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    Never Fade Away

    Hi Rexred Always good to hear your songs as always great vocals just so pleasing to hear cheers for sharing
  2. A thumbs up from me great background harmonies , they really round off the song , nice one
  3. Thanks nonekker and kurt , yes as always there´s a few places where its not so tight , I´m going to leave it hanging for a while to get some perspective and re record at alater date cheers p
  4. Hi after trying to delete a song i now cant upload any songs as from this morning has anyone had the same experience ?? filw just says cant find my song on soudcloud
  5. Hi chaps ive uploaded my new song only to find it really it has a howling failure in it I´d like to delete so I tried the edit function to no avail thanks in advance
  6. Hi Chaps , well after the last song i really thought i´d take a break then this one reared its ugly head and well I ran with it ,its another political obsevation I think I´m getting the grumpy old man syndrome , i tried my best to keep it all in time if there is anything i would change maybe is the harmony guitar outro its 1 barre too long all comments and critque are welcome...for some reason the souncloud cover photo link didnt function https://soundcloud.com/paul-d-b/around-and-around cheers P
  7. Hi John , well I´m using ezdrummer 2 mainly I use drum patterns that are from the same song patten so that they should all corespond , its all down to me hearing it and hearing it so many times I just get blinkered so i leave it for a few days and then correct the howling errors ,that said the writing process is where the fun is and i love the recording part as well .. I just wish I had producer who did all the proper hard work and told me ``how wonderful i am´´ (i´m joking) thanks for the encouraging comments ......ps the next song I´m writing will hopfully be better mind you I say that after every song I finish ...cheers P
  8. Hi Yes it works but It just seems somehow wrong that the vertical dotted cursor line isnt ??? ,maybe the new upload is due
  9. Thanks once again Kurt Ive given this a go the only problem I have is that the vertical dotted line (cursor) doesnt appear ive tried smart, select etc but to no avail....... baffling ....
  10. Hi whoisp off the bat the drums were great, such a super tone which vst ? , Yeah loved the sentiment , big big sound , had to listen three times and every time it was better , l liked the horns on the back end great song really exciting .
  11. Paul Bush


    Hi Rex Great song great vocals really well produced the whole package and the harmonies ( i always struggle with them) were just so good sounds all live ansd with so much feeling .......great lyrics ..
  12. I can only concure with all of the above needless to say i liked it a hell of a lot
  13. Paul Bush


    Sublime cant say more than that just sublime
  14. ooh takes me back this one , I think sade covered it as well , well done
  15. Paul Bush


    OOhh yeah i just had to listen three times and then once more great compostion ,cheers P
  16. Yeah I´m hearing lots in here....... well laid back , cheers
  17. Great stuff nothing in there I didnt like, loved that solo, and well the vocals were super with those understated harmonies super song cheers p
  18. Nicely done like the harmonies ,super production really clear and crisp
  19. Hi User 69 , i would love to say that its latency problems but I have to hold my head up and say no its just me not playing properly , I think i´m more of a songwriter than a producer that said i love putting a basic idea down and playing around with it adding bit n pieces and being creative but at the end of the day I although I put hours and hours into my recordings they always fall short , I´m just not that technicaly minded competant , after a while i get clouded vision and wel the rest is ....... cheers for the lovely comments.... in spite of my downfalls the forum members are always nice to me which is what this forum is all about thanks once again Paul
  20. Hi chaps , thanks for all the positive input, as far as the tempo goes Steve yes I thought that as well it could do with a bit more pep , I have done a few videos but they`re really time consuming surfing the free videosphere its something I should look into, Yeah bjorn I do tend to invent my own words and lyrics it comes from being a brit living in austria thinking in english and speaking german I think that phrase you mentioned came from cannon fodder from the first world war , one of the lyrical tricks is I use is adding a well known idioms for people to latch on to , one of my made up ones was ``even in a two dog race I wouldnt make second place ´´ thanks Douglas and Nigel for the nice comments .. really appriciated cheers P
  21. Thanks Kurt for taking the time to explain , I thought there might be a quick fix, one size fits all type of thing , Ive just found tutorial at Mikes creative sauce to help me a longas well , once again thanks for explaining , P
  22. Hi Kurt , thanks for the comments how do you edit your live instuments ? do you konw any tutorials tips etc other than quantizing cheers p
  23. Yeah i concure with all the above vocals were lovely and clear to me ..really nice
  24. Hi chaps , here´s another one that if I´m honest i seem to be repeating myself musically , that said It was still a lot of fun writing and recording it like all the others , as always all comments are welcome , cheers P
  25. Paul Bush

    Half moon

    Efortlessly played , really relaxing liked the drums are the live brushes .great track cheers P
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