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  1. Bought String Collection 2 for $13. Now I have them all again.
  2. I remember at the turn of the century buying Music Creator that came with mid i cables that were suppose to work in a serial port at Best Buy for $40. Then Cakewalk gave an offer to upgrade to Home Studio. That was their downfall for me since it came with an entry level FL Studio. Then I moved up to Sonar 2 XL. After Sonar 5 I started to dislike the cluttered GUI and the forum. That's when I started to look at that small version of FL. I liked their support despite not being a fan of pattern based DAWs. Cakewalk was getting like Finale with the yearly upgrade. Usually I'd get suckered into upgrades with nice 3rd party apps. They only license of Sonar I do not have is 6. I'll never forget the shock of Cakewalk shutting down. Other developers were giving condolences as if someone died. I doubt there were celebrations for one less competitor. There was probably some fear that a DAW existing for 30 years ended it could happen to them. I never doubted that someone would pick this software back up.
  3. No issues. I've had it disabled on my 32gb system for over a year.
  4. Anyone else notice how big this vendor is? You can spend a lot of time there and find some unknown gems.
  5. You drive yourself crazy on the larger ones on which preset to use. One of these day I may do a project using on these.
  6. Plus you can download additional preset in the plugin.
  7. This is another developer where you collect them all.
  8. I have systems with 16gb and 32gb of RAM. I really don't see the need for the page file. I've not had issues without it.
  9. I have yet to see a bad review on PB.
  10. Here's a tip. Post links and make sure they load properly.
  11. Same here. Like I need another channel strip. I'm saying no to more free stuff.
  12. I didn't think it was any better in Sonar either when I used loops. It would sound different than my other DAWs with looping.
  13. Some of my family experienced those frozen quake booms for the first time.
  14. https://www.udemy.com/user/martin631/ He put out offer to get all of his upcoming courses, sort of a lifetime thing I have sub for Groove3 and MPV and I still buy Udemy. Some of the tutorial presentations are not as polished but I like the instruction.
  15. I miss the old PA offers. Then I again it keeps my never used or forgot about them plugin collection increasing. They should team up with APD to get some more sales.
  16. Only Larry has more DAWs than I so it's time to cut down. I basically stopped using Sonar after v5. The GUI was getting so cluttered. I kept buying licenses because I like to support developers who have the "I trust you" attitude towards end users. Part of that was also I started getting more interested in dance genres and went to FL Studio because of the licensing and great support. I deleted my Gibson Sonar and keep Bandlab. The DAWs I will keep for the future are FL Studio, Live, Reason, and Reaper. I wish I were an expert in Reaper. Some have ditched their pricey DAWs for Reaper. Reason is so unique and stable using it in it's proprietary format. I also keep Acid Pro 7. I may bite on the Magix version someday. Studio One was on my cut list but it's hard to say no to a $70 upgrade. So I'm making a Trance project in it and is a little more challenging than FL or Live. As for Live there will be no more upgrading to Suite. I'm stuck with Bandlab and FL Studio for life. Not too bad. Imagine if you started out today. There is no free DAW like Cakewalk,
  17. Looks like PB has the better deal on the CombMB,
  18. There's no notable price difference it seem.
  19. Back in the XP days my games would crash using an AP2496 or Terratec EWX. I don't get why people think their gaming experience is better through a pro audio card. Does it sound better? I wouldn't know. It's not a Windows update until it messes with your previous settings. I had to revert more than once because it messed up my home network. The password protecting sharing was messed up. I'd try logging into another machine and no matter was password I used never worked. I hope they fired those people who kept messing it up.
  20. You'd be surprise some DAWs will not work unless you do offline authorization. Samplitude is one of those.
  21. That would make it worse for me. My biggest worry is dying before my pet and what happens after that.
  22. I guess there is an extension for TBird to save individual emails and different formats. Ease of archiving is what I look for. The one that comes with Windows I think you can do that.
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