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  1. I no longer get vouchers so that helps me reduce collecting plugins not named Melda. My so called limit on expenditures went towards Waves One Knob series.
  2. I messed with it on a single saw wave. Really nice plugin.
  3. If you could have just one synth, Omnishpere gets the call. I don't own it but I've read that some prefer nothing else. From what I understand it is not a rompler.
  4. Something I read at Melda is buying direct it applies towards 70% off on bundles where it's only 50% from vendors.
  5. At one time some liked the GUI for mixing. It's good for using one shots. They never came out with a real piano roll. If they did that was going to be my DAW. Those old Sony loops are great. I've read where these new loops aren't so great. The old demo projects were great.
  6. This was the last of Waves for me. Both machines have duplicate licenses. Now I'm done with them until they change their licensing. A new license is often less than their upgrades.
  7. I thought it was only thru Waves. This second license still costs less than the WUP. This was the last of the Waves for me. Now I have both machines up to date.
  8. The title of this thread was interesting. Who wants VS in a flash?
  9. Same here. No other voucher can be used either. I don't need another compressor. I think that would total up to 192 of them. I guess I would be outta luck if they all break down.
  10. Too bad they ruined that bland Sony GUI and you can't change it. Acid Pro 7 is still working for me. Every major plugin I have still installs 32 bit. There is an upgrade deal for SF/Acid users to get the new SF and Acid Pro for $199. There is a deal on Amazon where Acid Pro comes free with a Steinberg UR22 for $159. Few 3rd party vendors sell the Pro upgrade. The $99 upgrade isn't even in the range of tempting. It's still one of the coolest pieces of music making software.
  11. Everything. https://audioplugin.deals/getting-chills-frozen-plain/
  12. There's never a shortage of delusional Linux users who will tell it already exists and use onboard sound because it works for them. I always want to be a fly on the wall when the major DAW developers bust a gut from laughing when someone asks, "please make a Linux version".
  13. There's always hope MS will mess that up too. I think I'd rather go back to buying an OS and getting services packs. The DAW user is never 100% safe from the evoling OS in the Windows and Mac world.
  14. Some truth there and this time they didn't mess up my home network requiring a roll back. One system jumped from 1709 to 1809. Only XLN and recently Audiomodern Riffer had issues. At least XLN you don't have to contact support. If it were other software it be days reauthorizing crap. Software with no machine limits don't seem to be bothered.
  15. Just a reminder that they haven't a clue how to protect your authorizations from Windows upgrades.
  16. What stuff are you talking about? Did you upload stuff? I never un-register anything and just delete it.
  17. Fame comes first and often one has to wait for the fortune.
  18. Those old Mac Pro boxes are still upgradable. There are some great comments why they switched. I read an article somewhere where Apple might ditch Intel and roll with their own processors. Intel went back to being pricey so Apples prices is starting to hurt them. A tricked out Mac Mini with no keyboard or monitor is $4K. I could build 2 Windows rigs for that and use a MOTU AVB or Baby Face for both.
  19. This is actually nice. BTW the workstation is a nice poor man's sampler. I haven't used their stuff in in a long time.
  20. BTW this is the non Kontakt player version.
  21. https://vi-control.net/community/threads/a-990-eq-plugin.78377/
  22. Not until you see this, https://www.maat.digital/theqorange/
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