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  1. The delivery was faster than the drive. It is very slow in a USB2 port. I don't think USB3 will make that much of a difference. Average transfer rate is about 8mb/sec. It's almost as bad as crappy wireless.
  2. Did you ever use anything from that library. It's pretty old and was developed by Yellow Tools. I got the S3 deal when Cakewalk was done. I removed it and the library off the system because I have too many DAWs and needed the 70gb space since the library is proprietary.
  3. Not a fan of Bitwig. If you want to keep up to date it's a pricey DAW.
  4. Eh......Samplitude 4 for $149 when that comes up would be a better deal. BTW Groove3 has finally launched a tutorial for Samplitude.
  5. Anthology Strings for $128 and free percussion was probably the best deal.
  6. Once I get Melda everything the installer will be much easier.
  7. kitekrazy

    PA Days 5 + 6

    Could you actually remember 10% of them excluding any bundles?
  8. kitekrazy

    waves updates

    I use more than one email account.
  9. They will probably fix it by the end of the week.
  10. You get your money s worth since the upgrade is for two versions They are not like other developers who launch a new release after a few updates.
  11. EWHO Gold VSL Big Bang Andromeda - this makes anyone sound great MCreativeFXBundle Too much debt
  12. They don't participate in this forum.
  13. If you are still at v5 it's gonna cost you $60. It's still cheap until Reaper 8 but $60 is kinda tough to spring now.
  14. Got 3lbs of the thick stuff for $10.98. That stuff aint cheap anymore.
  15. A NVMe removes the use of 1 or 2 sata ports. Is that the same for PCIe?
  16. I hate their app. It can't remember previous install location. It makes me admire Waves Central.
  17. I have v3 and still haven;t learned how to use it.
  18. I remember when Overture came with GPO. Overture long ago was part of Cakewalk,
  19. The best strategy is to stop buying Waves. It save a lot of confusion and your DAW will thank you as well since it gets confused during a plugin scan.
  20. Just click the link and look at system requirements. Forget this other nonsense. It's the first thing I do with Kontakt libraries since I hate the Kontakt player.
  21. Now we are at a junction to mention if one needs Kontakt 6. Some are still on 5.
  22. A serious DAW user always has Kontakt. BTW you can make your own libraries with it.
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