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  1. But they've ensured their off-shore accounts are untouched (bastards). I live in Kent and believe me it's going to get bad. There are thousands of HGVs stuck up the road from me. We are a rogue plague nation. And it's embarassing (sorry all i get upset over this) maybe I should buy a plugin and bury my head in the sand.
  2. Thanks Bajan Blue. Glad it clicked.
  3. It's really simple . But swapping my spinning rust C drive for a Samsung Evo SSD. Went from 5 mins boot up to 40 secs. That started the rot. Now all my drives have been upgraded. Just watching the indicator moving when saving within cakewalk has gone from "go make a coffee whilst it saves" to "done!"
  4. Thanks Jack C - if only...........😕 Bjornpdx - very much appreciated 😃
  5. Thanks Garybrun. There are over 400 free instruments at Pianobook. Many would be good commercial releases.
  6. I was asked to write a demo of the Pianobook collab Winter Voices. Here's my effort. With a number of instances of Winter Voices, LABS, and Pianobook instruments. All of which are free. And Christian Henson played it in the background on the live launch !(chuffed)
  7. All the best to you all from the Kent coast in the UK. May your deities bring many free plugins !
  8. Thanks to NI. This is a cracker I hadn't thought I needed till I got it ! Sound design possibilities seem good with this.
  9. Hmmm.........remains to be seen if this works or narrows the field to too much power in fewer hands. At least the two who currently run things will stay. PB has been my prefered source for all the obvious reasons.
  10. A (full Kontakt) freebie from SoundDust - Ghost in the machine https://www.sound-dust.com/ghostinthemachine?mc_cid=d738e451e7&mc_eid=bf7301e0f8
  11. Collector here as well. Really can't go wrong for the price when on launch and the regular "offers" at RA and elsewhere, post launch. And always find something within the products that starts a journey.
  12. All the instruments on the Pianobook site will remain free. It was started by the founder of Spifire Audio, Christian Henson. And the instruments are provided by the community for all, free. The formats are Kontak (full), EXS, SFZ, and WAVs. It gives an opportunity to all to have a go at making your own instruments and learning the technique of sampling. I hope to provide my own next year (I'll be sampling a Kora using a violin bow). And I also contribute a number of demos using the instruments. Of which there are some real crackers. An example is the flute / violin provided by Jon Meyer. That was then released as a freebie on LABS at Spitfire. There are over 400 instruments available for free. Pianobook – Every piano tells a story…https://www.pianobook.co.uk/
  13. Had the usual dance of "nuffin appenning" when trying to update. Resulting in the almost mandatory uninstall of BLA and d/load and install of a new one.😡
  14. Of course. Hadn't thought of that. If new or have other emails though.....
  15. Rigid Audio is offering the Ambiloop Bundle free for the price of a subscription. For Kontakt full (5.8.1). https://www.rigid-audio.com/products_ambiloop_bundle.html
  16. I'm with you regarding personal info etc. But 8DIO have been around sometime. I have not been spammed. And have all their free "On the House" stuff. Which if you have Kontak full is worth the download.
  17. If you have Soniccouture. Probably not (I don't) I have a small freebie on Kontakt and some vst and Korg Triton I mixed together previously. This is one that has some decent editing by appearances I can get my teeth into.
  18. Yep. Use the code PRO55 and it will reduce by 55% from $18
  19. Well. I got the 8DIO vibraphone for £6+ (7$). Interesting artics. Mallets, bowed, rolls etc. Good value. Still on offer (55% off) for a couple more days.
  20. Have you seen this vibraphone at 8DIO ? It's also 55% off until 2/12. Thinking of getting this one myself. 8Dio Vibraphone for Kontakt VST-AU-AAX Samples
  21. I thought that the fact that the site is almost un-navigable was due to my incompetence. Glad to see it wasn't just me. I have only ever got freebies from there. I have money sitting there. But with the poor site navigation. I just don't bother. And the last time I used it. I pulled out as I was re-directed to another site that wanted so much personal info. I decided it was not worth it.
  22. Definetly would recommend the Ben Osterhouse over the Aria stuff. Sospiro is very useful and the others are quite specific but useful. If anyone wants an opinion on Aria stuff just go and search Aria at VI Control. It's not just bad content,scripting etc. But pretty poor customer service as well. I'd like to see Ben Osterhouse to work with Spitfire Audio. But then the price would skyrocket !!
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