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  1. Yes, I'm able to walk around now. The cause was diabetes. Never had it before, My blood sugar was over 600 when I went to the hospital. Swollen testicles put everything in motion, (except me
  2. My last post was June 4. Not long after that date my blood sugar increased and created a serious infection that required multiple surgeries and almost ended my life. Now I'm in rehab and this is the first time I've been on the web in a while. Life has become surreal since such things as walking and controlling bathroom use are now a challenge.
  3. Smaller footprint. I'm replacing all of mine with the MKIIs.
  4. Ugh! Black Grand MkII is 36 download links.
  5. Except for those needed serial numbers.
  6. Unfortunately the upgrade never goes lower than $99. Acid is the new Finale when it comes to new releases. Acids previous version was 9.0.3 before 10 came out. Magix still has the dumbest business practices.
  7. Yep, I didn't really bother to read that email or wondered what caused it. I just like developers just be developers and leave it at that.
  8. I've given them more money than I have Waves. I was hoping for something by now other than that fancy EQ, I got enough of those.
  9. Do not install. It changes your sound settings and also a lack of control as there really is no preference menu.
  10. It's the only synth I have where it is tied to one machine. Even the ones I have on iLok allow for more than one.
  11. Same here. Pass since I don't really need another string library.
  12. and single machine licenses that are usually reserved for iLok and eLicenser
  13. Ugh! Let's not get in the bad habit of not posting links in Deals. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/
  14. So the often delayed Wusik 10 is part from releasing a game that doesn't even match up to freeware. I often wonder if this guy isn't playing with a full deck.
  15. Same here. I got plenty from PA, IK, Waves.
  16. Very odd that my offer from IK without using Jam Points is $139, I have everything TRacks and AT.
  17. Still hate their player. I might as well install Waves plugins. By nature their setup prefers a single machine and getting it installed on a 2nd machine is such a hassle. This is another example of developers spending more time on trying to protect their product.
  18. The phantom sales at MF........
  19. Paul Young

    PA AMEK 200

    I'm sure there' someone out there who spent $300 on a software EQ and claim it's the greatest thing ever.
  20. Paul Young


    Bad web development 101 - never have a picture of your product on the home page. Must be a Linux user.
  21. A lot of work to get this. If you are expecting to do a lick or two pass on this.
  22. When they get worse other issues start to happen like locking up the system and delaying start up time. It seems plenty of drives these days elude SMART.
  23. I've got over 100gb of WA stuff. Their so called construction kits are stems. I started deleting those to cut down on space.
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