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    Thanks Ruralrocker2010 ๐Ÿ‘
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    Improvisation using some of the latest free instruments from Pianobook https://www.pianobook.co.uk/ Lullaby from Carlos Esparza / C&P Strings (cello) / Jen-Co Vibes. And some Reaktor and Absynth from NI . Fireflies dash among a hidden glade at dusk.
  3. I believe all is ok now. I have d/loaded a number of plugins over the last 6 months with no issue.
  4. There are 4 new Kontakt Instruments at Plugin Boutique from HAVE Instruments https://www.pluginboutique.com/categories/55-Kontakt-Instrument?free=true Cinematic Cymbals Lite , Toys Lite, Mechanics of Noise Lite, Shruti Box Lite. All need the Pulse D/loader. And in Addition Wavelet Audio's Trailer Ambient Tools is available as well (does not need Pulse).
  5. I can recommend Intimate Textures for good cinematic work. I use it extensively.
  6. So, 4 weeks for PB to put something up that's cheap (and useful) so I can get this. woohoo!!
  7. mark skinner - my thanks, very generous, paulo - these are just to show the free pianobook instruments. But many get worked on for my releases, much appreciated. garybrun - my genuine thanks for taking the time
  8. Thanks bjornpdx, Deering Amps ๐Ÿ˜, Bajan Blue. It's much appreciated.
  9. Plenty of weirdness here I can assure you ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. TracingArcs

    The Procession

    Using a couple of the latest free instruments from the Pianobook community. With Music Box DLX, and Ebow Piano and tons of "sploosh" and stuff added.
  11. Surge https://surge-synthesizer.github.io/ Dealing with some issues encountered after the 1.8 update
  12. APD EXCLUSIVE: Bionic Plucks & Mallets (Lite Edition) by Riot Audio - FREE DOWNLOAD - Audio Plugin Dealshttps://audioplugin.deals/apd-exclusive-bionic-plucks-mallets-lite-edition-by-riot-audio-free-download/ For Kontakt 6
  13. Windows 10 Bug Corrupts Your Hard Drive - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mO4YREwPYNE Culprit ?
  14. Firstly. I hope this is the correct section to post in. Please advise otherwise if needed. I would like to call upon the giant pulsing brain that is the Cakewalk community for advice and tips on rebuilding a music PC. I have a PC built by SCAN here in the UK purely for music that is nearly 11 years old. (specs : Case - Fractal Define R2 ATX case, OS - W10 20H2 (updated from the original W7), CPU - Intel i3 - 540 @3.07GHz (don't laugh it has been a workhorse), MOBO - Gigabyte H55-UD2H (socket 1156), RAM - 4GB Corsair DDR3 @666MHz, GPU - Nvidia GeForce 210 - 512mb, PSU - Seasonic SS-520 GM Active PFC F3, Drives - C - Samsung Evo 860 500GB (updated from original HDD), D - Samples - Crucial MX500 1TB (updated from original HDD), E - Storage - Samsung 1TB 7200 original HDD (still going strong). I am upgrading to : Intel i5-10600 (3.3 - 4.8Ghz), MOBO Asus Prime B460 Plus, 16GB Corsair DDR4 @2666, BeQuiet Pure Rock Slim cooler, Seasonic S12III Bronze 650w PSU. My choice is dictated by limited funds and availability hence me taking the Intel route and not AMD. And I will be using the inbuilt graphics as they have progressed since 2010 (I hope). I use 2 monitors one of which only has VGA input. And my interface is a M Audio Fast track Pro. I'll keep the 3 drives as is. And install into the Fractal case. My tinkering with PC hardware only comes down to replacing the HDDs with SSDs. I am buying the parts from SCAN who will install all components on the MOBO and configure the BIOS. So, all (HA!!) I have to do is install to the case. I would appreciate any tips for a novice from those with experience. I am watching lots of YT vids but they all seem orientated to gamers. I'm not interested in that, neither in overclocking, hence my choice of parts. They give me a reasonable upgrade and bang for my buck. What useful things have you found when doing this sort of thing. And many thanks.
  15. I don't know if it's connected. But I updated yesterday (accumulative update for 20H2) and found my MS account locked due to "suspicious behaviour" WTF. Had to jump through hoops to get it back. But not pleased. My music desktop PC is for music only. I go online only for updates from MS and VSt. But I was locked due to this as if I'm phishing etc.
  16. Alex Hilton A1 Stereo Control & A1 Triggergate have been updated to v1.4 with full 64 bit. Still free. Home - A1AUDIO - VST, AU, AAX Plugins for MAC & PC by ALEX HILTON http://www.alexhilton.net/A1AUDIO/ I've found both of these to be very stable and usefull. And use them all the time.
  17. Oh wow ! Love TbT stuff. Got all the old 32bit. Especially the pocket limiter (really clean), maximizer, etc. So good to have these as 64bit.
  18. Thanks Fred. He also played this track in the background when they cut to him in the "shed" halfway through. Thanks for the compliment.
  19. Thank you Lynn Wilson.Much appreciated.
  20. Thanks DeeringAmps. Wouldn't be the same if you didn't. ๐Ÿ˜„
  21. Not the worst. But a real disapointment was IKM TRacks 5. I've used Sony Soundforge for so long. And I'm able to use so many other plugins within it. I find TR5 always seems to run hot. Wants to blast the files as if the "loudness" wars never ended. I like the modules and have found I tinker in TR5 then finish in Soundforge anyway.
  22. But they've ensured their off-shore accounts are untouched (bastards). I live in Kent and believe me it's going to get bad. There are thousands of HGVs stuck up the road from me. We are a rogue plague nation. And it's embarassing (sorry all i get upset over this) maybe I should buy a plugin and bury my head in the sand.
  23. Thanks Bajan Blue. Glad it clicked.
  24. It's really simple . But swapping my spinning rust C drive for a Samsung Evo SSD. Went from 5 mins boot up to 40 secs. That started the rot. Now all my drives have been upgraded. Just watching the indicator moving when saving within cakewalk has gone from "go make a coffee whilst it saves" to "done!"
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