that. Are you one of those enjoying criticizing me a over the rules here on the other forum? I guess it is Beyond My DAW.
  18. My issue was after installing it said I needed to update. Tried again today and it updated. I have 3 of those installs in my downloads. I still liked command center. I could archive my different versions of Sonar.
  19. Will the mods do their job of eliminating political jabs in a quick way and ignore their own political feelings? They are not allowed in other forums or have a section for it (yawn). The previous site was great for this.
  20. BTW you have violated the rules for this forum. Please delete or modify your post. This stuff does not belong here. There are plenty of other places for this. Post is reported. Hopefully our moderators will not allow this and finally someone had to test the waters.
  21. So often someone did the tweaks then come the issues. Since W7 and better system hardware I don't tweak anything other than Windows annoyances like Cortana and WU.
  22. Update Failed Something went wrong. Please Download and Install BandLab Assistant manually. Ugh. I won't bother. BTW I had no issue on the other machine. Maybe they should bring back command center.
  23. This is another DAW that is on my cut list for that reason. It reminds me of Sonar from v3 to 8 or Finale. Plus they raised the price of their DAW on upgrades.
  24. I loved her post. After the oohs and ahs comes the voice of reason, do I really need another plugin?
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