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  1. I need to open up Diamond again. It was my first full orchestra for Gigastudio then I got the Kontakt upgrade. Those at VI Control seem to be critical of KH libraries.
  2. If anyone hasn't noticed EP will beat all the prices when EW has a sale. HWO Gold is on my wishlist. It's $279 right now,
  3. Bad choice of words. This is how deals get ruined. This is where I would refer back to Mosely's post. I think you can use your voucher on this deal.
  4. I think there is a code out there were this is always the price. If you don't do a lot of advanced orchestra stuff something like this is great for quicker work flow, I will get this someday.
  5. I've got plenty from PA, Waves, IK, Melda's Super Duper EQ, Ozone Advance. Too many to the point of passing on Fab Filters EQ.
  6. If we were discussing a Windows update being safe the answer is ?????????????
  7. I had the same issue with Audiomodern Riffer.
  8. I may go back to it. I guess you can run it on a different drive so it saves on the writes to a SSD.
  9. I really don't understand the rant. It's not like this code is shared either.
  10. Interesting 1st post. Did anyone think maybe this wasn't a glitch? Izotope made a mistake lat year by offering Ozone 8 elements to Advance for $150. Thy decided to go with it.
  11. Anyone running MSI boards? I've always been using Gigabyte, Asus. and now AsRock.
  12. So NI is becoming like APD and VST Buzz.
  13. I doubt those RME Hammerfalls are selling on the used market. Some are using those adapters to keep them going. If I could do it all over again I would have never bought the Yamaha SW1000XG at the turn of the century when I knew very little about audio hardware went with an RME unit.
  14. I don't see how ThronCM triggered an upgrade since the CM version didn't ask for any registration.
  15. If you have Netflix watch the one about Chicago as well.
  16. I thought about the Greg Wells but I'm on the Melda train. With Waves I have to get duplicate licenses. The GW would 4 more plugins which isn't what I really need. The other thing is a new license costs less than a Waves upgrade on much of the stuff.
  17. Wow! My Yamaha SW1000XG wouldn't work with the Intel 900 series chipsets. Those old M-Audio cards still work.
  18. This looks like a Window version update will cause my issue. Now it says I used up all of my authorizations. Previous installs were on versions before W10 1809.
  19. Those 1 egg reviews seem to increase. And Adata's RMA process is a major hassle - plus YOU pay the return shipping even though their product is obviously deeply flawed, and I think they know it!
  20. Nice but no more synths for me. I could probably add 5 pages to this thread listing them.
  21. Hypernode dropped in price again,
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